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Assistant Engineering

Charlotte, NC
March 24, 2021

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VahidHemmati 980-***-****


Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Notre Dame, IN (Electrical Engineering) 2019 PhD, Mechanical Engineering University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC (GPA: 4/4) 2017 MS, Computational Science Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Canada (GPA: 4/4) 2011 MS, Physics (Solid-State Physics) Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan SKILLS

* Strong background and knowledge in Applied Mathematics/ Statistics and Computational Science

* Extensive experience in Developing Algorithm/ Methods (Deterministic and Stochastic)

* Exceptional knowledge in Computational / Numerical Algorithm (Linear Algebra, PDE, ODE& Monte Carlo)

* Practical experience in programming using FORTRAN, C++,MATLAB, Python& LabVIEW

* Practical experience in Image/Video Processing (Python OpenCV, MATLAB, Imaris&ImageJ)

* Extensive experience in Data Analysis, Machine Learning & AI (TensorFlow,Pandas, Scikit-Learn&MATLAB)

* Practical experience in Signal Filtering (Adaptive filter)& Digital Signal Processing (DSP- SciPy, NumPy)

* Practical experience with Linux environment & Microsoft Windows

* Practical experiences on High Performance Computing (HPC)

* Practical experiences with Latex & Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

* Experience in Sensors (Optical& Electrical), Data Acquisition&Analog Filter (Electrical Circuit Design)

* Exceptional analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills WORKING EXPERIENCE

Technical Consultant PZSD Company Isfahan Dec 2019, Aug 2020 Payeshgaran Zamin-Sepeher DANA (PZSD) is a research company active in the field of Satellite Data Analysis for Water resources and environmental engineering. Based on my experience on Computer Vision and Signal Analyses, I worked with PZSD as a consultant to implement different ML techniques to investigate vegetation and water resource health index in the vast area. Senior Research Engineer MathEarth co. MA, USA May 2019, Sep 2019 Python and C++ programming/ Machine Learning for detection leakage and burst in pipeline. In the project that I participated, the sudden pressure decreases which are detected by several pressure sensors are used to find the location of leakage on pipeline. Signal analysis, Anomaly detection, Machine learning, Python Programming. Postdoctoral Researcher University of Notre Dame IN, USA May 2018, May 2019 Notre Dame is well-known University in USA with a reputable scientific research organization leading in Biotechnology. Main Role: Data Acquisition/Analysis. Using Signal processing, Machine learning/Data Mining methods to recognize Amino-Acids sequences from current signal produced by Nano-pore blockade.Image/video processing, to investigate cancercell dynamic and deformation, 3D construction Image, filtering / Deconvolution, and object detection. Research Assistant IBHS Research Center Richburg, SC, USA Oct 2017 to Dec 2017 The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) is a scientific research organization leading in safety research to real-world solutions for home and business owners. Main Role: Data Acquisition/Analysis and Video/Image Processing using MATLAB to understanding fire propagation behavior from big data collected in the one of the largest wind tunnels in the world. Video object tracking, Deep learning, Gaussian Regression.

Research Assistant UNCC Charlotte, NC, USA Spring & Summer 2016 University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), department of Engineering Technology & Construction Management. The research project has included statistical analyses relating to quality control of retardant materials under weathering conditions. Main Role: Using MATLAB for Image Processing and Data Mining to study firebrand’s data. Supervised calorimetric examinations to collect combustion properties of materials, Statistical Analysis (MANOVA and ANOVA)and Risk Analysis. Teaching Assistant UNCC Charlotte, NC, USA Jan 2013 to May 2017 Instrumentation Lab at Duke Centennial Hall, UNCC. Main Role: Performing Signal Processing, Data Acquisition, Sensors (Electrical and optical) installation and calibration, Electra-Mechanical Systems, Control & LabVIEW Programming, Debugging, mentoring, and teaching. Teaching Assistant Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada Jan 2010 to Jan 2012 Main Role: Mentoring in Computational Physics Lab, Using Mathematica for scientific calculation & simulation, using PDE, ODE and Algebraic Equations numerical solvers. Head of Technical dept. KAHROBAGOSTAR Co. Iran 2007to 2010 Main Role: Management of technical department of the company including five engineers. RECENT PROJECTS

Smart City utility providing - summer 2019

• Python and C++ programing for detection leakage and burst in pipeline. In this project, the sudden pressure decreases which are detected by several pressure sensors are used to find the location of leakage on pipeline. Signal analysis, Anomaly detection, Machine learning, Python Programming.

Machine Learning Signal and Image Processing, to distinguish Amino Acids sequences in proteins using Nano-pore sequencing techniques Start Spring 2018

• Ultra-sensitive probe to detect the amino acids sequence in proteins by using ion conductance microscopy. The results include the electrical signals caring the information of type of amino acids such as volume, hydrophobicity, charge, and polarity. Big data analysis in combination with computational signal processing and Time series analysis are required for reading information, classifying date, and predication of amino acids.

• 3D image processing using confocal Microscope images to track cancer cell invasion capillary and Nanotube. 3D de- convolution of microscope image to detect the configuration of nanoparticles (200nm – 350nm) in an optical trap. Image Processing and Machine Learning

• Firebrand phenomenon is known as one of the most important mechanisms in fire spreading. In this project, a very large sample size (60 thousand) of different properties of firebrands were provided and analyzed with machine learning technique and image processing. With machine learning, an artificial neural network employed to predict the mass of firebrands from the available data. In addition, in image processing stage, MATLAB code was employed to calculate the cross-section areas of photographed firebrands.

Statistical Analysis of Weathering Effects on Fire Retardant Coating,

• This project centered around the weathering effects on the performance of fire-retardant coatings. The statistical method of Analysis of Variance was employed using MATLAB. The weathering and type of coatings were considered as treatments and combustion properties of the samples as response to the treatments. At conclusion, the effectiveness of treatments on response variables were statistically determined. Molecular Dynamic Simulation of the Motion of Particles in vibrating box, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science Department UNC Charlotte Fall 2015

• In this project, the motion of the particles and their arrangement in the square vibrating box was simulated using the molecular dynamic (MD) concepts. This project defined to improve the performance of the Vibrating Polishing Machine in mechanical engineering department. (MATLAB)

Monte Carlo Simulation of Magnetic Ordering in the FCC Kagome Lattice Fall 2011

• The master’s project employed statistical methodology, specifically the Monte Carlo technique using HPC (High Performance Computing) on ACE net to investigate the magnetic materials used in GMR Sensors. FORTRAN and C++ coding plus Perl and Bash scripting were the main languages used in this project. The results have been published in Physical Review B journal. Simulation of Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnetic thin layer on semiconductor substrates Fall2005

• Computational simulation of magnetic properties of materials used in spin valves was a master’s project with the physics department. In this project, the DOS (Density of State) of several stable configurations of ferromagnetic atoms (Iron) over the semiconductor substrates (silicon) were investigated. The optimized configuration where the spin polarized orbitals of ferromagnetic atoms on Fermi level can survive in bonding process with silicon were considered as suitable candidate for spin valve in Spintronic applications. In this project, Quantum Espresso (, computational chemistry/physics software, was used.

Designing of precision machine & Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science Department UNC Charlotte Spring 2015

In this project, capacitive displacement sensors had been designed and manufactured to measure the displacement in sub millimeter scale. This team project was comprised of designing the mechanical and electrical parts, manufacturing, LabVIEW programming to voltage acquisition and calibration, and calibration stages. I had responsibility in designing and LabVIEW coding due to my experience in Instrumentation lab specially LabVIEW programming and electromechanical systems. Mini Project Spring 2013

The mechanical strength of Graphene has been investigated with SIESTA. This software package is used for electronic structure calculations and ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations of molecules and solids. (

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