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Desktop Support Manager

Reseda, CA
March 25, 2021

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James Fields

Cell: 323-***-****


James Fields, MCSE, MCDBA


Data Processing, Laney College, Oakland CA

B.S. Computer Science, University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

MCSE, MCDBA, MCP, Integrated Digital Technologies, Pasadena, CA

Professional Summary

Over 25 years of progressive Windows-based software and network support experience, including:

•Managing a team of 5 Technical Support Reps and 2 Customer Service Reps working remotely handling software and support issues for 40 million owners of the company’s software products. Managing product development cycles and beta tests.

•Experience supporting Windows, 2008, 2012, 2016 Windows7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 desktop. Inside user and outside customer phone support. Set up backup procedures and helpdesk policies, internal and external support policies. Some Mac support.

•Heavy experience supporting a broad range of software applications, including SQL Server MSOffice, Protools, JD Edwards and Xytech scheduling. Previous experience supporting and managing operations for legacy applications on heterogeneous networks, including AS/400, HP-9000, PC’s and MACs.



7/05 - 9/19 Condusiv Technologies/Diskeeper Corporation/Executive Software, Burbank, CA


•Training and Managing Technical Support and Customer Service teams in the handling of software issues with the company’s products.

•Managing beta tests for products being developed.

•2nd level support for issues Tech Support Reps can’t resolve.

•Troubleshoot network issues with clients.

•Software setup and troubleshooting issues with the company’s software products.

•Coordinating with Field Service Engineers for Proof of Concept demo’s.

•Instructing customers in the use of the software. Resolving electronic delivery, registration and software activation issues.

•Assigned specifically to handle international volume license customers.

•Liaison with 2nd level support and developers to resolve software bugs.

•Testing to recreate issues reported by customers.

•Write up solutions/FAQ’s to issues with our software for Tech Support’s use and for the website.

•Write up reports to elevate software bugs to our development staff.

•Handle more complex issues from our volume license customers.

•Occasional onsite visits to customers with software issues

•Hardware/Software: PC’s, Win2008 R2, Win2012 R2, Win2016, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, VMWare, Hyper –V and Norton Anti-virus, Mcafee, Trend-Micro, Diskeeper, V-locity, Undelete software.

7/03 – 6/05 Benson Packaging, Temple City, CA (contract-part time)


•Responsible for all hardware, software and network support.

•Development of major database/barcode label application requiring access front-end and visual basic programming, also MSSQL for some of the back-end elements.

•Upgraded all hardware to facilitate the installation of the new accounting/inventory system.

•Administer and support XP.

•Installation of MS Office and Norton Anti-virus.

•Set up data backup procedures.

Hardware/Software: PC’s, MACs, 3 barcode label printers, HP laser printers, Windows XP, Window98 and Norton Anti-virus.

3/04 – 7/06 MKTools and Abrasives, Pico Rivera, CA (contract-part time)


•Specked-out/coordinated the purchase and installation of a new accounting/inventory system.

•Upgraded all hardware to facilitate the installation of the new accounting/inventory system.

•Administer and support a Windows 2000/XP network including email administration, internet connectivity and VPN connections.

•Security and administration of the Cougar Mountain Software Accounting/Inventory system.

•Installation of MS Office and Norton Anti-virus.

•Installed routers and switches for network/internet connectivity.

•Set up data backup procedures.

•Updated and maintained their website.

•Hardware/Software: PC’s, HP Laserjet and Brother Laser printers, switches, routers Windows XP, 2000 Server, OfficeXP, Office 2000 and Norton Anti-virus.

2/02 – 2/04 Wholesale Donkee Products/Promoblasts, South El Monte, CA (contract)


•Administer and support a Windows 2000/XP network including email administration, internet connectivity and all PC hardware/software support.

•Perform sales software implementation and configuration to specific sales needs using Goldmine. Created and managed email list databases.

•Hire, train and manage inside sales force.

•Set up data backup procedures and maintain phone system.

•Purchased and installed all new hardware and software.

•Update and maintained two websites.

•Help develop marketing plans and graphics for new products and performed job costing for both old and new products.

•Hardware/Software: PC’s, HP Laserjet and Color laser printers. Hubs, switches, routers Windows XP, 2000 Server, OfficeXP, Office 2000, Quickbooks Enterprise version, Goldmine (network version), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Norton Anti-virus.

11/99 - 3/01, Los Angeles, CA


•Managed 5 Tech Support Reps, provided all hardware, software and network support for internal employees and external clients, including Windows 2000 and NT server and network troubleshooting. Windows 98, Linux, Sun workstations, laptops and Macintosh.

•Supported MS Office 2000, Exchange, Goldmine, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and several web development tools.

•I was responsible for ordering, configuring, deploying and maintaining an inventory of all desktop and laptop computers, phones, faxes and video conferencing equipment.

•Instituted client data backups of all workstations on the network.

•Set up a formal helpdesk including a problem tracking application.

•Implemented Landesk, a workstation monitoring and remote workstation control utility.

•Installed a barcode asset tracking application and inventoried all computer hardware.

•Rolled out Norton Anti-virus Enterprise solution for virus protection.

•Set up video conferencing between the northern and southern California offices.

•Overall streamlined the support request process to ensure that fewer problems fell through the cracks.

•Set up a test lab for new applications, upgrades and new desktop image formations.

•Approved/ordered all new pc/network hardware and software for the entire company.

11/98 - 10/99 LA Studios Inc. (3453 Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles CA)


•I was the sole administrator and telecommunications engineer for the entire company. This consisted of 4 locations. I upgraded and maintained all PC/network software and hardware, including Windows NT server, Windows 95/98, desktop upgrade planning and implementation and Y2K compliance planning for 4 locations.

•Supported MS Office 97, Protools (a sound effects network), and the Xytech scheduling system.

•Provided SQL DBA duties for the studio’s scheduling application on SQL Server.

•Created monthly ad-hoc reports using MSSQL and Crystal Reports.

•Administered Goldmine and ACT contact management systems for the sales team.

9/97 - 4/98 Capital Investment Group (333 S. Hope St. Los Angeles CA, 90071)

Desktop Support Analyst (Contract Position)

•Configured notebook and desktop computers with Windows NT after ghosting standard images on to them. Installed any additional software and/or hardware on notebook or desktop computers if necessary. Novell 4.0 Intranetware and Windows NT 4.0 Administration. Desktop support for Windows NT, MSOffice, Lotus123, Lotus Notes, WordPerfect, StockVal, Quotron, Factset and other investment industry software. Training users when necessary on the specific features of various applications. Working on projects.

•Created 2 mobile training labs for the Lotus Notes Mail roll-out. Each lab consists of seven workstations (notebooks) running Windows 98 and 1 domino server running Windows NT. These were closed networks specifically for Notes Mail training. After notes mail had been rolled-out at each location, I was assigned to document and resolve all client issues pertaining to the roll-out.

•Wininstall - Created Wininstall software packages and upgrades to be rolled out/pushed up to users WindowsNT desktops from the with the Winnstall server.

7/89 - 2/97 MGM and UA Film Services (2450 Broadway St., Santa Monica CA, 90404)

Operations Supervisor/Data Center Manager/Project Manager

•Managed 1 Project Leader, 10 Computer Operators and 1 Operations Analyst on 3 shifts in the data center. Scheduled staff and workflows, trained operators and users. Maintained the inventory of all hardware and consumable supplies. Created and revised all operations procedures, policy manuals, documentation, and supported an in-house problem tracking system. Worked on mid-level projects, assigned and supervised staff in the completion of various individual projects. Maintained the annual budget for the datacenter. Coordinated with users to resolve hardware and software problems. Provided help desk support. 1st level problem escalation. Ensured all production processing schedules were met. Maintained and monitored network servers and communications hardware including backups and network security. Installed new software and hardware on network servers, PC’s and minicomputers. Microsoft Access application development. Creating web pages and was the Internet access coordinator.

•Documented all in-house operations procedures.

•Developed DP standards for Operations department.

•Developed PC based problem tracking and reporting system.

•Participated in move planning and personnel relocation of the entire company from Culver City to Santa Monica. This involved setting up WAN between both locations to run systems in parallel while for all systems while accomplishing the various move stages.

•Automated several processes that were previously handled manually.

•Set up PC help desk.

•Created and instituted change control procedures for the entire MIS department.

•Created a Disaster Recovery Plan for the company that includes an off-sight recovery center.

•Migrated paper reports to an electronic on-line viewing report distribution system.

•Acquired CNA.

•Was promoted from Operator/Programmer to Supervisor of Computer Operations and then to Assistant Operations Manager then Data Center Manager. Was later promoted to Project Manager to create a disaster recovery plan for the company.

Hardware: Mix of several PC types in a LAN/WAN environment, AS/400, HP917, HP950, HP969, HP9000 series, IBM 3090 computer, many modem types, routers, controllers, and hubs.

Software: AS/400 - JD Edwards, ESS and DMAS, HP systems - TRIAD, UNIX (HP-UX), IBM 3090 - McCormick and Dodge, TSO, PRIME - In house Intl. Video Distribution System. LAN - WindowsNT 4.0, Windows 95, Word, Excel, Access, WordPerfect, AmiPro, Lotus, Paradox, Foxpro, Dbase, Corel Draw, Pagemaker, Visio, Powerpoint, PowerBuilder, Ccmail, Lotus Notes and many others.

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