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Customer Care Service

Provo, UT
December 27, 2020

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Karen McIntyre

*** ***** **** ****

Provo UT 84606



I am seeking a job which involves providing customer service to customers. EDUCATION:

Earned High School diploma at Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School. Attended some college at BYU and UVU.


10+ years of call center experience.


575 East University Pkwy

Orem UT 84097


Job Title: Agent

Start date: 23rd November 2020

I am a chat agent. I handle two chats at a time. Issued refunds to qualified customers or denied refunds if games have been downloaded. Performed troubleshooting with customers experiencing issues with PS4 consoles, assisted customers in recovering accounts, changing online IDs and obtaining codes for vouchers.

ROI Solutions

135 South State St #12

Lindon UT 84042


Sold hunting equipment such as ladder stands, tree saddles and trail cameras to customers. Issued replacements to customers who encountered product defects. Provided assistance to customers who encountered problems concerning the use of their trail cameras. Select Staffing

1255 North Research Way Building Q

Orem UT 84097


Job Title: Agent

Start date: 28th July 2020

End date: 14th August 2020

Sold navigation products to customers calling to update their navigation systems. Informed customers of the latest updates concerning navigation equipment. Transferred customers to the appropriate department who were able to assist customers who experienced technical issues. Cricut

34 East 1700 South

Provo UT 84606


Job Title: Agent

Start date: 22nd June 2020

End date: 25 June 2020

This job involved assisting customer with troubleshooting issues concerning the use of the cutting machines.

Connexion Point

585 East 1860 South

Provo UT 84606


Job title: Agent

Start date: 20th September 2019

End date: 19th June 2020

Was a switchboard operator. Transferred customers to different departments, based upon the requests of the customers. For instance if a customer would like to enroll in a health plan, I transferred the customer to a licensed agent who can explain the types of plans which are available in the customer’s area. Worked from home.

Worked in the billing department. Took payments over the phone for customers who called to pay monthly premiums or late enrollment penalties. Set up the accounts of the customers so that automatic payments were taken out of their bank accounts, social security checks or credit card accounts. Informed customers of the balance owing on the accounts. Created work baskets to send out a list of premium payments made by the customers for tax purposes. ROI Solutions

792 East 280 South St

American Fork UT 84003


Job title: Customer Support Representative

Start date: 22nd February 2019

End date: 19th September 2019

Worked for Briggs & Stratton. Sold engine parts such as carburetors, ignition coils, air filters as well as pressure washer pumps. Job duties involved performing some light troubleshooting with customer whose lawn mowers or pressure washers would not start. Referred the customers to service centers. Honk for Help

1656 E Bay Blvd. Building F Suite 200

Provo UT 84606


Job title: Operations Specialist

Start date:14th January 2019

End date: 25th January 2019

Worked with service providers who provide towing services tire changes lock outs etc. Contacted service providers to see if they had arrived on scene to assist customers whose cars had flat tires, had broken down or other issues with their vehicles. Requested an update on the estimated time of arrival if the service providers were unable to arrive within the agreed-upon time frame. Updated new time frame in the database.

Telephoned customers to confirm whether or not their service providers had arrived to perform towing services, lockouts, etc and also requested an estimate in minutes as to how long ago the service provider had arrived on scene.

The Results Companies

235 East 1600

South Provo UT 84606


Job title: Agent

Start date: 31st October 2016

End date: 9th January 2019

Was a telematics operator. Monitored vehicles such as Lexus, Toyota vehicles, Nissan, Infiniti Jaguar Dodge Jeep, Hyundai and Ram. Provided roadside assistance to customers who experienced issues with their vehicles ei. flat tires, stalled vehicles etc. Worked with the police to track stolen vehicles and assisted customers involved in vehicle accidents. Enrolled customers in the services and was also a live chat agent.

Worked for Comcast. Took payments from Comcast customers over the phone, Upgraded packages, added or removed channels and assisted customers who encountered technical issues with using the telephone, television or the internet.

Frontier Secure

1600 South 198 East

Provo UT 84606


Job title: Customer Care Advocate.

Start date: 12th September 2016

End date: 21st October 2016

Was a live chat agent, helped customers export their files from QuickBooks Desktop software to QuickBooks online, canceled subscriptions, informed customers as to whether specific tax forms have been filed.

ROI Solutions

792 East 280 South

American Fork UT 84003


Job title: Agent Start date:

17th November 2014

End date: 15th July 2016

Worked for Young Living, a well-known essential oil company in Utah. Took incoming phone calls and processed orders placed over the phone by customers. Created or renewed customer accounts. Tracked orders and informed the customer when the items would be delivered. Informed customers as regards the availability of items. Created or deleted automatic shipments at the requests of the customers who signed up for the Auto-ships. Provided technical support. Reset passwords and guided customers in placing online orders. Issued credit card refunds, credited shipping costs or added points, which are another form of currency used by customers to make purchases. Also worked as a live chat agent to handle orders from the United Kingdom and also handled Canadian accounts.

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