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Software Developer Engineer

Denver, CO
March 23, 2021

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ARLYN WHITCHURCH Lakewood, CO ***** 303-***-**** Cell


I have worked as a professional Computer Science Engineer for over 20 years. I have always had a love for ‘making things work’. My first college major was Electrical Engineering with electives in Mechanical and Structural Engineering. I have worked as a contractor/consultant in almost every industry imaginable from designing equipment to manufacture nuclear weapons to medical and gas well head controllers. The experience I bring to a job allows me to fit into a broad range of positions and to work well as a liaison between disciplines.

I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado until my third year. At that time, I transferred my credits to the University of Denver and completed my degree in Computer Science. This gives me an extremely broad base in software and firmware.


University of Denver

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics with a focus on Algorithm Development.

Courses in C++/OOD And Database Design using Oracle and SQL

Jones International University

Masters Business Administration – Project Management


Object Oriented Methodology

Algorithm and data structure design

Automated Testing

Full Lifecycle Management

Requirements gathering and Customer Liaison

Autonomous systems

New Product Development

Project Testing

Legacy Product Maintenance

Real Time Process Control

Project Management, Agile

System Architecture.

Product Testing and Quality Assurance

Cross-Platform Development Systems

Communication Protocols, Synchronous and Asynchronous

SCADA engineering

Robotics architecture

Design for Testing and Maintenance

Root Cause Analysis

Testing: Unit, Integration, Validation and Regression

RISC Processors

Aerospace systems

Programming from multiple paradigms and patterns

Technical Skills:

Visual C++, Visual C#, Embedded C/C++/OOD, GNU C++, Java, Ada as well as several assembly languages.

UNIX and Linux operating system, VxWorks, Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET Integrated Development Environment.

Scripting languages including Korn, C and Bourne shell, Perl and Python

Legacy languages such as Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, BASIC

Data storage and transmission methodologies including RAID, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel. Object Oriented Design (OOD), Unified Modeling Language (UML), Software Life Cycles Management, Source Code Control, Configuration Management and Software Quality Control (SQA).

Communication protocols including CAN, SPI, I2C, PCIe, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Modbus

Programming Microprocessors including Intel 8085, 8051, Zilog Z80, Microchip PIC, TI MSP430, Motorola, 68000, Atmel AVR.

Development Environments including Visual Studio, AVR Studio, MP Lab, Eclipse, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS): VxWorks, SCO Unix, Embedded Linux, Event Driven RTOS as well as ‘Bare-Metal’

Version Control, MS Visual SourceSafe, SVN, GIT

The use of Oscilloscope, analog meter, digital meter, soldering equipment, logic analyzer, schematic capture, PCB layout, standard hand tools


Time Metrics Solutions August 20, 2018 – Present

Consultant, Software/Hardware Developer

Upgraded an existing shooting sport project previously created for a client. Software languages used include C/C++/OOD, C# and AVR assembly language, schematic capture and PCB layout tools.

United Launch Alliance July 10, 2018 – August 20, 2018

Contractor, Senior Quality Engineer

Inspect Ada and assembly language code for functionality and assure that it meets the requirements.

Gaming Laboratories International January 26, 2018 – February 24

Contractor, Senior Quality Engineer

Inspect C++/OOD and assembly language code for clarity and accuracy.

Confidential Business Enterprise July 13, 2015 – January 25, 2018

Contractor, Senior Engineer and Project Manager

Analyze and review Embedded C/C++/OOD and C# applications which include user interfaces and SCADA issues.

Oversee hardware design and testing.

Perform printed circuit layout.

Perform validation and beta testing and requirement updates

Quality Assurance on C++ and C# code

Skyline Products May 20, 2015 – July 13, 2015

Contractor, Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Design, modify and maintain embedded software on hardware issues. Software languages used include C/C++. FreeRTOS.

Analyze and review Embedded C/C++/OOD applications including User Interface and SCADA issues.

Debug and maintain legacy code on PIC projects using MPLab.

Perform testing for throughput and reliability using Python test scripts.

Major accomplishment: Increased SPI speed from 1 MHZ to 5 MHZ by streamlining firmware.

Level 3 (formerly TW Telecom) August 6, 2014 – December 5, 2014

Contractor, Senior Software Developer

Implemented automated testing for network performance databases. Software languages used include C/C++.

Analyzed and reviewed C++ database code and wrote documentation using Doxygen.

Designed test scenarios using Google Test.

Major accomplishment: Created template for real-time function testing.

Medtronic, Inc. September 3, 2013 – August 1, 2014

Contractor, Senior Software Developer

Update software and drivers for automated product testing. Software languages used include C/C++/OOD. RTOS used was Debian Linux.

Designed, documented, and maintained software on various types of Linux based equipment, including Debian Linux.

Updated coding and documents in accordance with FDA standards including IEC 62304, ISO 13485 and ISO 14971 standards.

Wrote and execute test plans .

Major accomplishment: Installed and tested new PID motor drivers (SCADA).

Time Metrics Solutions January 2013 – September 3, 2013

Contractor, Software/Hardware Developer

Upgraded an existing shooting sport project previously created for a client. Software languages used include C/C++/OOD, C# and AVR assembly language, schematic capture and PCB layout tools. Used a proprietary Event Driven RTOS which manages UI and SCADA features.

Customer relations and product service

Develop a testing framework.

Add an SD card holder and replaced an RS-232 link with a USB link, RS-485 multi-drop.

Develop a GUI in Microsoft C# to augment the LCD/keypad interface.

Design test platforms for manufacturing.

Major accomplishment: Converted RS-232 to USB communication.

Intel Corporation May 2012 – December 7, 2012

Contractor, Automatic Test Developer

Develop an automated test plan for specific product specifications in C++ on an Eclipse IDE. The target system was a solid storage system. Our test system used the Ubuntu RTOS.

Write tests included boundary conditions against expected results with actual error returns from the device under test.

SCRUM Master using Rally, JIRA, BitBucket and a specialized test frame.

Major accomplishment: Implemented automated unit tests and enhanced test driver framework.

Time Metric Solutions February 2009 – May 2012

Consultant, Software/Hardware Developer

Designed embedded hardware and write software for various private contracts. Projects include embedded processors with master and slave units. Module-to-module connections include RS-232, RS-485, SPI and I2C links. The central unit controls and collects data from slave units (SCADA). The target systems ran on an Event Driven RTOS.

Developed control software and hardware to operate a shooting match in accordance with Cowboy Fast Draw Association regulations. The design used a SCADA system with a high-speed RS-485 to provide control, data collection and ‘single point timer’ for up to 8 target sensors. The target strike sensors use a digitized analog system to improve data collection over existing equipment and to maintain a record of a sensor’s performance.

Designed and built two embedded Atmel AVR microprocessor systems.

Build prototypes and debug both hardware and software including integration and automated testing.

Major accomplishment: End to end design and implementation of fast draw match controller including GUI.

Production Control Services November 2007 – February 2009

Product Manager

Manage the design and development of automated controllers for gas wells with direct and wireless communications.

Developed product definition and project breakdown

Developed embedded software and hardware for next-generation controllers to meet new industry and EPA requirements. Used desktop development tools on Visual C++ and Visual C# platforms.

Developed test plans to verify compliance with project requirements and Quality Assurance.

Projects were written in Embedded C/C++/OOD using serial communication protocols including SPI, I2C, RS-232 and RS-485 to accomplish SCADA functions. Processors used included Microchip PIC, Atmel ATmega and ARM 7 processors.

Major accomplishment: Designed and prototyped complete family of wellhead controllers.

LSI Engenio Storage Group June 2006 – August 2007

OEM Program Manager

Manage all technical aspects for a diverse group of Original Equipment Manufacturer customers.

Managed crises related to fault tolerant and RAID 5 data storage equipment failures; coordinate analyses with developers; implement workarounds and identify the final solution.

Organized technical assistance to the OEM’s service engineers on routine queries and supervised ‘bug fixes’.

Coordinated enhancement and modification requests to embedded storage systems for the customers’ products.

Analyzed performance issues on SCSI, SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel interfaces and SAN and NAS networks.

Facilitated maintenance of the data storage equipment to the end user through the OEM customer, maintaining the OEM’s relationship with their client, verifying Quality Assurance plans.

Verify that testing plans are complete

Major accomplishment: Organized and managed research team to correct a fatal fault at the site of a larger customer.


TV Guide Inc. July 2000 – January 2004

Senior Software Developer, Project Manager

Updated legacy software and applied Object Oriented Design standards. Languages used: Embedded C and C++/OOD. Operating systems used: Unix/Linux, Visual Studio, VoiP, SIP, VxWorks RTOS.

Re-architected timer operations and inter-process communications on the embedded processor.

Managed source code control and participated in code reviews and writing of test plans to verify modification.

Created and maintained development tools on Visual C++ platforms and Automated Testing Interfaces.

Managed Project to reconstruct set top box code base to be compatible with the next generation of the product.

Major accomplishment: Reorganized large project making it meet OOD principles and make it more reliable and easier to maintain.

GTE mainStreet February 1997 – July 2000

Contractor, Senior Applications Developer, Project Manager

Wrote specifications for message board, chat rooms, language filters and games on interactive cable TV.

Managed the full lifecycle of interactive applications for both server software and embedded set top boxes.

Languages and Operating systems used: C and C++/OOD, Unix/Linux.

Designed and implemented new games, chat rooms, message boards and active language filters for interactive cable TV.

Migrated software to new platforms including reconfiguring memory usage and inter-process communications.

Quality Assurance testing.

Major accomplishment: Built and implemented a suite of games for interactive systems and a TV network wide chat room.

Storage Technology Corp January 1986 – January 1995

Senior Software Developer, Project Manager

Developed software for products and manufacturing processes. Languages used: C and C++/OOD.

Automated Testing of unit verification and system integration.

Developed embedded software for storage systems including fault tolerant and RAID 5 storage.

Established QA test plans and managed cross functional teams on several projects.

Major accomplishment: Over saw the development and installation of automated testing for the tape manufacturing facility

GTE Government Systems, Mountain View, CA ( Top Secret Clearance ) June 1985 – September 1986

Senior Software Developer

Developed and documented mission critical software for TS DoD contracts. Languages used: C and C++/OOD, Ada.

Developed embedded software for large scale systems using a combination of C++ and Ada. We were provided with training in Object Oriented Design using Ada by Stanford University.

Created documentation on new and existing projects, including SCADA functions, in accordance with DOD-STD-2167 standards.


• Design and implementation of telephony data management system;

• Provisioned telephone switches and debugged software for proprietary telephone systems;

• Wrote and documented project specifications for testing and upgrading naval data storage systems on warship computers;

• Developed software for a cardiac stress test system including multiple configurations of peripheral hardware;

• Designed embedded systems to monitor, collect data from, and to control manufacture (SCADA) of highly specialized machine parts.

• Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel;

• Combinational logic;

• Schematic Capture and PCB Layout;

• Embedded MCU programming including setup and security fuses;

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