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Entry Level Aerospace Engineer

Orlando, FL
March 26, 2021

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To obtain an entry level position within the industries of military development as well as the progression of space exploration. Utilize and expand my knowledge and skillset gained from my undergraduate career into a more well-rounded and diverse design, testing, development, and integration skillset.


B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Central Florida (GPA: 3.90)

Expected Graduation: May 2021

Recipient of Pegasus Scholarship and Bright Futures Scholarship

Participant in the Accelerated BS to MS program

Relevant Coursework: Aerothermodynamics of Propulsion Systems, High Speed Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Small Satellite Payloads and Integration, Engineering Design Practices, Structures and Properties of Aerospace Materials


UCF AIAA Ramjet Design and Analysis Project Aug2020 - May2021

Set geometric, ignition velocity, and weight constraints based off AIAA FAR 1030 rocket

Performed trade studies to determine the most ideal fuel and material type for combustion performance

Utilized Matlab to calculate theoretical solutions for thrust requirements, sudden flow expansion and

reattachment, ideal nozzle expansion ratio, equivalence ratios, etc.

Performed combustion analysis in Matlab using theoretical values obtained by trade studies and previous

Matlab calculations

Performed intake and shock analysis in Matlab based off geometrical constraints, atmospheric conditions,

and anticipated flight trajectory

Designed a fully functional ramjet in SolidWorks utilizing specifications from theoretical calculations

Modeled complete ramjet aerodynamic qualities utilizing Fluent

Modeled rearward step heigh, reattachment point, and recirculating region utilizing Fluent

Utilized NASA’s CEA to verify the theoretical values obtained for ramjet combustion

Vehicle Aerodynamic Optimization Project Oct2019 - Dec2019

Designed around specific geometric and weight requirements

Utilized SolidWorks to design the most aerodynamically efficient vehicle flowing the design constraints

Tested the manufactured design utilizing a subsonic wind tunnel to capture aerodynamic qualities under

varying wind velocities

Utilized SolidWorks flow simulation to capture aerodynamic qualities and ensure vehicle design was optimized


Barback – Nona Blue Modern Tavern (Lake Nona) Aug2019 - Present

Assisted bartenders to ensure shifts are run successfully and efficiently

Provided all necessities for the bar and guests as well as provided managers with assistance regarding bar issues


Certifications: SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor

Proficiencies: SolidWorks (3 years)

Matlab, NASA CEA, ANSYS (1 year)

Experience: Star-CCM+, NX Nastran, C+, Simulink, LabView, XFLR5, XFOIL, STK

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