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Suleja, Niger, Nigeria
March 25, 2021

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Present Post

Ag. National Project Coordinator/National Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Head, MEL) for African Development Bank Assisted Institutional Support for Economic Management and Delivery Project (ISMDP)

Position Applying for

Manager – Program Monitoring and Improvement

Name (Surname first):

AKOGUN, Emmanuel Oladipo, PhD



Marital Status

Married with Children

Place of Birth:

Eruku, Kwara State, NIGERIA



Country of Residence:


Contact House Address:



Plot 593, Arab Road, Kubwa, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

+234-703-***-****, +234-805-***-****

1a. EDUCATION (Excluding short term and non-relevant education)

Educational institution

Duration of studies

(start – graduation)

Degree completed

Course of Study

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

10/1987 – 07/1991

B.Agric Degree

Agricultural Economics

University of Ibadan, Nigeria

10/1996 – 07/1998

M.Sc. Degree

Agricultural Economics

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

04/2008 – 07/2013

Ph.D Degree

Agricultural Economics

1b. Professional Qualifications/Awards:

Fellow of Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

Certified Management Consultant of Nigeria by International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)

Certified Management Specialist; awarded by London Graduate School

Certified Policy Expert ; awarded by African Development Bank

Leadership Diploma Certificate; awarded by LFC Worldwide

Leadership Certificate; awarded by LFC Worldwide

Basic Certificate in Leadership; awarded by LFC Worldwide





2. Summary Work Experience:

Dr. Emmanuel Akogun is an international and Nigerian Monitoring and Evaluation professional with over 25 years of experience in the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of agriculture development activities on government- and donor-funded development projects in Nigeria and African countries. He has served in long-term capacities on the World Bank Agricultural Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (APMEU), Projects Coordinating Unit (PCU), the USAID- funded DAIMINA project, the Nigerian Technical Aid Corps Mission to Gambia, the USAID- funded MARKETS project, African Development Bank funded National Program for Food Security (NPFS) and the African Development Bank-funded Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program – Phase 1 (ATASP-1), USAID-funded Agricultural Investment Project, World Bank assisted Agro-Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support Project (APPEALS) and African Development Bank assisted Institutional Support for Economic Management and Delivery Project (ISEMDP) in positions ranging from Regional M&E coordinator to the Head of Department/Deputy National Project Coordinator/Acting National Project Coordinator. He is very experienced in developing M&E frameworks, developing performance indicators, developing, adapting and management of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plans, using the Automated Directives System 200, tracking agricultural implementation performance indicators, and analyzing, reporting, and delivering timely and quality data. I am presently leading an international team of M&E Experts on an M&E Mission – Sierra Leone State Building Contract Phase III in Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa) to support European Union (EU) project implementation, develop and roll out M&E framework, M&E tools including institutional capacity assessments and rolling out capacity building plan and program for agricultural development Projects and the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) funded by the European Union Delegation and other development partners.



The Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has received a Loan from the African Development Fund to finance the Institutional Support for Economic Management and Delivery Project (ISEMDP). The Federal Ministry of Budget and National Planning, the International Economic Relations Department (IERD) of the Federal Ministry of Finance, and the Bureau of Public Procurement, each being responsible for their respective components under the Project, in line with their statutory mandates shall be the implementing Agencies for the Project. The principal objective of this Project is to strengthen economic and financial governance for achieving a stable macroeconomic environment, inclusive and sustained growth, and effective implementation and delivery of the national development plan. The specific objective of the Project is to develop institutional capacity in macroeconomic management, revenue mobilization, procurement, monitoring and evaluation, and performance and portfolio management and delivery.

The Project has four mutually reinforcing components: (a) enhancing economic management, (b) enhancing performance management and delivery, (c) strengthening domestic revenue mobilization and effectiveness in public procurement, and (d) project management support.

For effective management of this Project, a Project Steering Committee (PSC), Project Implementation Teams (PITs) within the various Components, and a Project Management Unit (PMU) will be set up. The PSC will be responsible for strategic oversight and policy guidance and monitoring portfolio performance. The PITs, to be appointed for each project component and/or subcomponents, will spearhead the day-to-day implementation of their respective Project activities in collaboration with the PMU. The PMU will coordinate project implementation services including manage procurement and financial management processes. and act as a secretariat to the PSC.

(a)Deputy National Project Coordinator/National Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist: February 2020 – Present

The Deputy National Project Coordinator/National Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist reports to the National Project Coordinator/Head, Project Management Unit (PMU) for African Development Bank assisted Institutional Support for Economic Management and Delivery Project (ISEMDP) and acts and deputize for the National Project Coordinator. As the Deputy National Project Coordinator, I oversee the technical team and coordinate for smooth project implementation and manage project implementation for results across project components and sub-components as encapsulated in the Project Appraisal Report (PAR) of the Project, with special focus on project results-based logical Framework. I take full responsible for the overall monitoring, evaluation and learning strategies of the project and efficient implementation of the project’s M&E System across the four implementation components of the project. I provide timely and relevant information to the African Development Bank (AfDB),Federal Government of Nigeria and the project implementation/executing agencies of the Federal Government; namely Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning; particularly the Macroeconomic Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation Departments, Federal Budget Office (BoF), Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) and larger stakeholders.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As the Head/National M&E Specialist for the Project, I led the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Unit of the Project with the overall responsibility for technical leadership for project implementation programming and planning, monitoring and evaluation, project performance coordination, data collection methodologies, data management and project implementation progress reporting. My specific duties are as follows:

Acted as National Project Coordinator and coordinated Project implementation and activities including preparation of the Annual Work Plans and Budgets at all levels of project implementation

Establish and strengthen performance-based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system of the project;

Ensure that the established requirement for project monitoring and evaluation are followed;

Review the performance indicators and reports produced by different project implementing agencies and suggest necessary interventions

Monitor and review physical project implementation progress and tracking inputs and results;

Prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual project monitoring reports;

Establish a performance tracking system and set up operational arrangement for collecting project performance data;

Assist in improving communication and information sharing among implementing agencies and other project stakeholders;

Build capacity of project implementation staff in collection of data and use of M&E reports;

Review and provide technical advice on consultancy deliverables submitted to the project management;

Monitoring of project inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes and impacts of project implementation;

Training, coaching and mentoring the M&E staff/team and program officers for the various interventions, components and sub-components on the project results framework, data collection and analysis methods;

Provide technical support in the preparation of knowledge management products for the project in collaboration with the knowledge management specialist;

Lead and support data collection, analysis, and learning activities to help ensure accountability and efficiency from the start to finish of the project;

Provide technical leadership to develop the project framework, plans and indicators to capture project performance results and provide effective, accurate and timely monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all project activities;

Work closely with the Project Implementation Teams (PITs) to design, implement and supervise the project’s monitoring and evaluation activities, ensuring that lessons learned are integrated into project implementation to continuously improve quality of interventions and outcomes;

Facilitate the collection of quality data in order to produce monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports including project expenses and indicators;

Also responsible for documenting and disseminating project successes and challenges to the Key Project Stakeholders.


NIGERIA – Agro-Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support Project (APPEALS) is a $200 million; five years project funded under the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank. The objective of the Project is to enhance agricultural productivity of small and medium scale farmers and improve value addition along priority value chains in the Participating States. The Project development objective (PDO) will be achieved through supporting farmers’ productivity and their linkage to markets, facilitating consolidation of agricultural products and cottage processing, facilitating farmers and small and medium businesses’ clustering and connection to infrastructure network and business services, providing technical assistance (TA) and institutional support both to beneficiaries, federal and state governments in value chain development. Increased productivity, production, and improving processing and marketing of the targeted value chains are expected to foster job creation along value chains.

The project is supporting priority value chains as identified in Agricultural Promotion Policy-The Green Alternative (APP 2016-2020) of the Federal Government of Nigeria; through facilitating business alliances, promotion of greater farmers-agri-business linkages, and support to critical infrastructure in value chain development. Priority value chains selected from the Agriculture Promotion Policy – The Green Alternative (APP 2016 - 2020) for the purpose of project support are: (i) staples with quick returns and benefits; (ii) products with potential for immediate improvement of food security; (iii) value chains to enhance the national production of crops (rice, maize, cassava and wheat); (iv) products with a potential for export and foreign currency earnings (cocoa and cashew); and (v) short-cycle, quick income generating high value products for livelihood improvement, particularly suitable for women and youth businesses such as horticulture, poultry and aquaculture. Almost all of these value chains have dual or triple purposes; each participating state focuses on three promising value chains. This allows for greater impact and a focused approach, with priority given to structuring value chains with potential for geographic and vertical integration across the states (for example, maize is selected because being integrated into the animal feed industry to support the development of poultry and aquaculture value chain and geographically along the North West- South West corridor.

(b)HEAD OF MONITORING AND EVALUATION: August 2019 – January 2020

As Head of Monitoring and Evaluation of APPEALS Project, I am responsible for the coordination of all Project M&E activities at the National Coordinating Office (NCO) in Abuja and supervision of the State Coordinating Offices (SCOs) including the Field Implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation activities in the participating States of Cross River, Lagos, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano and Kogi of Nigeria, and also contributing to setting up of a robust and coherent evidence/results-based monitoring and evaluation systems and mechanism for achieving program quality from the field to the State Coordination Offices (SCOs) up to the National Coordination Office (NCO) in Abuja for consolidation of field data and reporting, and subsequent transmission of project results, reports and lessons learnt to the World Bank, the Federal Government and States Government and indeed the larger project stakeholders. The Head of M&E also provides oversight and guidance for the entire M&E teams at the Project Head Office (National Coordinating Office) and at the field States Offices (States Coordinating Offices) on all aspects of monitoring and evaluation APPEALS project; including planning and coordination, performance monitoring, project assessments and evaluations; namely: baseline survey, impact evaluation, beneficiary assessments, mid-term and end-line evaluations. Special attention is given to data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, data validation and reporting activities of the project. The Head, M&E also leads and assists the project team in establishing a strong monitoring and evaluation system, and also work with the M&E team to ensure high quality implementation of the M&E system. In addition, he works very closely with project staff to ensure the incorporation of M&E best practices in the implementation of project.

My Core Duties and Responsibilities:

Head, M&E is responsible for the overall technical coordination and management of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) activities of NIGERIA - Agro-Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support Project (APPEALS). Also, the incumbent is responsible for overseeing baseline, activity monitoring, the overall monitoring and results measurement framework and the learning strategy. The Head of Monitoring and Evaluation leads the development and implementation of the M&E and research framework that generates evidence and maintain accountability standards. The Head, M&E is responsible for ensuring that quality of monitoring, evaluation, and research for the project system is in place to generate evidence on the learning and impact APPEALS Project. My specific duties and summary accomplishments are as follows:

(i)Planning and Coordination:

Provided high quality M&E technical leadership, support and capacity building to implementation teams.

Coordinated all the Monitoring and Evaluation activities of the project.

Supervised the preparation of Annual Work plans and Budgets (AWPBs)

Supported project team, states and national reporting processes thereby contributing to high quality project reporting, leading in data quality assurance and compliance with reporting requirements

At inception, worked with the project team to develop a results measurement framework to track progress and impact, test output to outcome assumptions and analyze how, and to what extent, the project is triggering changes in relation to the decisions, behaviors and relationships among those it supports.

Supervised Project’s M&E staff and build capacity among teams and implementing partners to ensure capacity to deliver the M&E framework for the project.


Led the design of the log frame indicators and development of projections - including the development of output and outcome indicator projections and assumptions.

Established best practice processes and tools for all M&E related activities including: projection calculations, results chain development per intervention / component, baseline, mid-term and end-line evaluation design, performance indicators and results tracking tools

Ensured that project’ M&E framework is implemented at the intervention level, overseeing how program officers work with implementing partners to develop theories of change, log frames, monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems.

Ensure collection and production of quarterly, half year and annual reports from the states.

Designed and worked with the project specialists to carry out spot checks and supervision of field M&E surveys and reporting on project key performance indicators in the participating states.

Worked to ensure regular bi-monthly Monitoring & Evaluation meetings.

Worked with project M&E Specialists and other M&E staff on adequacy and accuracy of reporting on progress and performance status of APPEALS Project.


Collaborated with the project communications and knowledge management team to support project evidence and learning agenda and knowledge sharing between project, stakeholders and partners.

Contributing to production of success stories and technical production manuals for farmers and agro-processors

Served as a member of the editorial team on finalization and production of Quarterly Newsletters and technical magazine on the project

Coordinated joint progress review with the project staff and partners on a monthly basis.

Led and coordinated Project Annual Partnership Review exercise in the month of November/December of every year.


Developed all the data collection tools and questionnaires for the baseline survey and training of survey teams on data collection methodologies as appropriate for the respective project partners, clients and beneficiaries,

Led and provided oversight support to the project internal and external assessment, reviews and surveys.

Prepared terms of reference (TOR) for engagement of consultants, evaluation of suitability of consultants and their expressions of interest, supervision of contracts and field assignments by the Consultants.

Ensured regular project implementation support and supervision missions to the states.

Led and supervised the annual surveys on crop production, yields and beneficiary income assessments in collaboration with States Coordinating Offices (SCOs) of the project.

Carried out various other assignments as may be assigned from time to time by the project management.

(c)STTA Lead Consultant/Director - Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning at Nigeria Agribusiness Project in Nigeria: January 2019 – July 2019

Major Duties and Responsibilities: Overall management of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Unit and providing technical leadership for project M&E activities. Specifically carried out the following:

•Provided technical expertise and strategic leadership for all monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities, with the objective of providing project managers and stakeholders with timely and relevant data and analysis to understand and adapt project performance;

•Provided leadership of the MEL Unit and overseeing all aspects of the M&E Plan’s implementation.

•Supervised data collection efforts and ensures both the M&E system and results reporting meet the requirements of the Feed the Future initiative.

•Coordinated M&E activities and ensure that M&E is integrated into Activity management and technical interventions.

•Led the design and implementation of the program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and information system to track delivery against targets, outcomes and impacts

•Led the analysis of data collected for assessment of progress and areas of improvement

•Guide the reporting processes among technical staff, consolidate program reports, and promote learning and knowledge sharing of best practices and lessons learned

•Supervised M&E staff to collect and analyze data and generate quality evidence for assessments and evaluation;

•Ensured high quality and reliable data is collected, managed, and shared in a timely manner;

•Advised project leadership on cost-effective, evidence-based methods to achieve Development Objectives; champions adaptive management;

•Developed a comprehensive Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan.

•Managed all performance data required by the program for compilation and production quarterly reports, annual reports and communications documents.

•Collaborated with project partners, the Government of Nigeria, and USAID and other donor-funded programs in sharing knowledge gained and developing interventions that inform efficient and effective approaches to supporting Activity goals.

•Coordinated overall data collection, compilation, analysis, reporting and feedback processes.

•Performed calculations of quantitative results that will feed into analysis, evaluations, performance monitoring, etc.

•Supported all technical staff in M&E functions and manage MEL staff in the program

(d)Director, Federal Agricultural Extension Planning/Coordinator - Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Coordination at the African Development Bank Project Support Office-ATASP-1, Abuja, Nigeria: January 2015 – December 2018

Major Accomplishments and Responsibilities: Overall coordination and management of the program planning, monitoring, evaluation and field operations, and strategically provided technical leadership for project operations and implementation of robust evidence-based monitoring &evaluation activities. Specifically, I carried out the under listed and amongst other duties:

•Served as technical lead person on field operations and implementation by ensuring timely programming, budgeting, fund release and field implementation and quarterly/annual program reviews

•Led the preparation of Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB) and submission of AWPB to the African Development Bank for approval for implementation

•Carried out and led all program studies, assessments and surveys namely; baseline survey, beneficiary needs assessment, annual program reviews, quarterly supervision mission/assessment, annual beneficiary impact assessment, mid-term evaluation, technology adoption studies, beneficiary income and profitability assessment

•Provided technical expertise and strategic leadership for all monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities, with the objective of providing project managers and stakeholders with timely and relevant data and analysis to understand and adapt project performance;

•Led the design and implementation of the program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and information system to track delivery against targets, outcomes and impacts

•Led analysis of data collected for assessment of progress and areas of improvement

•Guided the reporting processes among technical staff, consolidate program reports, and promote learning

•Led the development and management of project planning, M&E, knowledge sharing, data collection and analysis, and documentation of progress and achievements;

•Organized project baseline surveys; ensured adequate feedback mechanisms for management decisions;

•Managed robust real-time data collection and data management systems/MIS for tracking program results, and ensuring gender-, youth-, and age-related indicators are tracked and reported.

•Coordinated and produced program quarterly and annual progress reports for submission to the AfDB and circulation to the key stakeholders

•Coordinated all program field visits to ensure field-level compliance

•Conducted M&E trainings; reviews and updates,

•Provided appropriate M&E procedures to ensure robust data collection, analysis and reporting

•Supported all technical staff in M&E functions and manage MEL staff in the program

(e)Head of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at African Development Bank Assisted Project Support Office - National Program for Food Security, Abuja, Nigeria: 2011- 2014

Summary Accomplishments:

•Conducted needs assessments, baseline surveys, program evaluations, socio-economic assessments and studies; engaged with government stakeholders and farmer groups producing Agricultural Transformation Agenda focused commodities, such as rice, cassava, sorghum, aquaculture, maize, and soybean in the design, implementation, and management of sound monitoring, evaluation, research, reporting, and learning strategies and systems

(f)Head, MEL/Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist at USAID/Nigeria, MARKETS Project, Abuja,

Nigeria: 2005 - 2010

Summary Accomplishments:

•Tracked project performance indicators; developed and managed a web-based M&E database system; created the project results framework and established key indicators and targets; and applied the Automated Directives System (ADS) 200 Series and evaluation methods and standards under the USAID Evaluation Policy.

•Built consensus with and trained the project team and stakeholders on how to record, analyze, and report on progress against targets; conducted and facilitated monitoring, evaluations (baseline, mid-term, end of project), and internal/external impact assessment studies; designed and managed learning/critical reflection events with the project team, partners, and other key stakeholders.

(g)Senior Agricultural Economist/Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at USAID-DAIMINA Project, Abuja, Nigeria: 2003-2004

Summary Accomplishments:

•Tracked project performance indicators; supervised data collection, analysis, and preparation of quarterly and annual reports for submission to USAID; shared reporting with federal and state governments; developed a database application software; designed and implemented M&E surveys, studies, and an impact assessment of project activities; liaised with Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) to review policies and establish an Agro-Input Dealers Network.

(h)Senior Monitoring& Evaluation Officer at World Bank Assisted APMEU/Projects Coordinating Unit, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Kaduna, Nigeria: 1993 - 2002

Summary Accomplishments:

•Designed and maintained data collection systems to guide the project management teams (internal M&E system) and inform national/external partners and stakeholders about project activities and achievements; monitored project implementation, evaluating effectiveness; and disseminated results of project activities and innovations.


•Fellow of Institute of Management Consultants Nigeria (FIMC Nigeria)

•Certified Management Consultant of Nigeria (CMC Nigeria)

•Certified Project Management Specialist

•Certified Policy Expert

•Member, Society for Monitoring and Evaluation, Nigeria (SMEAN)

•Member, National Association of Agricultural Economists (NAAE)

•Member, Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN)

•Member, African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE)

•Member, Nigerian Association of Evaluators (NAE)

•Member, Data Science Monitoring and Evaluation Association (D@SMEA)


a) Knowledge and Technical Skills:

Over 25 years of progressive experience in project management, project development, coordination, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of donor funded projects & programs both in Nigeria and abroad. I have carried out various assignments and duties in the areas of project planning, monitoring and evaluation. Specifically, I have designed and managed projects monitoring, research and evaluation and learning systems, conducted baseline and evaluation studies, assessments & surveys, including enterprise development studies. I have carried out in-depth value-chain analyses, business development strategies, socioeconomic analyses of production enterprises and profitability analyses of agricultural investments in Nigeria, such as Maizube Integrated Farms, Olam Rice Mills and Matna Cassava Processing Mills, etc. I had worked extensively on project identification, project formulation & appraisal, project development, project implementation, management & supervision, and monitoring & evaluation of donor funded programs and projects in Nigeria and abroad, particularly in Africa. I have

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