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Nurse Practitioner Care

Wesley Chapel, FL
March 25, 2021

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Family Nurse Practitioner

Wesley Chapel, FL


Accomplished and talented nurse practitioner with over thirteen years of experience in the healthcare industry. Extensively developed patient care expertise and a long-time commitment of providing high quality medical care assessment and treatment. Reliable, detail oriented, professional dedicated to continuing education. WORK EXPERIENCE

Wound Care Nurse Practitioner


December 2019 to Present

• Manage care of advanced wounds in client’s home

• Review of patient’s medical records and histories prior to the start of care

• Perform weekly physical assessments for new wound development

• Twice weekly existing wound evaluation for ongoing treatment regimen

• Patient education on infection prevention, prevention of pressure ulcers and new wound prevention

• Chart assessments and submit referrals as needed and prescribe medications

• Obtain culture of wounds when necessary for laboratory interpretation

• Collaborate with patient care coordinator staff regarding scheduled patient load

• Inventory management and ordering of supplies used for wound care

• Management of pressure ulcers, lymphedema, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, surgical wounds, trauma wounds and diabetic wounds

Family Primary Care Nurse Practitioner


January 2019 to November 2019

• Manage care of adult and pediatric patients with acute and chronic diseases in an FQHC facility with a culturally and socially diverse population

• Review patient's medical records, update histories, perform physical exams, interpret lab results and other diagnostics, diagnose, patient education, treat diseases and refer accordingly

• Perform well visits and sports physicals from newborns to adolescents which included immunizations, disease prevention and health promotion

• Provide care for women with acute infections as well as post-surgical gynecological surgeries

• Perform well woman exams including pap smears and pelvic exams as well as obtained specimens for culture

• Float to other facilities within the company to cover other providers when needed

• Chart assessments, submit referrals, refill medications, order laboratory testing as well as imaging using Athena EMR

• Manage nursing staff day to day operations as it relates to scheduled patient load

• Resolve insurance related medication issues as it relates to alternate treatments for patient's condition Pre-op RN

BayCare Health System

February 2018 to January 2019


• Pre-op inpatients and outpatients to the surgery, interventional radiology and endoscopy departments.

• Care of the patient undergoing surgical procedures as well as endoscopic procedures such as EGD, Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy and heart catheterizations as well as various other interventional radiologic procedures.

• Administer sedation to patients for nerve block procedures.

• Monitor all vital signs including heart monitor for irregularities.

• Recover heart catheterization patients post procedure receiving sedation. Informatics Optimization Specialist

Adventist Health System

March 2014 to December 2017

• Serves as a strong member of the Optimization team, dedicated to the identification of optimization aspects for development of electronic documentation solutions that support clinical workflow and practice and align with the current best practice standards.

• Supports the designs, builds, and tests of clinical application components and makes organized recommendations for necessary changes.

• Communicates necessary changes made in the application among team members and site contacts as appropriate. Acts as the clinical IT point of contact at the local hospital and facilitates communication with AHS-IS staff with needed expertise to provide assistance.

• Plans and coordinates special optimization projects using project management skills, tools, and AHS-IS methodologies.

• Collaborates with hospital leadership, physicians, clinicians, PI, Quality, end users, vendors and associates to support the development and deployment of electronic applications or new functionality.

• Proactively assesses clinical workflow processes, identifies gaps, defines necessary process changes, and develops future workflows related to the optimization of new or existing solutions or functionality.

• Proactively assesses knowledge and use of clinical systems by nursing and medical staff. Conducts intentional regular rounding in all clinical and ancillary departments to support adoption. Provides immediate quick win education as needed.

• Conducts specified optimization audits and reports findings and recommendations to Regional Clinical Informatics Manager and Optimization Team

• Review reports /monitors data and outcome measures to evaluate user adoption of current and newly implemented systems and functionality. Knowledgably assesses data in relation to processes to improve clinical outcomes and IT system changes

Cerner Lead Consultant


January 2014 to March 2014

• Supports implementation of detailed and actionable training plan to accomplish client's goals and objectives

• Drives supporting metrics to ensure delivery of results against client's goals and objectives

• Identifies the appropriate resources (people, tools, processes) to meet the requirements of the training plan

• Delivers standard developed curriculum and provides oversight to design as specific member campus needs arise

• Supports the training class schedule plan

• Responsible for maintaining learning timeline

• Assist client in identifying internal trainers

• Develop train-the-trainer program

• Participate in the train-the-trainer program

• Develop client super user program

• Provide continuous evaluation of training courses to help improve delivery and content.

• Projects include ED Optimization, ePrescribe, History Controls, Documentation Phase 2, Patient Portal-Inpatient Millennium, Cerner Portal, Desktop Redesign and PowerNote Op Notes. Cerner Ambulatory Go-Live Support

Morgan Hunter Healthcare Inc

December 2013 to December 2013

• CPOE at the elbow support for physicians and support for clinical staff (RN's and Medical Assistants/Techs) in the ambulatory setting.

• Analyzed, troubleshoot & logged all issues, and provided temporary system workaround during training and Go-Live.

• Assist physicians and RN's/Medical Assistants/Techs with workflow analysis and created ideas for change.

• Team resource for Cerner tips and tricks related to ease of use CHI National Trainer


January 2013 to November 2013

• Held instructor led training in the Surginet module to Train the Trainers in each market.

• Developed training materials including training guides (ILT's), workflow comparison job aides, agendas, etc for

"Train the Trainer" classes.

• Instructed surgical SME's at various markets in a high level overview called "SME Prep School" using the Surginet module.

• Tasked with a special assignment to help a particular market (outside of contracted market) within the CHI hospital system to build/design Preference Cards/Pick Lists.

• Created, implemented and instructed "Refresher" courses for RN's in the perioperative areas for a 6 month post Go-Live market.

• Scheduled walking rounds/appointments to various departments to create a database of unresolved issues to address for optimization 6 months post Go-Live.

• Developed and implemented ideas on recreating WBT (Web Based Training) for end-users.

• Assisted in the recreation of the TRAIN domain for a post Go-live market. Cerner EMR Analyst

Encore Health Resources

July 2012 to November 2012

• Analysis of the current and future state workflows.

• Redesign and implementation of new workflows.

• Created and produced various training materials including, training manuals, tip sheets, scenarios, agendas, outlines and evaluations.

• Formatted and redlined training manuals.

• Perform testing and validating of Cerner modules, especially after scheduled system updates. Cerner EMR Trainer/Go-Live Support

• Train physicians and personalize Powerplans to use Powerchart module.

• Rover in various facilities to set up computers, maintain logins, answer questions, give support/feedback, report and troubleshoot any train domain/computer issues during nursing/physician training classes.

• Provided CPOE, "Just In time" training/ "ATE" support to physicians during Go-Live.

• Entered, organized and distribute parking lot questions from all training classes onto a tracking log.

• Go-live support in various facilities in departments including L&D, Postpartum, ED, Medical/Surgical, Surgical services, Pediatrics, PACU, NICU and other critical care

• areas.

• Configure tablet/mobile device to Cerner system.

• Analyzed, troubleshoot & logged all issues, and provided temporary system workaround during classroom training and Go-Live.

• Subject Matter Expert resource during nursing training classroom sessions. Circulator/Procedure RN during endoscopic procedures Florida Hospital Tampa - Tampa, FL

December 2010 to July 2012

Admitting/Procedure/Recovery-Endoscopy Department

• Pre-op inpatients and outpatients to the Endoscopy, One Day Surgery and Short Stay Service areas.

• Circulator/Procedure RN during endoscopic procedures in the Endoscopy department as well as the Operating Room.

• Care of the patient undergoing EGD, ERCP, Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy, PEG tube placement/replacement/ removal, Bronchoscopy and EUS/FNA as well as various other procedures in the surgical department.

• Administer conscience sedation to patient for select procedures and monitor all vital signs including heart monitor for irregularities.

• Recover patients post procedure receiving general anesthesia and sedation. SuperUser/Proctor

Florida Hospital Tampa - Tampa, FL

December 2010 to July 2012

• Completed life cycle implementation of Cerner multiple modules including SurgiNet and PowerChart with EMAR

• Built Pick List and Preference Cards within SurgiNet for the Endoscopy Department. Proctored end-user practice lab sessions for multiple clinical areas including Critical Care and Surgical areas during practice sessions.

• System driver (front of room navigation) for end-user and super-user classes in Critical Care (PowerChart) and Surgical (SurgiNet) classroom sessions.

• Elbow support provided to both clinicians and physicians using SurgiNet and Powerchart in the Endoscopy department.

• System backload of all pertinent patient information as well as physician orders into SurgiNet prior to Go Live.

• Super-User for the Endoscopy Department during the Hospira Pump rollout for Adventist Health System at Florida Hospital Tampa.

• Provided Go-live & Post Go-Live Superuser support and troubleshooting to surgical services staff. Recovery/Admitting-GI Lab (Travel assignment)

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Intelistaf/MSN - Chicago, IL August 2010 to November 2010

• Recover patients receiving general anesthesia, MAC or conscience sedation.

• Care of patient post EGD, Colonoscopy, ERCP, Enteroscopy/US, liver biopsy, manometry and Sigmoidoscopy.

• Administered prescribed medications, lab draws and any post-procedure physician orders.

• Clinical documentation using Epic system.

• Admission of patient receiving procedure, including medical/surgical history, allergies and any pertinent information.

• Initiation of IV and/or IV fluids for procedure.

• Patient teaching regarding procedure and expectations. RN

Med Staff On Call - Chicago, IL

April 2010 to November 2010

CCU, SICU, ER, Mother/Baby (Per diem)

• Worked per diem at various hospitals in the Chicago area.

• Adapt to new working environments as well as policies and procedures

• Worked well with management and staff

• Demonstrated flexibility in multiple facilities and specialty areas

• Implemented the nursing process

Coronary Care Unit (CCU/CVICU)

University Community Hospital - Tampa, FL

November 2008 to July 2010

• Initial and ongoing assessments of critically ill patients, usually involving a cardiac diagnosis.

• New admission of a critically ill patient from the Chest Pain ER/Cardiac Alert and/or post cardiac catheterization.

• Administering of prescribed medications as well as the titration of various IV drips according to patient's condition including those requiring sedation.

• Collection of various specimens for evaluation.

• Assist in the administering of medications, CPR, airway maintenance, initiation of IV, start/fluids and use of defibrillator during a code situation.

• Complete care of patients while on ventilator, including those with a tracheostomy.

• Patient/family teaching on status of patient condition and plan of care.

• Assist family with the process of death and dying.

• Care of patient post procedure, post-operative and post code.

• Hemodynamic monitoring of patient with invasive catheters.

• Care of a patient requiring a balloon pump, hypothermia protocol and dialysis.

• Care of a patient requiring chest tubes and dressing changes.

• Critical Assessment Team (CAT) member-responds to patients requiring critical assessment/intervention.

• Code team member-responds to hospital emergencies requiring rapid interventions.

• Computerized documentation using Centricity with MDI interface. PACU RN (Strike)

Travel Nurse Solutions - Minnesota, MN, US

June 2010 to June 2010

• Recovery of post-surgical patients receiving general anesthesia or MAC.

• Administer postsurgical orders as prescribed, including the Initiation of PCA, IV fluids and drips.

• Initial and ongoing assessment of postsurgical patients including those requiring a ventilator.

• Patient teaching regarding status and plan of care.

• Assist in the administering of medications, CPR, airway maintenance, initiation of IV, start/fluids and use of defibrillator during a code situation.

RN Mother/Baby Unit

Brandon Regional Hospital - Tampa, FL

August 2008 to November 2008

• Initial assessment and observation of newly delivered infants and postpartum mothers.

• Ongoing monitoring of mother's and infant's condition and computerized documentation of patient status.

• Administration of all postpartum medications including medications given via PCA pump as well as the observation of adverse reactions.

• Removal of abdominal dressings and assess incisions of postpartum cesarean section mothers.

• Implementation of physician's orders for mother and infant.

• Patient teaching of policies and procedures regarding infant and mother plan of care.

• Collect specimens for routine laboratory tests.


Total Home Health - Tampa, FL

December 2007 to August 2008

• Visit patients at their home

• Patient assessment

• Follow plan of care

• Patient care

• Patient teaching/demonstration

• Documentation

• Wound care

LPN Chest Pain Center

Brandon Regional Hospital - Tampa, FL

July 2007 to August 2008

Stroke Unit

• Contributes to the assessment of patients in the chest pain center by collecting data for analysis by an RN.

• Observes and documents patient status and reports patient condition.

• Administers medications and observes patients for adverse reactions to medications and/or treatments.

• Dresses wounds and provides personal care.

• Collects specimens, performs routine laboratory tests.

• Monitors, records and communicates patient condition as appropriate utilizing computerized documentation systems (Meditech/EMR).

• Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as required. EDUCATION

Master of Science in Nursing in Family Nurse Practitioner Simmons College of Nursing - Boston, MA

Associate in Nursing

Galen Health Institute School of Nursing - Saint Petersburg, FL Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences University of South Florida - Tampa, FL


• Emr

• Imaging

• Laboratory

• Clinical research

• Nurse practitioner

• Pediatric

• Physicals

• Patient education

• Primary care

• Training

• Operations

• Medical records

• Staff training



* Primary Care

* Medical & Surgical Procedures

* Staff Training

* Assessment & Care Planning

* Lab Analysis

* Medicine Administration

* Patient Education

* Clinical Research

* Nursing Management

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