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Analyst Support

Centreville, VA
December 27, 2020

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**** ****** ****** *** ***********, VA 20120

(H) 703-***-**** (C) 703-***-****




Intelligence Community experience includes 24 years as an All Source Intelligence Analyst and 12 years of related MASINT/NGA experience in support of a variety of MASINT/NGA and US Army/NATO disciplines to include, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Intelligence that includes evaluating 1st phase raw spectral products created by the HSI and MSI sensor and 2nd phase analyst with secondary products. Provided support as an Intelligence Analyst and HUMINT Analyst, to cover, IEDs, Anti Corruption, Border Crossing and Counter Narcotics in Afghanistan. Provided research support on unclassified and classified data base systems with a wide range of requirements.


Project Site Lead: Tanker’s/Pipeline

August 2018 – November 2020: Ultimate CNG, LLC

Site Lead at most site locations

Oversaw/trained individuals on Pipeline Integrity in support of TC Energy and Columbia Gas

Oversaw/trained individuals on fueling tankers with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Travel 90% of the time to different site’s within CONUS.

Support company by driving commercial vehicles, pulling trailers and hauling equipment

Maintained all employee files, expenses and hours

Provided guidance to individuals on the team at different site locations

Setup and take down or CNG site locations

Advisor: TS/SCI w/CI Poly

April 2013 – August 2018: Self Employed

Provided instruction on field collection campaigns and change detection

Provided instruction on target array setup

Instructed on how to perform venting of combatants

Provided input on different tools to use in intelligence collections

Provided instructions on how to keep exploitation of Geospatial Intelligence unclassified

Instructed on how to do Source Validation

Instructed on how to use classified/unclassified research using open source and government systems

Provided instruction on how to preform Ground Truth Data Collection

Senior Spectral Imagery Scientist: TS/SCI w/CI Poly

February 2012 - March 2013: Skyris LLC - supporting NGA Office of Science and Methodologies

Yogi Site 1, 2 & 3 Kandahar Air Base, Bagram Air Base Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

Provided scientific analysis and products collected from the exploitation of Geospatial Intelligence data sets from different Imagery Platforms for the customer.

Experienced Professional in, Image Science, Remote Sensing, or related scientific field.

Intimate knowledge of Spectral Imaging, and processing techniques to maintain the integrity of the spectral mission and aid in the continued growth and development of the program.

Provided training and testing to government employees and contractors on how to develop and maintain spread sheets and data bases for different customers.

Provided the knowledge to help standup a new customers office to develop and produce different data sets, data collections, and product development for delivery to the customer

Experience with remote sensing exploitation tools such as ENVI – Environment for Visualizes Images, and FSTK- Full Spectrum Tool Kit processing software.

Provided customer with a range of Excel spread sheets based on government data bases (classified and unclassified).

Proficiency with techniques and scientific analysis of spectral data processing.

Experience supporting the DoD and Intelligence Community.

Senior Intelligence Analyst/Acting Site Lead: TS/SCI w/CI Poly

July 2010 – February 2012: SOS International HQ RC South / CJ2 / CJ2X -- Kandahar, Afghanistan

Researches, analyzes, and publishes all source political and military analysis and intelligence production in support of operationally deployed forces in the CENTCOM area.

Organizes multiple research projects to sustain daily intelligence briefings, defense threat assessments, specific area knowledge briefs, and analytical support for military operations.

Provides input to multiple government requirements and objectives, assists with the analysis and production of various intelligence products, and supplies analytical support for senior military leaders.

Attends staff meetings and conducts comprehensive research on complex topics independently or as part of a larger analytical effort focusing on current events and long-term trends that could impact the government’s missions.

Prepared produces, and disseminates scheduled and unscheduled general intelligence products, and performs work during irregular hours and in a deployed location, as required.

Prepared Source Validation Reports from research conducted on all Classified Databases and Unclassified Databases

Performed work during irregular hours and in a deployed location, as required.

While acting as the Site Lead for Kingfisher and SOSi on the IASS contract in Afghanistan. I had the full authority of the Site Lead on contract matters pertaining to matters in RC-S while keeping the PM informed and coordinate actions that required relocation of any employee.

Worked closely with RC_S Representative (RC-SR) to identify personnel requirements and any contractual issues.

Fulfilled the duties of movement coordinator with responsibilities for ensuring that Kingfisher and SOSi personnel arriving or transiting through Kandahar Air Field and transporting to and from the Air Terminal.

Senior Spectral Scientist: TS/SCI w/CI Poly

August 1999 - May 2009: Northrop Grumman Corp / TASC

Performed classified/unclassified research using open source and government systems for the customer and other supporting agencies.

Prepared power point briefings and right ups on Intelligence collected from field campaign to include photos and information from other agencies.

Pre Planning Activities include - Coordination with the customer and other agencies on all aspects of collection activities during the field campaign.

Assist in the development/publication of CD’s, papers, and reports for delivery to variety of Government Agencies.

Collection Activities include - Coordination with the customer/aircrew to insure changes/modifications to the flight plan or sensor operation are known and accounted for; develop, build and set up of target arrays along with providing change detections.

Post Collection Activities include - Breakdown of all target arrays.

Perform Hyperspectral/Multispectral Remote Sensing Ground Truth studies on Military Vehicles, Camouflage, Target Arrays, CARC Paints, Oils, Powders, Explosives, Vegetation, Soils, Rocks, Fabrics, Animal Hair, Snow, Ice, Water, and Minerals.

Assist in the development of Home Land Security by Ground Truth Collection effort of the World Trade Center debris after 9-11-01.

Served as Ground Truth Data Collection Lead for a variety of Geospatial Intelligence collections supporting MASINT Research & Development field experiments. These collects supported both CONUS and OCONUS experiments with a wide variety of sensor platforms and sensors.

Administrative Assistant/Receiving Inspector: TS/SCI

May 1991 - April 1999: Stanford Telecommunication Inc

Created databases for a variety of government projects.

Assisted in the designing of maps for Ground Positioning System (GPS)

Conducted GPS computer training courses.

All Source Intelligence Analyst: TS/SCI

February 1978 - November 1996: United States Army & Army Reserve

Performed Tactical and Strategic Intelligence Analysis on all source information in support of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Performed Tactical and Strategic analysis for Desert Storm for (DIA).

Maintained an expertise in the unit's area of Strategic Intelligence interest.

Worked with U.S. Customs Intelligence and DIA on Illegal Drug Cartels.

Monitored all message traffic and phone recordings of Illegal Drug Cartels.

Provided support to Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) on Monitored Illegal Narcotic Trafficking Organizations.

Provided Advanced Terrain Analysis on unites area of interest overseas.

Maintained all Order of Battle files on US Forces/Soviet and Warsaw Pack for the Joint Chief of Staff (JCS).

Assisted in teaching OPFORE (Opposing Forces) classes on all types of Soviet equipment to units all over Germany.

Developed and maintained unit briefing materials.

Provided Intelligence for US Army Reserve ARCOM level, Army level, Corp level, and below.

Served as a 96B my whole military career.


Spectral Signature of Diesel Fuel on a Sandy Soil

Spectral Signatures for Vol 10

Spectral Signatures of Natural & Man-made Materials, Spectral Signatures Library Vol 7, 8, 9

Spectral Signatures for Vol 4 - 1999, Vol 5 - 2000, Vol 6 - 2001

Spectral of Calibration Panels & Nitrogenous Compounds, and Background Surfaces

Spectral Signatures of The World Trade Center

Spectral Signatures of Man-made and Natural Materials Alaska Field Campaign




2012: NGA War College - Imagery Scientist


1985: US Army Advanced Terrain Analyst School - Germany

1984: US Army Terrain Analyst School - Germany

1983: US Army Primary Leadership Development Course - Germany

1979 - 1980: Military Intelligence School and Training

1976 - 1979: Hubbard High School

Additional Honors & Awards

Certificate of Appreciation, Aug 2012 - Feb 2013: Outstanding support to TF ODIN-E & Troops on the Battlefield while working on Saturn Arch as an Imagery Scientist

Certificate of Appreciation, Aug 2012 - Feb 2013: Outstanding support to NATO/ISAF while assigned Task Force Afghanistan for NGA

Certificate of Appreciation, Oct 2011 - Feb 2012: Outstanding support to 82nd Airborne Div. CI support to CJ2/CJ2X RC South and ISAF, Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan

Certificate of Appreciation, Nov 2010 - Oct 2011: Outstanding support to 10th Mountain Div. CI support to CJ2/CJ2X RC South and ISAF, Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan

Certificate of Appreciation, Aug 2010 - Nov 2010: Outstanding support to ISAF HQ Intelligence Command

Certificate of Appreciation, 2008: Shadow Harvest's First Operational Test Deployment

Appreciation Award, NSP 2007: Commitment to the Signatures Program Management Office

Director's Award, AMD 2007: National Systems Operating Unit and AMD

Director's Award, Northrop Grumman/TASC 2006: RF Systems Operating Unit and AMD

Certificate of Appreciation, 2005

Director's Award, TASC 2005: TASC Space & Intelligence Operating Unit & AMD

Certificate of Appreciation, 2004: Iraq Survey Group and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Certificate of Training 2001: Spectral MASINT Processing Course

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Achievement Award 1994: In procuring, installing, testing and bringing to operational status a remote ground terminal (TDRS) to support GRO spacecraft

Good Conduct Medal (4 Awards), Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon (2), Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, 8th ID (Mech) Pathfinder Professional Badge, NCO Professional Development Ribbon, Driver and Mechanic Badge, Expert Rifle Badge M16A1, Expert Machinegun Badge (M60), Expert Badge 50 cal, Marksmanship Badge Grenade

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