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Behavioral Scientist & Interventionst

Detroit, MI
March 27, 2021

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LaTawn B. Crocker

** ******* ****, *****


*Central Michigan University

January 2018-August 2020

BS Community Development/ Community Services

*University of Michigan-Dearborn

January 2012 – 2016 (Leave of Absence)

Behavioral Sciences

*Wayne County Community College

January 2009 – June 2011


Associates of Arts Degree (Liberal Arts/Educational Preparation Program)

*Alma’s Beauty and Barber College, Detroit, Michigan

June 1995-1997


Current Licensed Barber


*Academic/Behavioral Interventionist

Detroit Public School Community District

September 2019 -Currently

●Gather, organize, and interpret assessment data on Title I identified students.

●Utilize best practice instructional strategies and research-based intervention curriculum materials to meet the learning needs of identified Title I students.

●Model the use of intervention strategies, through their use in the classroom, to general and special education teachers.

●Analyze existing student achievement data and administer student assessment and progress monitoring instruments as needed to aid in progress monitoring of Title I students.

●Serve on the building level School Improvement team and participate in data analysis meetings. Provide leadership for these meetings in collaboration with the building administrator.

●Collaborate with classroom teachers, building administrator, and parents when designing the Academic and Behavior interventions

●Maintain accurate student records, parent communications records and student progress data reports as required by Title I law and district policy

●Attend professional development opportunities that promote improved instructional strategies and support researched-based resource material needed to implement the intervention program successfully and support/maintain professional growth.

●Follow district guidelines and policies.

●Maintain proper professional conduct as defined in the Staff Handbook.

●Perform other duties as deemed appropriate and assigned by the Building


●Keep in confidence all personal, student or personnel records and information.

*Treatment Specialist

Holy Cross Services

February 2021- Currently

• Carries out planned programs and activities of an assigned group on weekends or in absence of the regular treatment staff. Assists regular treatment staff when necessary for group activities. Observes assigned group and provides related information to clinical and supervisory staff both verbally and through staff log entries regarding incidents, situations, and problems.

• Responds to emergency situation or AWOL incidents. Notifies supervisor-on-duty or designee to obtain support and direction. This may involve the collection and return of truant youth.

• Monitors group interaction and provides support, guidance, and direction for the assurance of proper treatment and safety procedures when dealing with agitated youth or during a restraint.

• Supervises morning procedures of group. Observes and teaches personal hygiene. Assures completion of daily morning chores. Escorts group to dining area and supervises breakfast when designated.

• Collects prescriptions from pharmacy and distributes medication as needed.

• Responsible for de-escalating angry youth, physically guiding youth needing assistance and physically restraining youth who may be aggressive towards themselves or others.

• Responsible for the administration of medications as prescribed by medical professionals.

• Responsible for teaching, modeling, practicing, supporting and articulating the Agency's treatment philosophy and/or others that may be required contractually.

• Responsible for de-escalating angry youth, physically guiding youth needing assistance and physically restraining youth who may be aggressive towards themselves or others with TCI.

• Monitors youth assigned to ICU environment.

*Long Term Substitute

Detroit Public School Community District

January 2018 -July 2019

●Follow regular teacher's lesson plans in a way that ensures consistency and optimal learning, and that encourages students to participate

●Assign classwork and homework as necessary, according to lesson plans

●Modify teaching styles to fit the learning styles of various students

●Maintain a well-managed classroom and positive learning environment

●Supervise students out of class such as in the hallways and in the cafeteria

●Create lesson plans, grade classwork, homework and tests and attend parent-teacher conferences (only for long-term sub assignments

*Behavior Specialist, School Culture Coordinator

Detroit Leadership Academy Middle/High School, Detroit Collegiate High School - (Equity Education)

School Culture Coordinator, Crisis Intervention Leader, School Improvement Team, Cultural Fellows Group, Culture Coach, Consultant.

Aug 2014 – Present

Behavior Specialist Duties

●Work closely with the principal and other administrative staff to establish a positive and achievement-oriented school culture.

●Model, teach and train school staff on effective classroom management techniques, Crisis Prevention and Intervention, positive behavior strategies, and other topics for the purpose of developing skills and establishing effective relationships with students including Restorative Practices, PBIS and Choice Words.

●Support teachers to hold all students to high and consistent behavioral expectations.

●Establish and maintain open, positive lines of communication with students and their parents/guardians concerning behavior.

●Maintain positive and encourage relationships with students that will help them meet their educational, social and emotional goals.

●Provide direction in creating and implementing a robust positive behavior intervention system designed to help students modify and self-regulate behavior and improve social and emotional outcomes.

●Fully manage the caseload and individual needs of the students assigned.

●Maintain all records and data on students and use data to make recommendations for intervention and support.

●Provide necessary information for ongoing accountability and end-of-year reports.

●Assist in the development and implementation of individual behavior plans.

●Lead staff efforts to ensure all students have excellent attendance and diligently work with students and families with attendance concerns. Monitor and communicate pertinent attendance information.

●Help to develop and administer disciplinary procedures in accordance with district policies and state laws; receive referrals from and conference with students, parents, teachers, community agencies, and others as appropriate to modify student behaviors.

●Work to implement a strong alternative to suspension program rooted in best practices including Restorative Practices.

●Be highly present and visible during school hours, relentlessly pursue and ensure the school has a positive, supportive and academically focused school culture.

●Circulate throughout the classrooms, hallways, playground/outdoor space and cafeteria to provide support, redirection and guidance for students and staff.

●Fulfill other duties and responsibilities as assigned by his/her immediate supervisor or principal.

School Culture Coordinator

●Build a strong school culture of achievement and respect based on the Equity’s (SCR) School Culture Rubric as well as the Behavior Matrix

●Examples of work: Facilitate School Wide Town Hall Meetings; design other elements of culture specific to the school site

●Provide coaching and professional development on classroom management, classroom culture and Responsive Classroom.

●Examples of work: Model Culture lessons, provide workshops on Culture components to staff at school site and at summer Professional Development Institute, facilitate PD on school and classroom culture, collect resources and video model lessons in which Cultural Diversity and DDMS were used effectively, develop a collection of resources around culture to be shared with staff, meet with teachers and staff about school and classroom culture issues, work collaboratively with Principal and to address instructional practices that relate to classroom culture impacting student achievement.

●Evaluate implementation of the Responsive Classroom model at classroom and school levels.

●Examples of work: Observe RC implementation in the classroom and provide feedback to teachers, create metrics to measure RC implementation and its effectiveness, design a measurement system for tracking strength of school culture, conduct weekly walk-throughs on implementation of RC and DDMS, in addition to uniform compliance

●Design and implement systematic approach to managing and intervening on student discipline issues based on Responsive Classroom and the Behavior Matrix.

●Examples of work: Monitor use and effectiveness of existing structures in school and redesign as needed

●Collaborate with COO to improve District culture.

●Examples of work: Meet on a weekly basis with Director School Operations and Data Coordinator to analyze referral data and delegate next steps to achieve school culture goals; work as a team to plan proactive school culture initiatives.

●Manage student discipline referrals.

●Examples of work: Analyze student referrals to identify patterns and inform interventions, process behavioral incidents with students and teachers, investigate discipline situations and administer appropriate logical consequences

●Serve as liaison between parents, staff and students when managing student discipline issues and intervention plans.

●Examples of work: Contact parents to inform them of student behavioral issues; invest parents in behavior interventions, uniform compliance, manage student suspensions and re-admittance meetings, work with families in understanding the mission of Equity Education to promote 95% retention of the student population.

●Consult with other professional staff, outside agencies and other organizations in order to improve school culture and climate.

●Examples of work: Establish partnerships with children’s advocacy groups/centers, plan college trips and other educational learning opportunities in addition to connecting with outside speakers to reinforce mission and core values, observe excellent schools to implement best practices

●Perform other duties related to this position, including the physical demands of light to moderate bending and lifting, climbing stairs, and standing intermittently throughout the day.

*Paraprofessional, Building Substitute

Detroit Leadership Academy Elementary, Detroit Leadership Academy Middle/High School, (YMCA-Education)

Feb 2013 – July 2014

●Conflict Resolution

●Work with students on lessons determined by the teacher.

●Work with individual students or small groups to reinforce activities which have been assigned by the teacher, including listening to students read.

● Develop special strategies for reinforcing material for individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities.

● Performance of clerical tasks, correction of papers, organizing instructional and other materials.

● Distribute and collect workbooks, papers, and other materials for instruction.

● Guide independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work set up and assigned by the teacher.

● Performance of clerical tasks, correction of papers, etc.

● Help to maintain a positive classroom environment.

● Assist with monitoring the halls between class exchanges.

● Communicate regularly with the teacher.

● Interact with co-workers, administration, students, parents, and the community in positive, supportive, and cooperative ways.

Jon Keith, NBCT

Regional Supervising Principal at Pathways In Education

August 5, 2014. Jon managed me directly as Principal at DLA from 2013 - 2014

“LaTawn is a dynamic and resourceful team member who has a "can do attitude" and can make things happen. He gives 110% of himself every minute of the day. LaTawn cares deeply about the students and community he serves and is a valuable human resource.”

Paraprofessional, Covenant House Academy/Central

July 2011 – July 2012

-Assist with Differentiating Instruction based on student learning style

-Assisting with using student data for instruction and developing intervention

-Maintain an orderly classroom environment for effective learning and teaching.


*Marcus Garvey Academy K-8 (Detroit Public School)

January 2010 – April 2010, March 2011- June 2011

-Student Teacher

-Lesson Planning

-Classroom observation

*Mentor, Life Skills Alternative School, Detroit, Michigan,

November 2007 – 2008

- Tudor and mentor at risk youth, 17 to 22 years old

- Curriculum consisted of Math and Science as well as behavioral development in areas of anger management, conflict resolution, integrity, self-confidence, personal choice and consequence

*Mentor, Wolverine Center, Detroit, Michigan, August 2007

- Mentored at risk teens at youth home

References available upon request

*Licensed Barber

The “Da Faderz” LLC.

Marina District Detroit, MI 48214

Privately Owned Barber Shop

January 2015- Current

- Style and cut hair for men, women and children

- Maintain and order supplies

- Responsible for daily financial accounting

Serenity Fields Beauty and Barber Salon, Detroit, Michigan

September 2006 – December 2014

- Coordinate and assign daily salon operations to colleagues

- Style and cut hair for men, women and children

- Maintain and order supplies

Sir Romeo’s Beauty & Barber Salon, Detroit, Michigan

May 1998 – January 2006

- Barber Salon Manager

- Coordinate and assign daily salon operations to colleagues

- Style and cut hair for men, women and children

- Maintain and order supplies

- Responsible for daily financial accounting

- Created and designed children’s area in salon

Jermaine’s House of Styles, Detroit, Michigan

January 1997 – April 1998

- Style and cut hair for men, women and children

References available upon request

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