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Sr. Advisor-Sustainable Supply and Policy Advocay

Dhaka, Bangladesh
March 25, 2021

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Mohammad Azim Uddin

Contact Address:

Residence: Office:

Zone Tower Technical Advisor-Logistics

*** ****** ****** (Level 9) Central Warehouse Family Planning

Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh Mohakhali Dhaka-1212,

Cell: +880 171******* Cell: +880-****-*** 503

E-mail: E-mail:

Skype: azim.bangladesh

Highest Level of Education: Master of Social Science (Major in Social Welfare)

Highlighted Track Records: Logistics operations, compliance & performance management and capacity building professional for health supply chain and vaccines supply management. Health and humanitarian logistics management in emergency refugee settings. Capacity building of the health logistics workforce by facilitating basic logistics training, performance monitoring and mentoring.

Training and certification:

Training on the Basic Vaccine Logistics Management and Cold Chain Management organized by WHO and facilitated by EPI -expanded program on immunization (National Immunization Program Bangladesh)

Certificate Course on Humanitarian and Health Logistics - organized and facilitated by UNFPA

Certification Course on PSM: Introduction to Procurement and Supply Chain Management- designed and facilitated by UNDP & Empower School of Health

TOT on the Basic Logistics Management Training on Health Commodities: Warehousing best practices, Inventory Management, Supply Planning/Delivery Scheduling, Logistics Reporting, Data Quality Audits -organized and facilitated by MSH

Training on Health Logistics Management- organized and facilitated by USAID Deliver Project/John Snow Inc (JSI)

Training on basic Nutrition: Child, Adolescent Girls and Pregnant Women -organized by Urban Primary Health Care Project and facilitated by ICDDR, B.

Training of Health Program Management: Management Excellence- organized by Marie stopes Bangladesh and facilitated by Stamford College Group, Mumbai, India

Training on Medical Social Work- designed by Institute of Social Welfare and Research, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Summarized key area of expertise:

Logistics team management -performance monitoring, mentoring and capacity building.

Developing the logistics manuals, protocols, checklists, user guidelines and ensure the roll out of these standard logistics procedures in procurement, supply planning, storage, inventory, delivery scheduling, and monitoring.

Designing internal logistics operations flowchart for emergency health and humanitarian response program to ensure the full range of routine and emergency logistics are available within the refugee camp and emergency health services to the refugee population is uninterrupted.

Organizing and facilitating basic logistics training and conducting on the job training for building capacity to relevant logistics manager/logistics staff.

Supporting regional logistics manager in preparing routine and emergency supply plan, demand plan for last mile delivery to prevent empty shelves at the healthcare facilities.

Planning, coordinating, and monitoring the logistics cycle management and ensure that all the components of logistics cycles are well activated as per standard protocols and compliances.

Providing technical guidance and support to government and external organizations working in the area of supply chain and logistics management with an especial focus to help developing inventory and storage protocols (receiving, record-keeping, storage guidelines, supply planning, distribution, stock counting, monthly/yearly stock reconciliation, data quality & LMIS)

Performing periodic monitoring and analysis of the health supplies across all level of supply chain management systems to identify the gap and streamline the area needs improvement according to the logistics reconciliation policies & protocols.

Managing the roving/mobile health team to plan and ensure the health logistics at the hard to reach area is uninterrupted and health services are on for the hard to reach community.

Organizing and facilitating advocacy dialogue, meeting, workshop to influence policy makers to reform existing policies and adopt new policies for bringing policy into program and practice.

Liaising and networking among the wider stakeholders around Health and FP Logistics for sustainable supply at the healthcare facilities

Help support smooth execution of procurement and logistics cycle management.

Key Areas of Contribution and Achievements:

Supply Chain Coordination, Systems Strengthening and Capacity Building:

a)Contributed to develop contract/vendor management framework and provided support to the staff members for smooth operations of the framework.


-Developed procurement process guidelines, protocols and control mechanism ranging from sourcing to supply planning.

-Drawn-up quarterly procurement flowchart and provided training to relevant staff on that flowchart.

-Drawn-up a contingency purchase plan according to meetup emergency supply requirement.

- Listed the pre-qualified vendor/supplier for ensuring supplies at the right time with right quantiles in right condition and right cost.

c)Inventor/Stock management:

-Designed and developed inventory/stock control management tools (stock card/register, BIN card, Delivery challan, Goods Receipts Notes forms, demand request forms)

-Planned, organized, and facilitated logistics training, so relevant staff are skilled on utilizing the inventory/stock management tools and ensured proper utilization of the tools to guaranteeing that the procedures and instructions of stock management are followed

-Conducted regular inventory of the stock and reconciliation of stock is done in case of any deviation/ inconsistency is found at the stores

-Ensured that the deliveries are done according to the supply plan and the plan is done based on the purchased quantities

-Ensured that all goods are stored and packed safely and securely, and the store interior is well lit, ventilated, dried and cleaned.

-Ensured that the physical organization of items within warehouses is logical, optimizing space and preserving accessibility of items

-Ensured supply is done following FEFO guidelines and techniques to ensure no expiration of products in the storage and the product cost is optimally utilized.

d)Logistics training and Capacity building:

-Developed basic logistics training plans, organized training event and facilitated training sessions to help build in-country capacity for thousands logistics professionals from the National Family Planning and Health Logistics Management Program for building human resources for supply chain management e.g. Procurement, Supply Planning, Warehousing, Inventory, Delivery Scheduling and Transportation.

-Supported to develop the post training action plans and followed up those plans to help proper implementation of the plan.

-Supervised and monitored thousands of logistics professionals’ performance and provided On Job Training to improve their knowledge & skills and they are enable translating these knowledges into practice.

e)Standard Operating Procedures/Protocols:

-Contributed to develop logistics standard operating guidelines/manuals. Provided training to the user of these guidelines/manuals and ensured utilization of these guidelines/manuals.

-Developed/updated monitoring checklists for the different tiers of the supply chain systems to accomplishing best practices in the supply chain operations.

f) Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS):

-Provided support to influence the “decision making’ ‘future planning” by making real-time logistics information available in the supply chain management portal to take informed and evidence decisions to prevent empty shelves/ stock-out at the last mile delivery.

g)Liaison and Networking:

Accomplished professional and personal network and relationship with the National and Subnational level Govt. Officials of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh, alongside networking and partnership with the UN Agency-UNFPA, UNICEF and Key Donor Agency-USAID, FCDO (DFID); International & National Non- Profit Organization Working in Bangladesh.

Contributed to revising and updating the logistics training curriculum and logistics manuals for smooth operations of SCM for the National Health and Family Planning program in Bangladesh.

Contributed to revising and updating the logistics monitoring checklists for the healthcare facilities, out-reach center, medical stores depot, FP Stores, Regional Warehouse and Central Warehouse

Supported to developing logistics training plan and facilitated training sessions for the health logistics professionals-(more than a thousand health logistics professionals were trained to manage health logistics)

Mentored to develop talent pool for Health & FP logistics management to facilitate basic logistics management training -as part of the in country capacity building under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh

Contributed to develop skilled health volunteers in response to the National Polio Eradication, Expanded Program on Immunization (a total 500 health volunteers were trained to work independently as volunteer to plan, organize and run the routine immunization event and special immunization camp followed by proper record keeping and reporting

Contributed to developing logistics operations protocols/guidelines for routine and emergency refugee response program in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh run by Ipas Bangladesh and followed-up the implementation process periodically to ensure correct implantation of the logistics operations in refugee and emergency settings.

Employment History:

May 2017 (current employment)

Position tile : Sr. Advisor-Sustainable Logistics Supply & Policy

Employer : Ipas Bangladesh

February 2010 to April 2017

Position Title : Technical Advisor-Logistics (Field Operations)

Employer : Management Sciences for Health-MSH (USAID SIAPS Program)

May 2007 to January 2010

Position Title : Logistics Support Officer (USAID DELIVER Project)

Employer : John Snow Inc-JSI

April 2005 to April 2007

Position Title : Program Associate

Employer : United Nations Population Fund-UNFPA

October 2000 to March 2005;

Position Title : Program Officer

Employer : Marie Stopes Bangladesh


Beth Yeager

Deputy Program Director,

The US Pharmacopeial Convention Inc

John Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health

Arlington, Virginia, USA

Tel: 240-***-****

Zahedul Islam

Director: Treatment, Procurement & Supply Management

Alliance for Public Health

5 Dilova St., building 10A, 03150 Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel.: (+380 44) 490-5485 Ext. 236

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