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Digital Marketing Social Media

Sodrazica, 1317, Slovenia
March 27, 2021

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Dear Recruiting Team,

I would like to apply for the job listed in the portal(remote work and possible payment in cryptocurrency). I meet the task and profile requirements for your job offer, have fulfilled them during my studies and in practice. If you are ready to guide me and teach me more tricks and things you will not be sorry.

I specialize in the field of marketing, economy and Social Media Marketing, this is my current qualification:

Knowledge of use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Mailchimp (EMAIL MARKETING) and creating content marketing for them

Knowledge of creating Google ads- A/B testing, Bing ads, Facebook ads- A/B testing, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, retargeting and cost per click

Familiarity with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Wordpress (creating it, install theme, plugins, create post…)

Familiarity with Google analytics (creating goals, campaign tracking- Campaign URL Builder, segmentation, alerts…)

Familiarity with Google My Business (Messaging, posts, pictures, basic information about direction, website…), Google Workspace (meet video call, chat messaging, share calendar…)

Knowledge of use Video editing, Canva, Photoshop

Basic understanding of blockchain, smart contract, cryptocurrency, Yield farming, Ethereum and Bitcoin

I graduated from the Secondary School of Economics in Celje, high school program. Because of my interest in economics, I continued my education at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Maribor, where I completed university studies and received a diploma. There I got a lot of knowledge about economics, marketing, management. I loved to attend school circles, classes where we were learning the basics of digital marketing and designing ads because I love being creative and digital marketing is the future for me. Because I am passionate about digital marketing, I made myself a dropshipping store through Shopify. However, I was still young at the time and didn’t have much knowledge of how it goes and it took me a lot of time to study and college. Then I decided to deepen my knowledge and look for opportunities in the world in the future. Because I am fascinated by new technologies that can be used in marketing, I decided to continue my postgraduate studies, where I completed a master's degree in e-commerce and marketing, where I also got a certificate for Mc office.

My experience with general marketing is quite extensive, from organizing events and reporting to superiors and talking to business partners, but it was all in my home place and my first language. Because I am passionate about digital marketing, I also attended many seminars and workshops, where I continued to fulfill this knowledge in the hope that I would raise the level of my knowledge and work for a successful company where I will deal with digital marketing. In Slovenia, I worked for 1 year on the field of digital marketing in a company where I designed ads and looked for ways to attract customers. Now, however, I am looking for opportunities for digital marketing in the world. My world now is around digital marketing and cryptocurrencies. Because I adore both, I try to use and connect them in my daily life. Today, we have the opportunity to take digital marketing to a higher level with all the digital media and technology present today.

I am consistent, resourceful and reliable. I am very accurate and like to work precisely. I work well both alone and in a team, because I take my responsibility seriously. I am most efficient when doing something I am interested in and I find a great interest in blockchain technology.

Outside the work environment I am very sports oriented and spend a lot of my free time doing sports. I regularly do yoga, fitness and running. I read books, listen to podcasts and watch popular Netflix series. I follow the marketing trends continuously, new ways of making ads, trends about new technology, and have nice overview about bitcoin, blockchain. I do not smoke or drink and try to live a healthy life.

I want to develop more skills through practical work in a company which I don’t have yet. I find this opportunity very interesting, and I believe that my knowledge and drive will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.

I look forward to discussing this employment opportunity with you.

Sincerely yours,

Michele Kovač,

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