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Fleming Island, FL
January 20, 2021

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Michael A. Skinner


Fleming Island, FL 32003

COMPUTER SKILLS: Telecommuting, Remote working, Teleworking, SQL Server Management Studio 18, SQL Server 2019, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET. HTML (DHTML, CSS, Style Sheets). SQL. SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2014, 2016. IIS 6.0 and 7.0. Visual Basic 6.0. JavaScript, Visual Basic (Data Access—ADO). Vista, Windows XP. PC Clones. Visual Studio 2008, 2010, and 2012. Framework 4.5, Visual Source Safe. Data and TableAdapters. Entity Framework. Threat Modeling. Client side, JavaScript validation code. Ajax Toolkit. Ajax updatepanel and panel controls. ASP.NET membership schema. SSRS, BI,BIDS, Microsoft Reporting Services. WCF, Web Services, Window Services. LINQ, lambda expressions. WIX installation. JQuery. VB.NET, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2013. SQL Server 2012. MVC 4 (Model View Controller). JSON. oData. Ajax. Knockout.js. RStudio. Selenium. SpecFlow. NativeScript. Visual Studio Code. JIRA, HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), TortiseSVN, Parsec, TrakSYS, WebTrak, REST, Representational State Transfer, OSCAR, MES, GIT, gitHub, SPC, Beyond Compare, BarTender, Commander, Silverlight, printers, printing, web services. Manufacturing Execution System (MES). F12 Developer browser tools on IE, Fire Fox and Chrome. SSIS, ETL and Microsoft Reporting Services.

TEST AND QUALITY ASSURANCE: Wrote and ran unit tests for Visual Studio 2010. Wrote and ran regression tests for Visual Studio and SQL Server. Used Fiddler to examine and test web services. Used SOAPUI to test web services and REST services. Used the open source R statistics package to perform linear regression and Analysis of Variance. Familiar with selenium, coded UI, phantomjs, nightmarejs, and nightwatchjs and casperjs. Automated testing with Jenkins, selenium and phantomjs. End to end selenium modeling of an MES complete with EBR and work flow.


AWS Certified Developer: (AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA))

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

Google Fundamentals of digital Market certification

MCP ID: 967435

Microsoft Certified Professional: (Visual Basic 6.0, Desktop/Distributed)

Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Enterprise

BrainBench certification:

Hubspot Certifications

Inbound Marketing Certified

Email Marketing Certified

Content Marketing Certified

Inbound Sales Certified

Sales Enablement

Growth-Driven Design Agency


MS in Systems Engineering from Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, December 1990. Area of concentration: Statistical Analysis. Secondary concentration: Spacecraft stability. Thesis: On orbit disassembly of Space Shuttle External Tank. (Masters of Science Degree)

BS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Southern California, September 1985. (Bachelor’s Degree)


Secret Clearance: 2004. USAF.


As a veteran military officer and a minority I can help you meet diversity, and inclusion goals and requirements.


Programmer and Developer at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Carlsbad, CA 12/22/2015 to 09/30/2019

Used AWS X-ray to create annotation and header information in the raw data feed to track and trace lambda function invocations.

Used Jasmine and Karma technologies to write unit tests for components and services in Angular 6. Ran the tests using node js npm.

I am a certified AWS certified developer associate. I have used my serverless lambda skills to link production data to an Angular 5 & Angular 6 SPA.

Wrote End to End automated tests in Typescript for an Angular 5 project using Protractor, Selenium, Jasmine and the angular/cli.

Created automated unit tests.

Create tables, stored procedures and functions in SQL Server 2016

Completed an end to end C# Selenium simulation of a Manufacturing Execution System, including Electronic Batch Records and work order work flow system. The simulation uses XPATH, tags, CSS and ID methods to locate ASP.NET controls on an IE 11 web page. Moreover, the simulation automatically extracts information from the state of the controls, selects options, and picks radio button appropriate to the accomplishment of work flow tasks. The simulation writes out error files when problems with the build are encountered and also logs workflow information so that debugging and work flow analysis can be accomplished. This simulation was used for regression testing.

Created a C# console program that used performance counters and WMI methods to measure process utilization, average memory utilization and average thread count of a production OPC server. The program measured the performance of a production server and sent emails when the server fell below configurable threshold standards. I set up the executeable program to run once per hour using the Microsoft Task Scheduler.

Imported MS Excel files and tab delimited files into C# . Processes files and converted them into XML. Stored processed data in SQL Server database and wrote out XML and text files.

Used SVN Tortoise as a version control program. Performed builds, tagging and deployment in a development and test environment.

Created reports in HTML and ASP.Net.

Created simulation and testing code using Selenium and Visual Studio. Worked with C#, HTML, JavaScript, frames, iFrames, Resharper, refactoring, and remote desktop. Translated JavaScript into Selenium code.

Created remote printing applications using BarTender and Commander.

Worked with JavaScript libraries and modules using the application called Visual Studio Code

Worked on prototyping and proof of concept code using C#, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, and Selenium.

Created and maintained, C#, JavaScript, REST, and HTML code for in an MES application based on a Parsec, TrackSys and OSCAR environment.

Contract worker at AT&T. Telecommuter.

Oceanside, CA 7/2014 to 8/2015.

Used Visual Studio 2013 and SQL Server 2008 to help create an enterprise application

Created a labeling application using APIs from UPS and Fedex to create shipping labels. The application used an html interface, JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery on the front end. I wrote the back end of the application in C#. I was required to perform conversions between VB.NET and C# code.

I was required to work with subversion as the source control software on the project.

Created and worked with both ASMX and SVC C# web services. Consumed web services written in other languages as well,

Troubleshot printing and network problems

Used oData data access methods to consume data and query the SQL Server database.

Used Entity Framework data context to extract data and query the SQL Server database.

Used VPN software, RSA technology as well as Remote Desktop to work remotely from home.

Created, edited and deleted lists and list items on SharePoint using JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, C#, REST API, HTML, SP.Runtime.js and SP.js.

Became familiar with the concept of asynchronous data retrieval via deferred promises using JavaScript

Used Javascript, AJAX, jQuery GET and PUT methods to manipulate data.

Worked with .NET Framework 4.5.

We used an MVC framework to attach our code to. I used MVC and oData to develop and test applications and to access data. We used some bootstap css to establish a consistent look and feel for the application across various pages of the application and to enable the application to adapt to displays of various sizes.

Programmer and Developer at Cardtronics

Frisco, TX 2/2011 to 6/2014.

Used Entity Frameworks and WCF to exposed datasets over SSL. Used LDAP and Active Directory for the login security.

Created and adapted RDL and RDS for Microsoft Reporting Services reports. Wrote and edited queries for the reports using stored procedures on SQL Server 2008.

Wrote and maintained executable software and dlls using C# in framework 4.0. Accessed SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 using ADO.NET. Created and maintained stored procedures.

Worked with REST API, JQuery, AJAX and JavaScript. Worked with phone text messaging software.

Worked with SMTP mailing programs.

Wrote, edited and maintained windows services and web services. Created configuration files for these services so that parameters could be adjusted without recompiling the code.

Used OnTime, TFS and Project Server. Edited Project Server queries for RDL reporting purposes.

Worked with HTTPS, SSL, certificates IIS 6 and IIS 7 for secure internet connections.

Worked with applications that used US and Spanish versions for communications with US and Mexican financial institutions. Worked with Google translator for some translation work.

Used Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Installed WCF web services via Windows Installer XML (WIX).

Wrote and ran unit tests for Visual Studio 2010.

Assisted QA in testing development projects including SMS texting services, web services, web pages, email services and windows services. Test for speed and quality as well as the appropriateness and correctness of the response.

Used Microsoft SDL for security threat analysis.

Used SQL Server replication. Used SQL data import and transformation methods. Used Bulk Copy importing. Used query analyzer run queries and suggest new indexes.

Used PC and system administration tools such as Event Viewers, application logs and performance monitor.

Web Developer at KPMG

Dallas, TX 7/2010 to 2/2011

Used Microsoft Enterprise Library DbCommand for database interface and operations

Worked with legacy JQuery code

Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for source control, project management, and project reporting

Use Sql Sever 2005 to create Stored Procedures and design tables

Used C# in Visual Studio 2008 to write code behind for web pages

Exported Excel files from GridView controls

Used script manager, update panel and calendar extender from Ajax and AjaxToolKit.

Developed code under the Vista operating system

Generated code under the 2.0 and 3.5 Frameworks

Used Generics List Object to manage data

Created audit trail triggers for SQL Server 2005 tables

Created history reports from audit trail data.

Created and imported CSS markup to control the look and feel of

Web pages as well as the behavior of tools such as Ajax modal popup extender.

Created stored procedures in SQL Server 2008

Created JavaScript code to manipulate ASP.NET HTML objects and controls

Imported and parsed Excel and CSV data with C# code and stored the processed data in SQL Server 2008

Used cursors, user functions, temp tables and table variables and pivot in TSQL code

Web Developer for Corner Bakery

Dallas, TX 1/4/2010 to 5/4/2010

Used Visual Studio 2008 and Framework 3.5

Used Sql Server 2008 to create stored procedures

Use AJAX updatepanels and JavaScript

Used C# and VB.NET

Maintained and updated legacy code

Create new web pages and new code

Stored binary files in SQL Server

Created and wrote event for ASCX user control

Created Crystal Report using Visual Studio 2008

Web Developer for Essential Learning

Foster City, CA 6/27/2009 to 12/1/2009

Used SSIS to upload Excel file into SQL Server

Used oledb and excel connection string to read excel file.

Used Google Translate to translate English into several Romance Languages

Used Visual Studio 2008 and Framework 3.5

Created tables and stored procedures in SQL Server 2005

Used Remote Desktop

Used JavaScript with ASCX user controls on front end web pages

Wrote C# code for new web pages

Inserted and consumed data with Parature REST API.

Programmer at Beraja Medical Institute

Maitland, FL 2/1/2008 to 11/1/2008

Created SQL Server 2005 data access and business logic classes in Visual Studio 2008 and Framework 3.5

Wrote code in C# and VB.Net. Create web pages to retrieve, examine and edit data and images from SQL Server databases.

Created ASP.Net user interfaces for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) application

Created threadpools and object pools

Wrote and consumed web services to communicate between objects and databases associated with legacy application written in VB.NET and our new application written in C#. The web services were used retrieve datasets from one application and to send it over to the other. Datasets were used because they are serializable.

Worked with Telerik Prometheus RadGrid controls to create ASP.NET User Interface web pages.

Used button templating and the InstantiateIn method to create new controls and labels dynamically for a hierarchical forms system. The system allowed the creation, editing and deployment of existing and new forms. The forms described different aspects of medical procedures and outcomes.

Used Source Gear Vault for configuration management and source control

Added Attributes and registered Client scripts for AJAX code and to dynamically associate JavaScript code with existing controls

Create Windows Service using FileSystemWatcher. This service automatically stored files into the database when the files were placed in the appropriate directory

Uploaded and parsed file data into Sql Server database. The data concerned medical codes and medicinal indicators.

Used Bulk Insert, Filestream and Reader methods to examine and parse medical data and terminology.

Created new codes, forms, and front end user interfaces to revise and extend the exiting EMR application.

Altered and debugged existing code and forms. The menus interacted with the forms so that certain menu items would be highlighted depending on navigation.

Wrote JavaScript code to facilitate menu operations.

Used Ajax with Telerik controls

Created dynamic menus with JavaScript and CSS

Using Visual Studio 2008 C# and Framework 3.5, uploaded binary objects into SQL sever 2005. Uploaded images and binary signatures.

Used bug trackers to submit and resolve software bugs

Contract worker at InCharge

Orlando, FL 8/1/2007 to 2/1/2008. Web Developer

InCharge is a debt counseling organization the deals with credit and credit problems.

Used dynamic SQL to calculate intermediate values and to control program flow. Often the regulations that work for the finance and credit industry vary from state to state.

Edited DataDynamics Active Reports. The reports had to be written so that state specific information would correctly appear at run time.

Used C# in Visual Studio 2005

Used SQL Server 2005 to write and edit stored procedures.

Wrote and edited stored procedures

Used shelvesets in Team Foundation Server for editing, branching, and configuration control

Familiar with Credit Card and ABA Routing Number validation

Used JavaScript to provide client side processing.

Maintained legacy code. Revised and extended existing web page functionality.

Used enumerations, casting, conversions and Object Oriented code

Contract worker at MHR Call Center

Maitland, FL 5/14/2007 to 7/15/2007. Web Developer

Updated existing reports using VS Studio 2003. The reports had to be tailored for specific clients, offices and workers.

Updated where clauses in SQL Server 2000 queries

Installed, and updated software that was part of an automated phone system. The system was used to answer phone calls, make new phone calls, create phone conference and store data in a Sql Server database.

Debugged software installs and SQL statements

Wrote JavaScript code for Reporting Services

Contract worker at DRS

Dallas, TX 10/30/2006 to 4/13/2007. C# web developer.

Maintained VB6 legacy code that tracked parts inventory, assembly and repair for electronic systems

Maintained Visual Studio 2003 C# and ASP.NET code

Created Visual Studio 2005 C# and ASP.NET code

Used MS SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services to help management examine which product lines where performing well and which lines needed tweaking.

Scheduling and subscription of Reporting Services

Used VS Studio 2005 Analysis Services to create cubes.

Used VS Studio 2005 Reporting Services to chart the cubes.

Inserted clipboard information into web pages and dynamically

Created textboxes via JavaScript.

Contract worker at Gold’s Gym

Dallas, TX 7/17/2006 to 10/15/2006. C# web developer.

Used C# Winforms to parse XML Documents.

Stored parsed XML data in MySql database

Wrote MySql Stored procedures

Parsed, validated and stored Transaction data.

Developed applications using VSS and Visual Studio 2005.

Created and parsed CSV documents via C# in Visual Studio. The information was in the form of banking and credit card documents in CSV and XML format.

Queried Sql Server 2000 database

Successfully completed vendor credit card certification process.

Contract worker at Impac

Newport Beach, CA 11/1/2005 to 5/1/2006. ASP.Net web developer

Impac is a sub-prime mortgage lender. The company deals with loans, lending money and adhering to state and federal guidelines in mortgage lending.

Performed Technology utility and feasibility studies

Converted VB 6 code and applications to C# ASP.Net

Used ASP.NET version 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005

Used ASP.NET version 1.0 and Visual Studio 2003

Used IIS version 5.1

Used Microsoft Computer Management 5.1

Used SQLExpress,

Used SQL server 2000

Installed Juval Lowy's CredentialManager

Wrote JavaScript and DHTML code.

Did some work on this website:

Contract worker at Mazda USA

Irvine, CA: 8/15/2005 to 10/1/2005. ASP.Net web developer

Converted Visual Basic 6.0 workflow code to VB.NET

Created user interfaces for web based work flow

Created user interfaces for requisition processes

Drew data into ASP.NET pages from SQL Server databases, and

Flat files.

Contract worker for State of California

Sacramento, CA: 3/21/2005 to 7/31/2005. ASP.NET web developer

Converted C# methods and objects into VB.NET methods and objects

Modified ASP.NET shopping carts

Created online Catalog

Modified commercial and free JavaScript and .NET menu and navigation applications

Used OleDB in VB 6.0 to Access and modify data.

Serialized custom classes so they could be handled by Viewstate

Created custom logon and customer tracking application

Used recursion and SQL self joins to manipulate hierarchical data

Used tree controls to navigate through hierarchical data

Worked on this site:

Contract worker at Northrop Grumman facility

Oklahoma City, OK: 8/17/2004 to 12/23/2004. ASP.NET web developer

Converted Windows desktop VB.NET pages to ASP.NET Web Pages

Created new ASP.NET web pages

Wrote SQL Queries and stored procedures against SQL Server 2000 Database

Examined form fit and function of existing Windows VB.NET application and

Made adjustments as needed.

Contract worker at USAF facility

Patrick AFB, FL: 04/1/2003 to 04/30/2004. Web developer

Edited, recompiled and uploaded Visual Basic 6.0 dlls.

Created ASP and HTML GUIs.

Wrote SQL Server stored procedures for data access.

Wrote JavaScript validation code

Used ASP.Net and to create modules for a portal project.

Created and scheduled SQL Server 2000 DTS packages to import and transform data.

Created ASP.NET code to import and export XML data with embedded schema.

Created document management interface using FSO and CDONTS

Created a ASP.NET application that uploaded documents and wrote them to the sever hard drive

Contract worker at US Army facility

Ft Knox, KY: 10/1/2002 to 3/30/2003. Web developer.

Worked on this site:

Editing, maintaining and creating ASP, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, and CSS for US Army Recruiting command intranet web pages.

Wrote, edited, compiled and installed Visual Basic 6.0 DLLs.

Grant School District Call Center

Sacramento, CA: 9/1/2001 to 9/30/2002. Access Database Administrator.

Aeries administrator. Help Desk support.

Performed some Windows Scripting Host (WSH) and HTML programming duties. The WSH scripts I wrote were run on every computer in the district--well over 1,000 computers. The purpose of the script was to change short cuts and INI files.

Edited and adapted ASP and HTML code from a contractor to suit district purposes.

The code stored job applicant data into a Microsoft Access 97 database.

The WSH scripts I wrote were run on every computer in the district--well over 1,000 computers.

Created a series of Excel Visual Basic for Applications macros to process, upload, and chart the legacy data. Maintained district and some school websites:


Louisville, Kentucky: 3/1/2001 to 9/30/2001.

Web Developer

Principle projects were for University of Louisville Athletics Ticketing Department, Brown and Forman Distillery Company, distillers of Jack Daniel’s, and Publisher's Printing Company.

Wrote JavaScript and ASP code. Used frames and DLLs. Edited and compiled COM+ components. Created COM+ Packages and populated them with DLL components.

Performed process studies of a cooperage and the storage and filling side of a distillery. Studied means of implementing a bar code reading and tracking system.

Created DHTML based drop down menu which was used as an include file for both PC and Mac internet browsers.

Using transact sql created stored procedures using cursors, fetch, declare, select and Insert. Used stored procedures and Transact SQL in stored procedures.

Frequently used Visual Source safe on group projects.

Recompiled DLLs after I edited classes.


Atlanta, GA: 4/1/2000 to 9/30/2000. Web Developer

Worked for the 54th largest developer of corporate web pages in the United States. The URL I performed the most extensive work on was an award winning site called

Edited web pages with Visual Interdev. Created web pages with Homesite.

Coded web pages with HTML, JavaScript, ASP, and VBScript every workday. Modified tables and stored procedures in SQL Server database.

Wrote Active Server Pages VBScript code that enabled the binary upload of resumes into a SQL Server database and, using the File Scripting Object, directly on to a server directory. Wrote ASP code that allowed users who had placed their resumes in the system to review their resumes and to E-mail the resumes to recruiters.

Wrote extensive JavaScript validation routines that included regular expressions to help users type in information in the correct format.

World Span

Atlanta, GA: 9/1/1999 to 3/30/2000. Web Developer

Created three Active Server Pages applications.

oOne to gather and disseminate information about moving individuals, computers, phones, etc from one location to another.

oThe second supported purchase requests and included a shopping cart.

oThe third was an inventory application that automatically notified customers whenever any part of their order was in.

Each of these applications was built using VBScript and ASP with MS Access as the database.

Each application included ASP utilities that allowed the creation, editing, updating and deleting of user records via ASP and ADO.

Each application used a CDONTs mailer to inform employees and their managers of the status of user requests. When necessary, the mailers included forms that automatically updated the databases depending on manager approval or disapproval.

Lucas Aerospace

Warner Robbins, GA: 5/1/1999 –7/30/1999

Changed and adapting an Access front end manufacturing application

Optimized and maintained existing visual basic for applications code embedded in database functions.

Researched documented the database design and structure.

Altered code and structure to deal with on going deficiencies.

Conducted extensive SQL code review and re-writing as well as visual basic code review and re-writing.

Created and modified several reports and queries to support the reports.

Modified the database security to eliminate back doors and to render the database truly secure.


Walnut Creek, CA: 3/1/1999-4/30/1999

Converted several MS Access 2.0 and MS Access 95 databases to MS Access 97.

Adapted and modified existing databases by creating main, switchboard forms and visual basic functions.

Reviewed SQL queries and visual basic code and ran conversion programs.

Created some new visual basic functions.

California State Automobile Association

San Francisco, CA: 1/1/1999 to 2/28/1999

Created a database containing insurance information for policyholders.

Added VBA code to enter or import new data, edit the data, and print it out.

Added database security that gave users access to tables and forms according to their classification.

Wrote Visual Basic code to synchronize the master/detail data from new and re-activated records.

Santa Clara Family Health Plan

San Jose, CA: 6/1/1998 to 9/30/1998

Created a MediCal database with over 120 tables, several dozen queries, two dozen or so forms, several dozen macros, and a dozen or so procedures and functions

Used Extensive Visual Basic for applications extensively to validate input information and to handle the errors found in the input data.

Santa Clara Family Health Plan

San Jose, CA: 7/1/1998 to 8/30/1998

Created Healthy Families MS Access Database. The database included functions and code keys to translate data from an existing format to a new format.


San Jose, CA: 3/1/1998 to 5/30/1998

Created MS Access database for computer and personnel movement.

Created a large new “table of everything” that described portions of the Tandem campus.

Integrated this table into existing database so that movement of personnel and equipment

Created VBA code and macros to automate equipment and personnel assignment processes.

ANSER (Analytical Services)

Arlington, Virginia: 2/28/1997 to 12/30/1997:

Performed analysis of military systems using modeling, simulation and statistical techniques.

Used tools such as Unix on Sun Solaris and Excel VBA on PC.

United States Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC)

Kirtland AFB, New Mexico: 1/1/1994 to 12/30/1996:

Performed test, evaluation, analysis and reporting on E-3 AWACS Aircraft, FAA Air Traffic Control and Landing System, and F-16 Block 50D Aircraft.

Created and used databases in Microsoft Access.

Performed duties of reliability and maintainability engineer. Led failure and data analysis evaluation teams.

Participated in test concept and design teams.

Performed statistical analysis on aircraft and aircraft components.

Reported results and recommendations.

Created and documented computer based statistical processing and analysis tool and associated graphical user interface using EXCEL VBA macros.

Military veteran. USAF retired.

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