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Machine Engineering

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
March 21, 2021

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Horacio Martínez-Alfaro

Personal Information

Monterrey, N.L. MÉXICO

H +52. 811.53.171.53, B

Areas of Interest

Machine Learning —Optimization, Forecasting, and Computer Vision— applied to Analytics, Manufactur- ing, Robotics, and Control Engineering.

Programming Languages and Advanced Software

Python (with Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, MySQL), OpenCV, TensorFlow, Pandas), C/C]/C++, Matlab, Mathematica, Maple.


2019– Senior Data Scientist, Inblic Technologies, México. 2014–2018 Director, Computational Intelligence and Optimization - Consulting Firm, México. 2012–2014 Director of Technology and Optimization, Eciton Global, México. 2011–2012 Senior Partner, Computational Intelligence and Optimization - Consulting Firm, México. 1985–2011 Full Professor, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Center for Intelligent Systems, México. Participation in Projects

X-RAI: COVID-19 virus detection in chest X-ray images, Confidential, Results: The system detects COVID-19 virus in a chest X-ray image with a 97.7 precision (sensitivy of 98.71 and specificity of 90.91).. Anomaly detection in chest X-ray images, Confidential, First step to find out if a pacient’s chest X-ray image is normal o has “somethin” that requires further analysis.. Machine Vision for Automatic Security Equipment Detection, Confidential, Results: The system detects if a person is wearing some security equipment, sends an alert, and stop a specific machine.. Automatic Hole Detection with Machine Vision, Maxion, Results: Eliminate the need of a person for counting holes in a truck side beam and increasing quality control to 100% for determing hole position and size. The ROI was 9 months.

Automatic Teller Machines Forecasting, BBVA, Results: Decrease financial cost of having a cashier with a large cash surplus or potential loss of clients due to lack of funding it. The ROI was immediate. TV Ratings Forecast, TV Azteca, Results: Having a forecast closer to the real rating, avoiding subsidies by 35%.

Ads Inventory Optimization, TV Broadcasting Co., Results: Increase of 40% in airtime revenue. ROI was a month.

Paper Roll Cutting Optimization, COPAMEX, Results: Decreased by 88% in programming time of the cuts, elimination of inventory, and reduced waste by 60%. Total savings over $5 million in three months. Intelligent-Dual torque washing machine transmission with nanotechnology, Whirlpool- Tecnológico de Mongterrey.

Nano-, Eco-, and Bio- washing machine process characterization, Whirlpool-Tecnológico de Mongterrey.

Plenum: A real-time replenishment system, Eciton, A cost-effective replenishment system which optimized the back room, shelfs on sale floor, and schedule of the replenishment for retail stores.. Railroad Load Optimization Upgrade, FERROMEX.

Performance Optimization in Ad-Hoc Networks, CONACYT. Materials Use Optimization in the Steel Making Industry, AHMSA, Results: Total savings over $2 mil- lion in a year.

Intelligent Observer, NSF - CONACYT.

Laboratory for Robotics Integrated Manufacturing, SUN Microsystems (Oracle).


The projects were developed in Python, C/C]/C++ or both. Most of the systems included a part or was based on using nature inspired techniques (Evolutionary Computation, Simulated Annealing, and Machine Learning, including Deep Learning); some of them required databases, and were developed for Unix, Windows, and/or macOS. Most of the systems are currently operating. I was personally involved not only as a project leader but as a solution designer and coder in most of them.


2008–2009 Postdoctorate, Bridge To Business, Finance, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, US. AACSB Certification.

1990–1993 Ph.D., Major in Mechanical Enigineering, Iowa State University, US. Dissertation: Collision-free Path Planning for Robots Using B-Splines and Simulated Annealing. 1985–1986 M.Sc., Major in Automatic Control, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, México. Thesis: Design of a modular robotic arm.

1981–1984 B.Sc., Major in Mechanical Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Saltillo, México. Thesis: Computiational Air Conditioning for Comfort. Honors and Awards

Books: Advances in Mechatronics, InTech, 2011.

Mechanisms Analysis and Simulation, Tecnológico de Monterrey, 2011. SNI I National Researcher Level I granted by the National Research Council 1995–2008, 2017-2019. RCEA CONACYT Certified Evaluator Registry 1995–Present Award First Place Rómulo Garza Award for Research and Development 2004 Publications More than 50 innovation and research articles in international journals and conferences Scholarship CONACyT - Fulbright /IIE First Exchange Program 1990–1993 Scholarship CONACyT 1985–1986


Spanish: Native, English: Fluent.

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