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Chemical Engineering Engineer

Calgary, AB, Canada
March 24, 2021

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Toranj Telmadarreie t. 403-***-****




Leadership: Leading conferences team, providing technical guidance, leading technology development

Project Management: Managing projects with competing priorities and deadlines, gathering requirements, organizing workshops, events, and meetings Technical Aptitude:

Safety & Adaptability:

Lab test: BET device, UV device, Flash point, Pour point, Fire point, Saybolt viscosity, sonication, generating bitumen emulsion. Knowledge of tools, including designs, uses, repair and maintenance. Software: Python, MATLAB, #C, Gambit, COMSOL, HYSYS, ASPEN Plus, FLUENT

Working part-time whilst studying, moving from home country to new country, study abroad and independent travel abroad, working with flammable and toxic solvents


CERC Research Assistant (Master student)

University of Calgary 2019 – Present

- Designing a setup to treat the water-in-oil emulsion

- Working with green solvents to treat the separated water

- Involving to writing scientific and review papers, reports/presentations

- Planned a review paper during Pandemic

Research Assistant

Gene Technology Q Company 2017-2018

- Designed and conduct of experiments to extract of pectin from fruit waste

- Conduct of experiments to generate of water from oil waste

- Managed weekly meetings and reports, organized monthly workshops, and coordinated annual events

Chemical Research Engineer (Intern)

Research section of PASARGAD OIL CO. 2017

- Designed a research project to generate the emulsion and completed the project from inception to completion

- Designed and conduct multistage bitumen experiments: penetration, softening point, density, and saybolt viscosity

- Dispersing polymers and solvents in liquid

Chemical Research Engineer

Sahand Research Center and Service Analyzer 2016-2017

- Supervised of UV and BET devices

- Trained student on BET and UV devices

- Detected UV and BET failures

Toranj Telmadarreie t. 403-***-****



- Analyzed by FTIR device and compared data

- Nominated by supervisor as the top operator of the month several times Chemical Research Engineer

Sahand Oil and Gas Research Institute 2015-2017

- Designed and conduct the physical properties of oil; flash point, pour point, and smoke point.

- Analyzed droplet size, distribution of droplet size of emulsions by Optical Microscope EDUCATION

M.Sc., Chemical Engineering University of Calgary 2019-Present M.Sc., Chemical Engineering Sahand University of Technology 2017 B.Sc., Chemical Engineering Sahand University of Technology 2013 PROGRAMMING SKILLS

- Coding bubble pressure, dew pressure, bubble temperature, dew temperature calculations in a multi-component system using the state equations Van Der Waals, VPR & VPT in MATLAB

- Coding saturation pressure, saturation volume calculations using the different state equations in MATLAB

- Modeling flash (Two-phase, liquid & vapor) using state equations in MATLAB

- Modeling of the liquid-vapor equilibrium with Peng-Robinson Stryjek-Vera model, project of Advanced Thermodynamics, 2010

- Modeling flash (three-phase, liquid & vapor & solid) using state equations in MATLAB

- Drawing the Heptane Activity Coefficient Chart in the PDMS Polymer by using MATLAB SELECTED HONOURS AND AWARDS

- Entrance Award February 2020

- Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Graduate Award September 2020 LEADERSHIP AND VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

- Succeeded as part of the sustainability Committee at Graduate Students’ Association(GSA) to come up new ideas 2020

- Activate volunteer in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Grads‘ Association (CPEGA) 2020

- Promoted a sense of teamwork and friendship in Persian Golf charity at University of Calgary 2019- Present

- Coordinated over 25 staff members throughout biotechnology conference in Pasteur Institute of Iran

2018 - 2019

- Completed six workshops, two events, and weekly meetings in company of Gene Technology Q 2018 - 2019

- Managed the Sahand Research Center and Service Analyzer 2016 – 2017

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