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Data Software Developer

Austin, TX
March 22, 2021

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Apoorva Jagadeesh

**** ******* ***** **, ******, TX 443-***-**** EDUCATION

Master of Science in Information Systems Jan 2020 – Present University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science Aug 2013 – May 2017 B.M.S. College of Engineering, India


• Data Analytics/ Data Mining: Quantitative Methods, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Structures, Regression Analysis, Statistical Computing Methods, Web scraping, Machine Learning, ETL Technologies

• Data Visualization: Tableau, Google Data Studio, Power BI, QlikView, Google Analytics, Salesforce, AWS QuickSight

• Tools & Languages: SQL, Python, MS Excel (VLOOKUP, VBA, Pivot Table, Macros), SSRS, SQL Server, Jupyter Notebook, GitHub, PyCharm, Google Colab, My SQL, Oracle, Anaconda, Microsoft Office, Jira

• Library: Matplotlib, Seaborn,, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, NLTK, BeautifulSoup

• Tools: Rest Client,, Postman, Robo3T, Tmux, Apache Benchmark, GNU Plots. WORK EXPERIENCE

Software Developer May 2018 – Dec 2019

Motorola Solutions, Bangalore, India

• Implemented innovative solutions with SSRS data visualizations which helped improve resources planning and project optimization, increasing manufacturing productivity by 22%

• Redesigned SQL queries and modified ETL pipelines by combining and manipulating data from multiple data sources using SSIS, increasing the efficiency by 14%.

• Performed statistical analysis using SQL Server and SSRS on in-house financing systems through capital planning and data modeling resulting in a 20% surge in profit margin.

• Used SQL and Excel to ensure data quality and integrity by identifying and eliminating duplicates, missing values, outliers, and inaccurate data records.


Predictive analysis Predicting restaurant ratings based on Yelp Reviews using Python Jan 2020 – Present

• Applied statistical analysis using data mining techniques to analyze customer review datasets to forecast review ratings.

• Statistically analyzed relationship between various instances in the dataset using linear regression, chi-squared test.

• Implemented supervised learning algorithms like Random Forest, Decision Tree, SVM, Naïve Bayes on the training dataset.

• Performed A/B testing among these models to predict the most accurate review ratings on the test dataset. Management Information Systems

Term Research Paper on “Blockchain- A Catholicon in Healthcare”.

Competitive Research Strategy paper on Motorola Razr phone technology. Database Management Systems

Developed a real time application to find cabs to take a trip from a given source town and calculated the trip fares and generate payment reports using stored procedures and functions using Oracle PL/SQL.

Designed ER diagrams, database schema and optimized SQL queries by indexing. Distributed Systems Created charts using node.js and native base components to visualize the data and download the statistics. Developing open API’s for consensus protocol using Open API Specification. Optimized the API calls and created an automatic script to control instances using python and boto3 library for AWS to create/start/stop instances for a distributed web application.

Data Communications and Networks Term research paper on the data usage during the current COVID-19 pandemic using features like load balancing, data replication, caching and content distribution networks. Using REDUX framework architecture for integrating the data using RESTful API services.

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