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Manager Chemical Engineering

New Haven, CT
December 27, 2020

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Paul J. Marganski

* ******* ******

Seymour, CT *6483


Project Manager / NPD Engineer

Results-driven professional with broad experience driving commercial projects to successful completion. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt with a proven track record of technical and commercial achievement. Adept at identifying and developing novel concepts into workable solutions and driving them to commercialization. Focused on generating broad patent protection on products to maximize value creation. Author of many patents and publications.

●Project manager

●Positive attitude

●Motivated professional

●Business minded

●Problem solver

●Innovative spirit

●Team player

●Critical thinker

●Passionate creator

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, New Haven CT March 2020 - Present

Operations Manager, Global Program Operations Management (Contractor)

Managed new product development and commercialization of “combination projects”. Interacted with large, global companies to successfully commercialize new products for drug delivery targeting treatment of rare diseases. Drove initiatives to improve Project Management processes for the company, resulting in superior efficiency and compliance for NPD.

Medtronic (Formerly Covidien), North Haven, CT 2009 - 2018

Sr. Project Manager – Office of Project Management Sept. 2012 - Sept. 2018

Managed projects in the Hernia/Soft Tissue Repair/Hemostats and Mechanical Devices franchises. Successfully launched several new products, generating significant improved growth for the business. Responsibilities included: oversight of large, diverse teams; management of project timelines/budgets/resourcing, as well as driving accountability of project teams and presenting project status to Executive-level stakeholders. Managed supply chain and demand forecasting with Logistics/Supplier management partners and key accounts suppliers. Experienced with QA/QE management, PPAPs, DFM, and all acceptance criteria. Please see selected projects below:

Veriset™ – Generated 10’s on millions in new revenue in EU & ROW in a new Biosurgery space by leveraging proprietary technology. Project included clinical trials in EU to prove safety & efficacy of the product.

Spacemaker™ Pro – Improved Legacy product line to extend and expand offering in existing market space. New product utilizes superior technology to improve the surgeon’s user experience & patient outcomes.

Velosorb™ – Introduced a contract-manufactured suture product line to improve competitiveness in the soft tissue closure space. This new product line has helped maintain and grow key accounts for the company.

Sr. Project Engineer – Advanced Manufacturing / Operations July 2009 – Sept. 2012

V-Loc™ 180, V-Loc™ 90, & V-Loc™ PBT (multiple Phases) – Developed/validated a manufacturing process to produce high-volume barbed-suture products – a significant advancement in wound closure. This product line has produced 100’s of millions in new revenues for the company.

Veriset™ - Developed equipment and process to produce a validated method for producing a revolutionary hemostat product for internal surgical procedures.

ATMI, Danbury, CT 2000 – 2009

Senior Technologist / Intellectual Property May 2007 - May 2009

Addressed aging, costly portfolio by assessing the value and business alignment of patent families and abandoning or offering for sale non-core or lower-value IP. Re-energized the creative engine of the company by creating and driving systems to encourage and develop high-potential ideas into new products.

●Realized savings of >$800k in 2008 (>$900k projected for 2009), representing a savings of over 25% of the overall patent budget.

●Partnered with Legal Team to create a new initiative within the company to strengthen relations with R&D/Operations.

●Greatly improved competitive knowledge of competitors using “IP Alerts”. Reduced litigation risk and identified ways to design around existing products.

●Eliminated the “file and forget” practices by assisting R&D teams in expanding patent coverage through patent engineering and IP landscaping, resulting in broader patent coverage and ultimately higher value IP.

●Hosted targeted Creative Problem Solving (CPS) sessions to identify, develop, and document innovative ideas for expanding concepts and for selecting the most promising projects to pursue.

Senior Research Engineer May 2000 - May 2007

Utilized Six Sigma methodologies to plan and execute new product development strategy and developed and launched successful, patent-protected products with high margin profiles.

●In-situ implanter tool cleaning (AutoClean®): Created completely new market segment for ion implantation with total available market (TAM) of $75million.

−Optimized product performance by conducting controlled design of experiments (DOE) from Black Belt training.

−Ensured product robustness by validating >20 customer “beta” tools.

−Minimized business risk by performing detailed IP landscaping to understand the competitive environment.

−Recognized internally for numerous efforts on AutoClean® program in 2008.

−AutoClean® won R&D Magazine’s “R&D 100” award in 2008.

●Semiconductor effluent abatement (NovaPure® and NovaSafe®): Created >$1MM new dry scrubber product revenue in 2003/2004 (>50% revenue growth). Launched a plug-and-play scrubber product with a 60-80% reduction in cost-of-ownership over competing products.

−Identified promising dry scrubber materials by performing nearly 200 screening experiments utilizing Black Belt knowledge.

−Unlocked the full potential of promising materials by developing a novel layering system (patent protected).

−Secured new business by working on-site with customers to evaluate the product and provide feedback.

−Won new major customers (Motorola, IBM, Emcore, Bandwidth, & Kopin).

−Awarded the Gases and Technology’s “Gassy Award” for abatement at 2004 Semicon West Conference - received by Matheson Tri-Gas.

−Dry scrubber business was a key bargaining chip when scrubber business was sold to Applied Materials (AMAT) in 2004.

●Other R&D highlights:

−Saved $500k by developing and implementing a process for reclaiming SDS® GeF4 cylinders.

−Commercialized solid-source “cluster molecules” with partner SemEquip.

−Created a flexible pilot production facility to support low/mid volume production of new product ramps for ion implant products including: ClusterBoron®, ClusterCarbonTM, and AutoClean®.

−Reduced exhaust requirements of semiconductor tools by working with the company founder to develop novel systems to manage airflow in a semiconductor fab.

−Served for 5 years on Safety Committee.

−Authored numerous patents and publications.


Bachelors of Science, Chemical Engineering, 3.55 GPA, University of New Haven, West Haven, CT, 2000

American Institute of Chemists Student Award, 2000

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Senior Award, 2000

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Award, 1998


Project management, MS Project, SharePoint, MS Office Suite, Six Sigma Black Belt, patent engineering, IP landscaping, toxic materials handling and abatement, process hardware design, process automation & control, analytical monitoring/characterization techniques


Medtronic Inventor of the Year Award (2015), Six Sigma Black Belt, Knowledge Based Management (KBM), Safety Committee, Evacuation Team volunteer


American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society

Paul J. Marganski

8 Manners Avenue

Seymour, CT 06483



●Method and Apparatus for the Abatement of Toxic Gas Components from a Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Effluent Stream, US Patent 7,364,603, Filed 8/27/2004, Issued 04/29/2008

●Fluid Storage and Dispensing Vessels Having Colorimetrically Verifiable Leak-tightness and Method of Making Same, US Patent 7,253,002, Filed 11/03/2003, Issued 7/07/2007

●Method and Apparatus for the Abatement of Toxic Gas Components from a Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Effluent Stream, US Patent 6,805,728, Filed 12/09/2002, Issued 10/19/2004

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●Component for Refrigeration System and Method of Making Such Component, ATMI-843, 06/2007

●Cleaning of Semiconductor Processing Systems, ATMI-810, 03/2007

●System for Delivery of Reagents from Solid Sources Thereof, US application 200********

●Infrared Gas Detection Systems and Methods, US application 200********

●Apparatus and Method for Use of Indium Chloride to Deliver Indium Vapor to Ion Source, ATMI-786, 02/2006

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●Colorimetric Gas Detector and Windowed Process Chamber, US Application 200********, Filed 08/18/2003

●Low Pressure Drop Canister for Fixed Bed Scrubber Applications and Method of Using Same, US Application 200********, Filed 02/19/2003


●In-Situ Ion Source Cleaning: Review of Chemical Mechanisms and Evaluation Data at Production Fabs, Ion Implant Technologies Conference, June 2008

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●Developments in the Abatement of Ion Implant Process Effluents, Ion Implant Technology Conference, Sept. 2002

●Exhaust Reduction in a 300mm TEL Wet Station Using an Air Manager System, International Sematech, 2001

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