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Azure Engineer

London, ON, Canada
March 26, 2021

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London, ON


●5 years of professional experience in developing, deploying, optimizing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

●Expertise in enforcing DevOps methodologies, Administrating Linux and Windows Systems, Cloud migrations, Automation solutions and production deployments which include Compiling, Packaging, Deploying Applications, and its Configurations.

●Expertise in Cloud automation using AWS Cloud Formation & Azure Resource Manager templates, Python, Chef.

●Expertise in Cloud migration, configuring services provided by AWS like EC2, S3, VPC, SNS, RDS, DNS service Route 53, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, Auto scaling, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, IAM, EBS, AMI.

●Expertise in Build, Test and Deploy processes of CI/CD using Jenkins and rolling out updates

●Expertise in writing scripts in Bash, Python and PowerShell for automation.

●Expertise in creating and managing AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) buckets and User access management using bucket policies, user policies and ACL (Access Control Lists).

●Experience working on several Docker components like Docker Engine, creating Docker images, Compose, Docker Registry and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configuration.

●Extensively worked with Scheduling, deploying and managing container replicas onto a node cluster using Kubernetes. And worked with building Kubernetes run time environment of the CI/CD system to build, test and deploy in an open source platform.

●Expertise in Azure cloud services, Azure storage, Azure active directory, Azure Service Bus.

●Expertise in creating and managing Azure AD tenants and configuring application integration with Azure AD.

●Created Azure Resource Manager templates and deployed them using the Azure portal.

●Hands on experience in Azure quickstart templates for Cloud Infrastructure design and deploying Web applications using Azure PowerShell Workflow.

●Expertise in automating application back-up process and health monitoring of applications using Chef Cookbooks.

●Expertise in designing Azure Infrastructure, deploying workloads on Azure virtual machines (VMs), designing, and implementing VM storages, implementing images/disks.

●Automating spin-up off AWS/Azure instances using Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, and VMWare.

●Experience in working with Subversion and GIT and used client tools like SVN, GitBash.

●Expertise in building, testing and orchestrating Docker containers using Jenkins, SonarQube, Gradle, Docker.

●Installed and Deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x/7.x, Centos and installing packages and patches for Red Hat Linux Servers.

●Experience in managing web servers like Apache/Tomcat, WebSphere and Oracle/MySQL databases and firewalls.

●Expertise in integrating LDAP services and Active Directory using Netscape Directory Server.

CI/CD & Artifact Tools

Jenkins, Gitlab, Nexus, JFrog

Build & Ticketing Tools

Maven, Ant, SBT, Gradle, JIRA, ServiceNow

Configuration Management Tools

Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt stack, Terraform


Python, Shell, YAML, Powershell

Container Orchestration

Docker Swarm, Kubernetes 1.7/1.9/1.12


Postgres, Redis, MongoDB, Couchbase, Mysql, SQL Server

Monitoring Tools

Splunk, Nagios, ELK, Prometheus and Grafana

Static Code Analysis Tools

Gerrit, SonarQube, Fortify Scan, Dynamic Scan

StarTech, London, ON Nov 2019 – Feb-2021

Title: DevOps Engineer


●Maintaining AWS Cloud infrastructure like EC2 instances, Load balancers, Monitoring etc.

●Configured to run code on AWS Lambda in response to events like changes in data in AWS S3 bucket/AWS DynamoDB, HTTP requests using AWS API Gateway and invoked code with API calls made using AWS SDKs.

●Creating ELBs. Troubleshooting instances in case of “OutOfService” in ELB.

●Creating Launch Configuration and Auto Scaling Groups. Updating Launch Configuration with latest AMIs.

●Create/Manage VPC, Subnets, and Route Tables. Disabling ports via Security groups/Nacl. Enabling VPC Peering between Test, QA and Prod VPCs.

●Implemented S3 lifecycle management, object creation/deletion, storing deployment revisions, reduced costs by creating customized alarms. Manage billing across several AWS accounts.

●Utilized Cloud Watch to monitor resources such as EC2, CPU memory, Amazon RDS DB Services, EBS volumes; to set alarm for Notification or Automated actions, and to monitor logs for better understanding and operation of the system.

●Worked on Terraform modules to spin-up AWS instances and creating resources

●Provisioned and managed AWS EC2 instances, volumes, DNS, and S3 using Ansible playbooks.

●Worked on Ansible playbooks for automating deployment of Java applications in Tomcat Server.

●Automated build and deployment process (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) of applications.

●Enabled CI/CD for automating deployments, SonarQube for static code analysis.

●Worked on strategy to store playbooks in Bitbucket and used them in ansible tower to deploy the artifacts.

●Configured the Maven build tool in CI/CD to gather resources, compile the code, test, and package and deploy the build artifacts.

●Used Groovy Jenkins file to build Jenkins pipeline. Pipeline provides build as a code option to perform building, testing and deploying in different environments.

●Used Kubernetes for orchestrating Docker containers in a cluster of EC2 instances.

●Expertise in root cause analysis in case of Jenkins build failures or deployment failures.

●Used Docker to containerized Micro services in cloud and managed clusters using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. Developed Private cloud system solution on CoreOS using Kubernetes (Docker weave)

●Worked on deploying applications using Helm.

●Worked on rolling back applications to previous versions for debugging in case of failures.

●Deployed main services like Grafana, Prometheus, and Jenkins using Helm.

●Worked on creating custom Helm charts to include various services.

●Have experience in creating Helm charts to streamline installing and managing Kubernetes applications.

●Have experience in managing Kubernetes manifest files and Helm package releases.

●Worked on building jar files for applications using Maven and created an image out of it using Dockerfile and deployed it into K8S cluster as a service using Helm.

●Have experience in automating release pipelines to achieve one-click deployments using Jenkins, Nexus.

Tools & Technologies used:

AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Maven, CI/CD, Helm, Python, Bash, Shell, Docker, Kubernetes, Nexus, Frog, Nginx, Splunk, Jira, Git, SonarQube, Linux and Windows.

Client: Mariner Innovations October 2018 – Nov 2019

Role- DevOps Cloud Engineer


●Designed and configured Azure Virtual Networks (VNet’s), subnets, Azure network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, and Security policies.

●Configured BGP routes to enable Express Route connections between on-premises data centers & Azure cloud.

●Worked with Microsoft Azure Services - Virtual Machines, Resource Groups, Express Route, VPN, Load Balancing, Data Lake, Azure Functions, Auto-Scaling, and Azure Monitor, Traffic Manager.

●Deployed Azure IaaS and PaaS role instances into secure VNet’s with Azure Internal Load Balancers, subnets.

●Major focus on Configuration, SCM, Build/Release Management, Infrastructure as a code (IAC) and as Azure DevOps operations Production and cross platform environments.

●Experience in assigning the azure services on locations specific to integrate with web-apps and key-vaults.

●Performed POC on Jenkins and Gitlab as part of migration requirement.

●Expertise in creating custom generic Helm charts to streamline installing and managing services.

●Created several SQL scripts as part of bug fixes to provide solutions for issues.

●Created Azure PowerShell scripts for backup and restore operations for API Management.

●Built VSTS Infrastructure using Azure Runbooks, Azure Data Lake, Azure data factory, RPM.

●Worked on Deploying and scaling web applications.

●Created YAML files which helps in configuring Services, Deployments, and Replication Controllers.

●Used Kubernetes to orchestrate containers which run microservices inside a pod.

●Worked on creating and managing Docker images.

●Worked on several Docker components like Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Registry.

●Worked on Configuration Management/Automation tool Ansible and on integrating Ansible YAML Scripts.

●Worked on Ansible scripts to automate provisioning of infrastructure.

●Improve infrastructure development and application development.

●Extensive experience on automating activities like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Application Server setup, Stack monitoring using Ansible Playbooks and on integrating Ansible with Maven and Jenkins.

●In-depth understanding of application security and experience implementing it.

●Have an experience in managing Kubernetes manifest files and Helm package releases.

●Have experience in automating release pipelines to achieve one-click deployments using Jenkins, Nexus.

●Collaborated with several teams for debugging, testing and deployments.

Tools & Technologies used:

Microsoft Azure, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Python, Kubernetes, Helm, Git, Bash, CI/CD, Maven, Nginx, JFrog, Nexus.

Client: Altitude Sports June 2017 – May 2018

Title: DevOps Engineer


●Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications using DevOps tools.

●Worked on deploying Java/J2EE to a web application server.

●Worked with various teams to continuously integrate new code using Maven, GIT and Jenkins.

●Provisioned Chef Infrastructure - setup chef infrastructure for various environments using open-source chef, chef-solo and chef-zero. Written cookbooks for infrastructure automation.

●Created Ansible scripts to spin up EC2 instances, Elastic Load balancers and S3 buckets.

●Planned, developed & maintained Infrastructure as code using CI/CD deployments using Ansible.

●Worked on AWS cost cutting by writing the Ansible playbook for auto start/stop of AWS resources. The script can be triggered from Jenkins.

●Used the AWS CLI to suspend/resume an AWS Lambda function processing.

●Deployment of Cloud services including Jenkins and Nexus using Terraform.

●Worked on Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for end-to-end automation. Automated Master-Slave configurations using temporary slaves, test and deliver artifacts. Troubleshoot the build issue during the Jenkins build process.

●Wrote CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins to retrieve code, compile, test and push build artifacts to Nexus and deploy changes across cluster. Also configured Sonarqube for static code analysis before deployment.

●Wrote Python scripts to automate deployment process and to manage Java applications across Linux servers.

●Worked on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD pipeline) process implementation using Jenkins also wrote Python and Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.

●Knowledge in the release cycle of the product to environments like Development QA UAT and Production.

●Have experience in Monitoring using CloudWatch and CloudFront in AWS cloud.

●Have experience in setting up IAM roles for authorization purposes.

●Worked on creating baked images satisfying user/developer requirements which can be used to provision EC2 instances.

●Have experience in 24/7 support for clients on AWS cloud over various regions.

●Developed and managed cloud VMs with AWS EC2 command line clients and Services AWS provisioning and worked on services like EC2, S3, Glacier, ELB (Load Balancers), RDS, SNS, SWF and EBS.

●Worked with clients to get deployment requirements.

●Experience in setting up CICD pipeline integrating various tools with Jenkins to build and run Terraform jobs to create infrastructure in AWS.

●Experienced in administration, troubleshooting, tuning, security, backup, recovery, and upgrades of RHEL Linux.

Tools & Technologies used:

CI/CD, Ansible, Chef, AWS, Terraform, Nexus, Jenkins, Maven, SonarQube, Python, Shell, Docker, Kubernetes, GIT, Java, Bitbucket, Jira, Linux, Windows.

Tech Team Solutions, India April 2016 – March 2017

Title: Build/Release Engineer


●Worked on Jenkins for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.

●Automated deployment activities in the middleware environment which includes portal applications running on Java using Puppet Master and Agent Nodes, Puppet manifests to automate the installations and deployment tasks in service-oriented architecture (SOA).

●Designed Puppet Modules to manage configurations and automate the installation process. Developed automation scripting in Python using Puppet to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.

●Implemented Chef for provisioning servers and infrastructure automation, release automation and deployment automation, configure files, commands, and packages.

●Used Ruby scripting on Chef Automation for creating Cookbooks comprising all resources, data bags, templates, attributes and used knife commands to manage Nodes onto Chef Server for Configuring.

●Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of less complex network management software: researching, analyzing and implementing software patches or any hardware changes to fix any network deficiencies.

●Used Maven to build the source code. Supported and helped to create Dynamic Views and Snapshot views for end users.

●Configured security and system in Bamboo CI. Added multiple remote agents to Bamboo and configured servers for continuous deployments. Created Build jobs in Bamboo and monitored the status of daily builds.

●Experience working with VSphere, VMWare, VMWare Orchestrator, working with templates and ISO Linux configurations.

●Created branches to developers and operated them through the GIT and using Bitbucket as our remote repository.

●Worked with the DBA team for database performance issues, network related issues on Linux / Unix Servers and with vendors for hardware related issues.

●Create, maintain and customize complex JIRA project configurations including workflows, custom fields, permissions, and notifications.

●Involved in build/Release management and carried out the quality product in UAT and Production.

●Installation, Configuration of Linux, Solaris operating systems on different hardware environments.

●Monitoring, troubleshooting & reporting daily backup status for all critical production Linux server's enterprise-wide.

●Installing RedHat Linux using kickstart and applying security policies for hardening the server based on the company policies.

●Builds and deploys J2EE applications in Web Sphere, managing Cron jobs, at Jobs, batch processing and job scheduling.

●Configured and resolved LAN, WAN and TCP/IP issues and generated reports to show the Resource Utilization, User / CPU / Network Load.

●Relied on solid systems network stack experience DNS, DHCP, and TCP/IP.

●Network configuration for interfaces, switch ports, Ethernet cards, host names, netmasks and route details, NFS, LDAP, NTP and SNMP etc.

Environment: RedHat Linux, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Maven, GIT, Python, Ruby, Solaris, TCP/IP, SSH, Linux, DHCP, DNS, SNMP, NFS, LDAP, J2EE, Waterfall, Agile Model.

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