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Project Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra, India
20+ lacs
March 24, 2021

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ADVAIT DESHPANDE, PMP training undergone, Executive Business Management IMI New Delhi

Contact: +91 – 966-***-****



Product Development / Project Management

Flair to continuously upgrade knowledge purview & keep updated on latest technology trends

Profile Summary

●Nearly 14 years of offsite & onsite experience in Embedded Product Development and Project Management

●In-sightful professional with notable success in directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives, while participating in yearly planning, analysis & implementation of solutions in support of business objectives

●Forward-focused Project Manager with expertise in concepts of end-to-end project planning and implementation from scope management, to activity sequencing, effort & cost estimation, risk analysis to quality management in line with international guidelines and norms

●Problem solver with a passion for technology; skilled in grasping the big picture, conceptualising, developing, implementing solutions & partnering closely with business leaders & stakeholders

●IT support management professional - envisioning usage of new technology and tailoring its usage for achieving desired results

●Solid management skills, capable of leading & motivating individuals to maximise levels of productivity; a customer-centric professional and knack for motivating large workforces for exceeding customer expectations in delivery of committed services

Kindly find the below annexure for major projects handled

Core Competencies

Project Management: Planning project activities viz. scoping, estimation, tracking, change management, delivery management & post implementation support. Implementing project plans within pre-set budgets and deadlines. Monitoring onshore & offshore delivery management for technical deliverables of concurrent projects. Understanding clients’ needs, requirements, and expectations and devising solutions accordingly. Have undergone PMP certification training. Moreover have managed the JAVA based tool development activities and worked towards closing various COE propositions in order to increase the basket of technology horizontal to the customer.

Solution Architecture: Architecting & developing designing solutions for the product & managing process setup & development. Driving product vision, strategy, road map and release plans. Mapping clients’ requirements and providing them best solutions within the scope of project requirements.

Service Delivery Operations: Heading service delivery functions, to ensure end-to-end ownership of incidents and service requests. Meeting deadlines and Turn-Around-Time without compromising quality norms and adhering to SLA. Implementing short/long-term plans for achievement of process objectives.

Product Planning & Development: Overseeing the entire product lifecycle: feasibility through scoping, requirements definition through specification, design, development, quality assurance, integration and implementation. Responsible for client/user interaction for requirement gathering, risk assessment, finalisation of technical architecture and discussions for effort/cost/time estimation and client co-ordination and reporting.

People Management: Managing recruitment, training and selection of technical personnel as well as organizing, planning, and staffing operations. Identifying the team’s training & development needs, designing and developing the appropriate training program and afterwards coordinating appropriate internal training programs.

Employment Details

Apr’16: Harman International, Pune as Sr. Architect/Program Management

May’13 – Feb’16: Tech Mahindra Ltd., Bangalore as Solution Architect/Project Manager

Feb’12 – Apr’13: Opto Circuits (I) Ltd., Bangalore as Sr. Hardware Developer

Mar’11 - Dec’11: ABB GISL Ltd., Bangalore as Project Manager

Jun’09 - Feb’11: ConnectM Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore as Lead Design Engineer

(Sasken and IDG Ventures M2M Product Company)

May’07 - May’09: KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd., Pune as Tech Lead

Nov’03 - May’07: Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Mysore as Senior Software Engineer


Apr’03 - Oct’03: Messung Systems Private Ltd., Pune as R&D Engineer

Mar’02 – Mar’03: Badawe Engineering Private Ltd., Pune as Instrumentation Engineer

Key Result Areas:


●Overseeing the delivery of the software releases for RTU product at India (Team Size:9)

●Extensively liaised with stakeholders on on-going basis

●Instrumental role in setting and managing project expectations with team members and other stakeholders

●Instrumental role in driving test automation project for productivity improvement along with a team of 6 members

●Accountable for handling vendor

●Interfacing with cross-functional teams across different locations for release management

ConnectM Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

●Deftly managed complete Hardware engineering and QA group

●Carried out the following activities:

oProduct development

oProposal development, Sales presentations

oValue engineering

oDeveloping architecture for motherboard design to be used across the projects in M2M space

ofiling patent for existing products

oPresales activities to close on the business opportunities

KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.

●Extensively working on presales activities for various new requirements including effort estimation, feasibility study

●Bagged centre of Excellence proposition to higher management for in house product development

Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Top Semiconductor client, UK / US:

●Oversaw complete product design based on a new SoC

●Coordinated with offshore team

●Performed proposal development for new product.

●Rendered technical support for new SoC.

Motion Control client, US:

●Instrumental role in hardware design review of motion control products

●Re-engineering of the existing product

Academic Details

●B.E. (Instrumentation and Control) from Pune University in 2001

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 7th January, 1980

Present Address: B5/2 Sarita Vihar, Ganehsmala, Dattwadi, Pune - 411030,

Permanent Address: B5/3 Rakshalekha Society, Gajendranagar, Dattwadi, Pune - 411030,

VISA Status US B1 Visa

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada

Preferred Location: Pune / Bangalore / Abroad Annexure: Representative Projects (2002-2015)


Project: Release management for automotive software

Client: Automotive giant in Europe

Environment: Polyspace, Test Automation, Tool development

Description: This is software testing activity where in the issue/warning analysis for software releases is carried out. The code modification required as per Polyspace guidelines are carried out and reports are generated.

Test automation (Python)– The process of requirements testing outcome is automated to have the output updated in IBM DOORS tool. Apart from this the vehicle testing reports are automated to update the information regarding HIL testing.

Tool development (JAVA)- New tool development and the enhancements of the existing SW tools is carried out in this activity. Moreover, the tool development to increase the productivity is taken up under this umbrella.

Project: Product Development for Solar Inverters

Client: Industrial/Solar Energy product development company in headquartered in Europe

Environment: ARM Cortex M-4

Description: This is complete hardware development activity for data acquisition which has Zigbee based communications and analog/digital I/O for sensor interfaces and communication interfaces. This is used for communication with control board located in inverter which in turn takes control action

Project: Energy Management System

Client: MNC Bank

Environment: Microchip PIC24F Family

Description: This is remote, monitoring and diagnostics system which monitors the temperature, UPS battery voltage, DG fuel level and energy consumption in a building. The Air Conditioning units are controlled using threshold value of temperature; alternatively the AC can be controlled using application software. It also provides server based energy management software using secured web interface. The system provides alerts using SMS and e-mail. This solution has road map to integrate to BMS, HVAC high side plant optimizer.

Project: Wireless Direct Digital Controller

Environment: Microchip PIC24F Family

Description: This is single board computer which can be used across various applications where in various critical parameters are monitored and passed on to the remote server, using wireless gateway. This product is meant for building management system and industrial applications. This is a DDC with scalability options for further enhancement and connectivity.

Project: Direct Digital Controller – Basic Version

Environment: Microchip PIC24F Family

Description: This DDC can be used across various applications where in few critical parameters are monitored and passed on to the remote server, using RS 485 interface. This product is meant for Data center monitoring and industrial applications. This is a very low cost DDC with few I/O interfaces and scalable features.

Project: Telecom Passive Infrastructure Monitoring System

Client: Telecom Giants in India

Environment: Microchip PIC24F family

Description: This is standard motherboard, which monitors the critical parameters at the telecom shelter and passes the information using wireless modem to the remote server. The parameters involve critical alarms, temperature and fuel level. This system gives the user standard interfaces for debugging (RS232), data download (USB) and external sensor interface (RS 485).


Client: Leading Crane Manufacturer in India

Environment: Microchip PIC24F Family

Description: This Product provides Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Solution for Overhead Cranes. The Data acquisition is done by the single board computer from various sensors and VFD. The scope of the activity includes providing a sensor based solution for monitoring the health of the cranes by acquiring various sensor data. A Vibration Sensor based on Freescale MMA7361 was developed to monitor the vibration pattern of the Motor, Wheel bearing and wheel collar width. The accelerometer chip was interfaced with PIC16F887 to provide the Analog Vibration data of all the three axes on Modbus Protocol. This Project provides a Server based Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Solution through a secured web interface and provide Alerts and Information using Mobile phones and e-Mail. The project was executed on PIC24 Family based design for the roll-out project.

Project: Energy Management System

Environment Microchip PIC16F family

Description: This uses PIR sensor for detecting occupancy of a person and depending upon the light intensity the light at data center or IT office is switched ON. This uses a specific time delay for switching off the light if there is no movement in the area PIR caters for. The data related to energy management using sent across using wireless technology to the centralized server.

Project: Evaluation Kit Design and Development

Client: One of the top Semiconductor Giants (UK)

Environment: SH7670, M32C87, H8SX1668R, R32C111

Description: This involved hardware and software design of a new platform, which is based on release of a new LSI.


●Involved in onsite product designing and continuation of the project at offshore

●Involved in:

oHW design: Schematic design, layout design

oWriting device drivers in C

oReviewing work-products

oOnsite co-ordination for status updates and project queries

oLeading a team of 4 members at offshore for continuation of the product

Project: Encryption algorithms for Wireless USB

Client: One of the top Semiconductor Giants from Japan

Environment: SH based micro controller, M16C platform and H8 series micro controller.

Description: The project involves implementation of various encryption algorithms on different platforms. The platforms are based on 16-bit, 32bit microcontrollers.

Project: Design Review of Hardware

Client: US semiconductor giant in DSP domain.

Environment: Analog/Digital baseband chip

Description: This involved the design support of hardware for a processor based in mobile application domain


●Served as the Team Lead

●Onsite requirement gathering

●Design support at customer’s premises for the upcoming chip

●Offshore design documentation of the same with a team of 3 members

Project: DSP Based Motion Controller

Client: US client in motion control segment

Environment: ADSP21061

Description: This is ADSP21061 based motor control application. It involves with 0-5V analog input with facility to interface few isolated inputs. The motor is controlled using FPGA interface for each motion block containing 4 axes each.

Project: Range Finder Camera

Client: US client

Environment IMX31

Description: This is used for product identification where in barcode on the product is scanned using camera. For this laser is used as incident light source. Depending upon the intensity of reflected light, which is detected using CCD sensor, product identification takes place.

Project: Oxygen Concentration Measurement System

Client: Switzerland based client

Environment: TMS320F2812 DSP

Description: The project involves measurement of concentration of oxygen using fluorescent properties of matter. This system measures temperature, pressure for compensation purpose and provides 3 analog output signals (0-20 mA/ 0-5 Volt) using PWM. This system communicates with Master board using RS-485 link.


●Responsible for design of HW platform with required interfaces

●Schematic and layout design

●Writing device drivers in C

●Assisting the team for technical issues

●Status update to the customer

Project: Submersible Pump Controller

Client: Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Mumbai

Environment H8/3694

Description: This is an electronic controller which caters for Motor control Centre with features to protect the motor from unpredictable variations in current and voltage. It provides additional features like Auto Start, Timer functionality – to be used in star-delta versions.

Project: Smart Contactor

Client: Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Bombay.

Environment: H8/3694

Description: This is an electronic controller for contactor operation. It is monitoring system, which caters for motor protection. This controller features all motor protection functionalities with fault indication on LCD. It incorporates MODBUS protocol on RS-485 line for communication with other modules.


●Support to the marketing team for product launch

Project: MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) Display Module

Client: Larsen & Toubro, Mumbai

Environment: HC12DP256

Description: This is data acquisition and control system, which can communicate with 16 MCCBs on MODBUS protocol. The system is having menu navigation system that can display the data related to all 16 MCCBs. The data includes trip events and set point parameters.

Project: Automation and Temperature Control of Molding Machine for Automotive Application

Client: Automotive client, Pune

Environment: Infineon C167 series

Description: This is an automotive application where in the quality of molded rubber part is very important. The required rubber part is given a defined shape at a particular temperature using PID control theory. The temperature of heating element in the molding machine is controlled using PLC and the complete is automated to serve the application.


●Application program development in Codesys DDE

●Onsite System integration and testing

Project: Stabilization Controller for Missile Seeker Unit (Defense Client)

Client: Defense Research Laboratory, India

Environment: ADSP21060

Description: This is two axes servo system for Avionics applications. It serves to position the antenna to a desired position in order to target the object, with the help of command on MIL 1553 bus. Disturbance commands, accepted using ARINC 429 protocol, are compensated in order to stabilize the antenna.


●HW design with required interfaces

●Client support for acceptance testing as per defense standards

Project: Two Axes Servo Control System

Client: Defense Research Laboratory, India

Environment: ADSP21060

Description: This is servo control system for Radar Antenna positioning. This Servo Controller Unit (SCU) accepts signals from ship gyro and vertical gyro for compensation. It also accepts position command from Electronic Counter Measure (ECM) processor on asynchronous RS-422 link in the Position / Track mode and tracking command from Auto Track Receiver (ATR) on synchronous RS-422 link in Track mode only. Accordingly it moves the pedestal at required position in both the axes. This Servo Controller Unit (SCU) continuously monitors the feedback from SDA (Pedestal).

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