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Engineering Construction Manager

Malvern, PA
March 27, 2021

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Alexander McConnell

Malvern, PA ***** 267-***-****


Temple University, College of Engineering Philadelphia, PA Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Graduation: December 2020

Selected Courses: Machine Theory & Design, Computer Aided Design, Dynamics, Mechanics of Fluids, Engineering Statics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Material Science, Mechanical Vibrations, Technical Communication, Optimization and Control of Mechanical Systems, Engineering Economics, Engineering Analysis


Centerline Contracting LLC Kulpsville, PA

Associate Construction Manager 2012-Present

●Scheduling and Coordinating all construction processes so that projects meet design specifications.

●Overseeing Specialized Contractors and other personnel

●Coordinated with Construction on a wide variety of projects, including site work, residential, foundations, carpentry, roads, etc.

●Demonstrated complex problem solving, oral and written communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, and a detail-oriented mindset under time-sensitive circumstances.

Temple University Philadelphia, PA Electronic Cooling Heat Sink Analysis March-May 2020

●Utilized Lumped Capacitance model, taking into consideration the factors coming from conduction through multiple types of material, forced convection cooling of air, and thermal contact conductance via thermal paste.

●Developed cost analysis model vs. cooling effectiveness using different fluids and fin materials.

Temple University Philadelphia, PA Rotating Pressurized Jet Nozzle Theoretical Analysis September-December 2019

●Utilized Bernoulli’s Equation and the mass flow rate to solve for the force created by the jet, resulting in the effective moment around airfoil center of gravity.

●Utilized Joukowsky transformation in unison with Excel to determine the pressure coefficient based on different angles of attack.

●Employed the Buckingham Pi Theorem to identify key dimensionless parameters.

●Used the equations for axial, normal, and moment coefficients in conjunction with pressure distributions in Microsoft Excel to determine viability of mechanism.

Temple University Philadelphia, PA Two-Speed Lathe Machine Design Project October-November 2019

●Generate basic design, making sure that no interference between components occurs.

●Determine working ratios between gears to allow dog-tooth mechanism to shift between two sets of gears, and for multiple speeds.

●Solved for factors of safety making sure that each component was structurally sound. Main components of concern were shafts’ diameters, keyways, steps, gears at teeth and keyway, bearings loadings and housing for components.

●SolidWorks model allowed for thorough analysis of bolts concerning axial and shear forces.


JFCS of Greater Philadelphia, Warehouse Volunteer/Sales Associate Volunteer August 2020-Present

Food Bank of Delaware, Social Services Volunteer June 2015-September 2015


SolidWorks, MATLAB, C++, CAD Technologies, Simulink, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word), Photoshop, Construction Methods and Technologies, Interpret Technical Drawings, Architectural Design


Travel, Guitar, Bass, Painting, Skiing, Miniature Modeling, Ping Pong

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