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Delta, BC, V4G 1A3, Canada
50 lacs Annual .
March 24, 2021

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C.H.D - Consultants




I hear by that “ANKIT SHARMA” has been working in our “prestigious organisation” as “C.H.D” consultants, He joined us/he had started working with us From the period Jan 08th 2020 until lockdown occurred & later the unlock 5 was declared; was getting salary from this organisation now changes occurred due to COVID-19;while he was employed with this organisation, he was responsible for having a conversation with the clients, while sharing how to apply for a visa, including embassy fee & the office fee, paper work, as he was handling “Visitor visa” of Canada along with the “HR” responsibilities of the company. As he was into the main category of interviewing the candidates on the basis of their calibre or the talent & the qualification along with the experience of their lives: he has done a fantastic job while completing all the tasks on time & with full of honesty & while working he was very professional.

Now he is willing to start his own work & work for this organisation as an offline/off role -worker or so called off the shore worker. Because due to lockdown when he was not able to see the future possibilities then he had started “Kiwi Spoken English Classes”, which are going good on an average scale. So we wish him every success in life including future “endeavours”. We will happily receive the visa references which will be given by him in near future as he is about to start it too. We had decided many times to call him back but he want to experience the chair of MD/CEO now. Which is only possible when he will start his own business & with the above mentioned name he has started already since lockdown occurred in Bathinda, Punjab, India. We wish him all the possibilities in life.

With Best Wishes,

Yours Sincerely,



Managing Director/s,

C.H.D consultants,

Bathinda, Punjab, India

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