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West Orange, NJ
January 12, 2021

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Dr. Mary J Berger

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West Orange, New Jersey 07052

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Professional Summary

This Spring and Summer, I have been designing and assessment and evaluation for online courses. This work is so necessary because teachers, instructors, and professors are required to honestly and adequately assess and evaluate students' work. Presently Senior Research Investigator in the Department of Physics 2017 to the present The primary research area is the use of Helium generated cold Plasma on seed germination and the apical meristem areas of the root, lateral meristem bud on the stem, and the leaves. The work has expanded to treating plants of biological medicinal families of plants as well as for the food supply.

This area of research is the future of the understanding of natural plasma energy and how we can use it for the betterment of society but also the care of the Earth, "Laudato Si." Professor of Evolutionary Biology( Embryology and Histology, Environmental and Ecological Sciences

(systems), Biological Life Sciences including( Human Mammalian Genetics, Anatomy, and Physiology, and Pathophysiology, Conservation of Water, Botany(Alternative Agriculture, Plants and Plasma treated Plants) General Chemistry I and II and Biochemistry, Biopathways. (Educational Research), Educational Leadership, Online Instructional Educational Designer, Curriculum and Assessment Writer, Science background has been continuous learning and using educational strategies to improve and Design Strategies for the incorporation of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Academic designer and academic advisor Giant Leap Educational Programs for High school and Freshman College students.

Presently research focus on the use of nonthermal application of atmospheric Plasma on crops germination, growth, and development and ancient biofeedback pathways. I am developing DNA and RNA procedures to determine if there are any genomic changes due to Plasma and a treatment schedule for plants.

Active Research with Plasma treated Plant studying germination and development rates. At this time, we have experimented with Red Kidney Beans and Sweet Basil with significantly favorable results. Expertise is not only in soil chemistry but also in using hydroponics and aeroponic alternative growing methods successfully. The plasma-treated plants appear to respond positively to growth factors, most probably their primary growth hormone regulator, Auxin. Three Scientific Publications are being prepared for submission. 2

Educational Leadership focuses on developing and supporting new online projects. Highly collaborative and creative educator experienced in delivery in both traditional and virtual instructional methods. Strong belief in cultivating and mentoring, expertise skills using digital learning strategies as a useful educational tool for undergraduate and graduate students, research skills, science writing, coordinating the development, and well-executed online and blended science education courses for HS teachers. I am the recording secretary of the STEM /STEAM committee that voices concerns about the advancement of women Scientist in the primary science fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Giant Leap Educational Advisor 2017 present

Expanded the topics to be taught in summer that will Enhance, Enrich, Empower (E3) Summer enrichment program Giant Leap Includes focus on students to be innovated and self-directed in their learning process. Learning is a lifelong adventure This year 2020, we will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate to the higher learning institution the need for more online science courses to relieve the seat placement and overcrowding of classrooms and labs.

Recently have expanded on the ideas of a colleague for a summer program known As Giant Leap. Dr. Lopez was the originator of this program, and I am developing the subject matter to fill the learning needs of students and interested adults in areas of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. This year's summer program has increased by 100% of participants. The last five years only had as many as 9 participants, and many programs did not run. This year's participants demonstrated an increase from 9 students last year to 18 participants, and all six physics and biology courses will run this year compared to only 4 for the previous five years. As an experienced and innovative manager of project-based learning in science education, i.e., water quality, Evolution, health, medical anatomy, and physiology, I have developed a model for teaching successfully online as well as Face to Face. I have guided as a stem research mentor of graduate, doctoral, and fellow adult colleagues.

I practice Outstanding communication skills and mathematical understanding in educational and business environments with expertise in online teaching experience. Recently, I collaborated with a science grant writing team on a Howard Hughes Grant proposal. I Created and developed strategies for online presentation for the Teen Tech Learning project of local high schools. TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE

Software/Databases/Tools: Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Publisher Software, LMS tools, Blackboard, Angel Soft, e-Chalk- V-Camp

Software, Media Tools (All Microsoft Tools, SPSS state program, Inspiration, iMovie, Moviemaker, development of simulated learning Interactive, the associated software Operating Systems: MS Windows 7 and 8.1, Windows 10, Mac skills Hardware: HP, Dell, MacBook computers, Smartboard, Whiteboard, Science equipment for Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Language skills: Fluent Italian, working knowledge, and comprehension of Spanish and French


Instructional Design Content Specialty:

Recently have expanded on the ideas of a colleague for a summer program known As Giant Leap. Dr. Lopez was the originator of this program, and I am developing the outreach to the school districts and subject matter to fill the learning needs of students and interested adults in areas of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry and Physics

I am researching Plasma effects on Plants under the Physics Department 2017 to the present. Mentored Research Two students for Petersheim

Presentation 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020

Mentored and Assisted in NASA grant 2017, 2018, and 2019, 2020

Stem Research with North Star HS students Petersheim Exposition 2015 and 2016, 2017, 2018

Mentoring of HS students from Livingston HS interested in Stem Research using biophysics as their study

foundation, Project and Problem Based Learning with the implementation of computer technology,

Online Learning Curriculum and Courses design,

development and implementation, Evolutionary Biology, Non-Major Biology Science, Human Mendelian Genetics, Water and Environmental, Synthetic Biology, and its Bio- Ethics.

Stem Water Quality Research with North Star HS

Students for 2014-2015, 2015-2016;

Others: Developed Online College Biology Courses; Developed curriculum aligned with state standards and benchmarks for high school and middle schools in NJ, NY, Florida, and Nevada:

Developed SCIENCE Cross-Curriculum Project-Based

Learning Programs, Developed Virtual Application for Water Conservation Project-Based Program, Podcasting, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


SAINT PETER'S UNIVERSITY Jersey City, NJ September 2018 -Present Adjunct Professor Of Biology

Teaching F2F and Virtual instructional subjected to Concepts in Biology and General Biology II SETON HALL UNIVERSITY, South Orange, NJ August 2011 - Present Adjunct Professor Biology

Teach traditional and online undergraduate biology courses: Evolutionary Biology, Human Genetics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Life Science Adjunct. Conducted Stem research with HS students from North Star Academy Charter High School, Conducting and developing three online instructional biology courses and working a Life Biology with associated virtual lab activities. I Created and developed discussion boards, wikis, podcasts, and blog activities. I Developed assessments and evaluations regarding student learning in traditional, blended, and online undergraduate and graduate science courses.


Mentor 7 graduate and ten undergrad students in developing research projects for peer presentations, including and assisting with the development and establishing project outlines and methodologies for research criteria, research writing including APA style formatting citations appropriate statistical methods and PowerPoint presentations. Excellent Writing and Course Designing skills Mentoring yearly Students In designing and using their hypotheses to carry on investigative studies. These original works have been presented at Petersheim Cross-Disciplinary Exposition Spotlighted Achievements: Created and developed online and blended projects for the Biology Department of Seton Hall and Science Education Departments of Fairleigh Dickinson Universities. Research in collaboration with Seton Hall Physics Department, mentoring & undergraduate students per semester

• Part of the writing team for HHMI Grant: focusing on creating and developing a Paradigm shift in the training of STEM Educators

• Recently constructed and designed Biology for an undergraduate course for non-science majors. Running the online course for Evolutionary Biology and Non-Major Biological Life Science for the past five years

• Creating an online Human Genetics Course for upper Undergraduates for Spring 2016

• Developed a pre-college Biology course for students who are interested in science but who had not who lack strong content- knowledge and application skills. The course focuses on developing skills to be successful science students in an advanced class of biology, chemistry, and physics.

• Created a blended course on Evolution for students seeking a f2f session

• Developed and conducted virtual Evolution biology course for the University's Biology Department, 2nd year ( Fall 2011, Spring, Summer, Spring 2012, Spring Summer, Fall 2013, Spring, Summer, Fall 2014, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2015 )


• Conducted and presented STEM research project inquiry on water usage and quality in our local area with North Star Charter Academy.

• During my graduate years, I did research with Dr. Linda Hsu on the cartilage development in chicken embryos Dr. Hsu also taught me cell culture using chicken eggs, and my project was their embryo's reaction to the injection of varying amounts of evening primrose oil (gamma- linolenic acid).

• Dr. Krause was my mentor for molecular biology and learn DNA techniques using Drosophila melanogaster

Recent Research Interests:

• Research in collaboration with the Physics department using Plasma effects on Plants 2017 to present

o Two papers ready for publication Red Kidney Bean and Sweet Basil o Research continuing with Basil and Red Kidney Beans as well as other plants using alternative growing methods

• Research collaboration with Rutgers University, New Brunswick, involving plasma treatment of Fusarium fungus that attacks 2018 –

• Possible Future Association with Institution of Biological Technology on Plant Research with Dr. Raul Collado-Lopez in Cuba.

FAIRLEIGH DICKENSON UNIVERSITY, Madison, NJ September 2008 – inactive 2012 Adjunct Professor Graduate Course

Developed a blended course and created a curriculum for elementary and middle school teachers on how to teach biology and chemistry effectively. Create hands-on labs for graduate students, including mastering different computer programs such as animation and embedding animation into lesson plans. Developed a new course curriculum to incorporate technology and science disciplines, created course assessment/evaluative tools. Teach practical applications of virtual labs for teacher/school district use. Privately mentored seven students to strengthen/develop skills in subject areas, including Biology, Chemistry, Algebra, Social Science, and English Arts plans. 5

Developed a new course curriculum to incorporate technology and science disciplines, created course assessment/evaluative tools. Teach practical applications of virtual labs for teacher/school district use. Privately mentored students to strengthen/develop skills in subject areas, including Biology, Chemistry, Algebra, Social Science, and English Arts.

Spotlighted Achievements:

• Created an interactive classroom using technology and science topics Biology, chemistry, and Physics to educate graduate teachers in the effective use of Smart Board as an instructional tool

• Developed an online project program that easily aligns school curriculum with benchmark requirements

• Implemented a program that assists elementary and middle school teachers in providing cross- discipline instruction in areas including Biology, Chemistry, Physics Math and Language Arts

• Mentored student demonstrations of learning on Presentation Night, filled with graduate student discoveries on how to teach children Science concepts in Biology, Chemistry, & Physics using customized handouts, innovative laboratory designs, and animated PowerPoint presentations. GAUSSIAN INSTITUTE OF MATH AND SCIENCE: 2012 TO 2014 Developed science learning programs for middle school and high school: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; Developed programs for Saturday learning with hands-on, virtual labs, and computer simulations. SECONDARY EDUCATION PRODUCTS AND PROJECTS:

PBL assignment using a common theme in a cross-curriculum environment using science: Program Manager for Water Project 2008 for Manhattan Office of Instructional Technology XAVIER HIGH SCHOOL, WASHINGTON IRVING HIGH SCHOOL, MARTE VALLE HIGH SCHOOL, NYC: 2007 - 2008

Departments involved are Environmental and Social Sciences (Global History). VO-TECH HS, COMMON THEME: WATER PROJECT 2007 - 2008 Cosmetology, Environmental Science

Global History, Language Arts

NYC 2006 - 2008

Arts and Business HS, Common Theme: Water Project

Environmental Science Macro Economics

Long Island City HS, Common Theme: Water Project

Science Research, Living Environment

Language Art, Global History

Information Technology HS: Common Theme: Water Project Living Environment, Water project

ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL AT THE BRIDGES, Brooklyn, NY 2007 General Biology, Art

Advanced Spanish, English Literature

New Jersey:

Dover HS, Common Theme: Water Project

World History, Language Arts

Health, Science ELL




Where does the water go? A Water Conservation Theme Cross Curriculum Program involving Biology, English, and Math Departments. FLORIDA: MADISON COUNTY, Jan - Dec 2006

PBL alignment –based on Florida curriculum requirements Theme: Green Chemistry, General Chemistry Class

Genetics, General Biology Class

Renewable Energy, General Physical Science Class

Moon-Town, Newton's Laws

Civil War, Medicine during the Civil War and Modern Improvements MIDDLE SCHOOL EXPERIENCE


Staff developer at Manhattan, Hamilton Heights, Harlem, Bronx PS 173 and PS 197 in Nassau County Developed interactive science projects aligned with the NY Standards Developed a computer-based Environmental Science Projects Project Manager and Designer of Water Project in PBL style for and

• Science Projects

• Environmental and Botany

• Life Science Topics

• History and Water

• Ecology

Staff developer at MS 328 and Brooklyn Middle School 58 Developed interactive science projects aligned with the NY Standards Developed a computer-based Environmental Science Projects Designed Water Project in PBL style for and

• Science Projects

• Environmental

• Life Science Topics

• History and Water

• Chemistry and Physics

• Ecology and Environmental Science

Staff Developer in Madison County for EETT Grant:

Madison County's Middle School and Elementary Schools 3rd and 2nd-grade themes: Healthy Cardiovascular Theme

• PowerPoint presentations

• Exercise video

• Collaborative learning

6th-grade theme: Green Theme: Reusable Energy

Around the World (Geography and Diversity)

• PowerPoint Oral Presentation

• Video clips

• Collaborative learning

8th-grade theme: Through the Time Machine (History from 1930 to 1960) created a museum, oral presentations with video clips and PowerPoints, Collaborative learning Water Project, "Where does the water go?" is being used by the Manhattan Office of Instructional Technology in 2008-2009


Developed PowerPoint presentations for use in teaching in Science Departments: Cell Culturing Techniques f2f and Virtual approaches Metabolic Pathways Genetics

Evolutionary Genetics Chemistry Basic Physics

Extending the Concept & Institution of a virtual learning Curriculum for the Sciences Definition: This would allow students who are not physically available to attend and participate in classes with their fellow students in using asynchronous and synchronous modalities of delivery. This project demands the use of a Learning Management System: WebCT V-Camp Science Educational Developer for Seton Hall University Giant Leap Program

Learning Portal System Development of content and interactive activities Rubrics for e-learning assessment and evaluation Surveys Developed an eLearning Curriculum for Learning Disabled Students in Chemistry Definition: This program would enable the students to build a learner-centric approach to understanding chemistry's importance in our lives. By using interactive learning tools, the learner will have access to information and interactivities that relate to living situations. ADDITIONAL EDUCATIONAL TEACHING EXPERIENCE

DEPAUL CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Wayne, NJ Jan 2009 – Jun 2010 Catholic School in the Paterson Diocese


AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, High Honors Biology courses. Spotlighted Achievements:

• Developed an afterschool tutoring program for students needing additional science subject assistance using Technology.

• I created an Honors Biology virtual review program. ROSELLE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Roselle, NJ Jan 1996 – Jan 2006 Roman Catholic high school in the Archdiocesan of Newark HS population between 700 and 800 students Science Teacher

Taught 1st Certified AP Biology, Honors Biology, General Biology, Advanced (AP) Biology, and General Chemistry. Organized and moderated the science research club, the Italian American Club. Accomplishments:

• Developed eLearning Curriculum for Learning Disabled Students in Chemistry

• Awarded and Attended the Howard Hughes Molecular Biology Grant and Scholarship of Princeton University in 2002 and 2004 summer graduate programs.

• Member of the Princeton Alumni of the HHMI Educational Program

• Nominated for Teacher of the Year in Who's Who in America by students in 2005

• Nominated for the Disney Teacher Award for 2002 and 2004

• Earned a reputation for creating highly accurate sales cycle metrics and forecasts.

• Acted as an advisor on the development of Pasco products.

• Developed and Facilitator for the Young Science Researcher,

• Assisted the administration in expanding the use of Technology in the science classroom.

• Developed Inexpensive Biology and Chemistry Lab Experiments. ADDITIONAL BUSINESS EDUCATION EXPERIENCES



Developed program for Honors Biology and Middle School Science Projects June 2013 The Object of the project is to provide students who are interested in the sciences with extra-curricular activities to engage and enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The project included the application of mathematical processes in demonstrating the patterns of biological and chemical sciences. Using a blended teaching and learning environment, the students will learn skills that will demonstrate the cross-application of math and science concepts. This project is ongoing. FOCUS EDUCATION, INC, Woburn, MA Oct 2012

Responsibilities: Science writer for Anatomy and Physiology assessments for new science/healthcare publications, an evaluator for video science academic subjects JDL HORIZONS/ TECHKNOWASSOCIATES, Cranbury, NJ Jan 2006 – Aug 2008 Project-based learning (PBL) programs using technology-based strategies Science Staff Developer

Assisted teachers of different grade levels in creating and intergrading PBL strategies into their curriculum. Provided teachers with instruction on using a computer linked microscopes. Assisted district administrators in selecting optimal materials and science equipment to enhance students' active classroom participation. Tested an online virtual learning project, reported, and presented the collected statistics. Developed, communicated, and maintained a variety of cross-curriculum science inquiry learning projects. Mentoring teachers with assisting with implementing these programs according to the State curriculum and district benchmarks.

Developed associated Social Science, English Arts, and Literature cross-curriculum project themes. Cultivated new strategies to assist teachers and students with using peer collaboration-based projects and Technology.

Spotlighted Achievements:

• Developed and managed a Clean Water PBL program as well as a Green Science PBL program for NY and Florida, including culminating presentations to peers, teachers, school administrators, parents, and district administrators.

• Initiated new science subject-themed projects for elementary, middle schools, and high school grade levels that included the delivery of public presentations.

• Developed and created a new approach to studying water and its conservation, including students' using SKYPE to help record their discoveries outside of the classroom.

• Created classroom Blogs that helped students communicate and collaborate with others at remote locations and an "Ask the Scientist" program that enabled students to call in via SKYPE to meet and ask questions of professional scientists.

• Attended the Princeton Plasma Summer session June 2018

• Developed Two new courses through the Giant Leap summer program: Forensic science and Urban Farming Strategies or How to grow your organic Garden! EDUCATION

Doctorate in Education Leadership (EdD)

The University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, Aug 2012

Master of Art in Education/e-Learning MAEED

The University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, 03

Princeton University Howard Hughes Study Grants

Molecular Biology 2002-2004

Graduate Advanced Biology Science Courses 90- '95

Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ


Bachelor of Science in Biology BS '71

Genetics and Molecular Biology '90

Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ


AP Biology/AP Chemistry

NJ State Substitution Teacher Certification K-12

Princeton HHMI Grant 2002 and 2004 Certification for 12 Graduate Credits in Molecular Genetics Montclair State University in Infectious Disease Science Seminar American Museum of Natural History(AMNH) Evolution Graduate Summer Course PUBLICATIONS / PRESENTATIONS:

Educational Presentation: The learning achievements of non-major students studying online biology courses.

Educational Preferences of College Students studying Evolution online versus traditional students. Doctoral Dissertation 2012: A COMPARISON OF STUDENTS' LEARNING OUTCOMES IN VIRTUAL AND TRADITIONAL ENVIRONMENTS IN CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOLS 2012 Master's Capstone: Distribution of Academic E-Text publications to the higher academic community 2003 Presentation: Developed Cell culture technique in the culturing of chondrocytes (1994 -1995) Graduate Presentation: Developing new embryological methods in investigating the results of effectors on avascular cartilage. (1994 -1995).

Publications: submitted for published 2018-2019

1. The Effect of Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma Treatment on the Roots of Phaseolus. vulgaris Plasma Medicine To be presented this August. 2. Biochemical Analysis of Ocimum basilicum post-Cold Plasma Treatment, Submitted October 1, 2018, Cold Plasma Treatment for Food Safety and Quality. 3. Effect of Cold Plasma Processing on the Chemical Components of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Essential Oils and their Antioxidant Activity. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS / AFFILIATIONS:

New York Academy of Sciences

NABT and NJBT National and New Jersey Board of Biology Teachers NSTA National Science Teachers Association

AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science ACS American Chemical Society

The World Futurist Society

Hasting Center

Member of National Staff Development COUNSEL (NSDC) Member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

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