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Engineer Python

New City, NY
December 27, 2020

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Suffern, NY ****1



Systems Engineer with extensive experience in Unix/Linux, Korn/Bash Shell, Python, C, SQL programming, and database development, production support, and administration. Have also done a bit of web development. Thorough, realistic foundation for programming, administration, analysis, and testing


Unix (AIX, SCO, Solaris), Linux (RedHat, Centos), AWS (S3), C, Shell, Python, Make, Awk, Some Perl, FTP, SFTP, Expect, Informix (SQL/ESQL C/4GL), MySQL, SCCS, RCS, Git, Jira, Cfengine, Scrum, Ansible

Expertise in UNIX and Linux engineering/ Administration/Support.

Scripting: Python, Korn/Bash Shell, Perl


Consultant (Systems Analyst)

Client: WebMD/Medscape (thru Stefanini) December 2019 to October 2020

Responsible for shell and python scripting and data extract and reporting for Business Intelligence and Market Research teams. Databases used are Vertica and SQL Server.

Developed scripts to trace fraud, based on ip address used, time of day, etc.

developed some reports involving screen scraping (beautifulsoup, urlretrieve)

Maintain and update older perl scripts, as needed.

Consultant (Systems Analyst)

Client: Blue Cross/Blue Shield (thru DXC Technology) July 2019 to October 2019

Responsible for modification and completion of existing scripts which converts manual steps of deployment guide

into an automated flow. The main script is written in shell, with the remaining scripts written in python.

Consultant (System Engineer)

Client: MQS Capital, LLC July 2018 to March 2019

Wholly responsible for all Linux/Unix related issues. Responsibilities included:

Create a script to monitor all linux machines for any password changes (shadow file). If so, deploy the change to all the other machines (python)

Sync up the /etc/group file across all machines and create script to push any changes made (shell).

Create a user add script which would push the entry to all machines (shell).

Spec out and order additional linux servers (HP Proliant), install and setup all software

Spec out and order Workstations and set up with Windows and networking

Modify Nagios as needed; create custom plugins (hpacucli)

Install software (Kaseya, Gotomypc, office, etc) on new workstations

Repair workstations as needed (replace hard drives, update memory, etc.)

Documentation as needed (Server Build Setup, Custom Plugin creation, etc)

Research and test Ansible to be used for deployment

Client: UBS Financial Services, Weehawken, NJ March 2017 to March 2018

Working with developers to test various IPSoft automata.

Set up interface between IPSoft automata and Autosys.

Create Autosys jil files in dev, test, and production environments

Coordinate running of automata with local and offshore developers.

Develop scripts (mixture of shell, python, expect) to automate deployments of automata to different environments

Sr. Systems Analyst August 2010 to January 2017

Bloomberg, LP – NY, NY

Develop python and shell scripts for MySQL, DB2, and Oracle DBA groups.

Maintained RCS directories for all 3 groups and converted to Git.

Set up original python libraries to be used by DBAs, including MySQL functions and generic functions.

Majority of scripts developed for MySQL DBA’s including setup of a new instance, finding duplicate indexes, tables without indexes, tables without a primary index, auto-increment fields approaching limits, cleaning up orphan users, etc.

Refined the mysql monitoring process, which monitors cpu usage, disk space used, high connection alerts, etc.

Developed backup and restore scripts using S3 (AWS)

Developed scripts for Xtradb clusters as well as MHA

Configure/install/Support Red Hat Enterprise

Solely responsible for setting up the cfengine environment for deploying scripts to dev, beta, and production machines. Created automated script for team leaders to deploy scripts as needed.

Researched and setup Monit for monitoring of some MySQL scripts.

Partake in daily and weekly scrum meetings


Maccabee Consulting September 2007 to July 2010


Developed and upgraded numerous ftp scripts used to transfer files in and out of NYU’s systems.

Set up ssh and sftp between systems.

For security purposes, updated scripts to use sftp instead of ftp.

Client: DARUSH FURNITURE – Passaic, NJ

Migrated system from SCO Unix to Red Hat Linux.

Develop and modify Shell scripts (Korn/Bash), C programs (with embedded SQL), and 4GL programs (Informix).

Transferred all programs (Genero, 4GL, C, Shell, reports, and forms), generated Makefiles and recompiled.

Set up cron jobs and system backup procedure using Shell and FTP.

Currently maintain system for client, providing support as needed.

Client: BYRAM HEALTHCARE – White Plains, NY

Created and updated C, 4GL and SQL programs and shell scripts.

Developed 4GL code to output data in Postscript format.

Currently provide support and development as needed.

Client: REAL PLUS, LLC – New York, NY

Development and maintenance of custom software for the real estate industry.

Developed and updated various functions, korn shell scripts, and stored procedures; developed a database backup/copy procedure in shell and Perl; and performed some Database Administration functions.

Software developed in Shell and Informix (SQL 4GL), using engine version 11.5.

Client: LEHMAN BROTHERS (Neuberger Berman) – New York, NY

Development, enhancement, and maintenance of various programs in the Portfolio Management System (PMR). Programs written in Informix 4GL, ESQL/C, Shell, and Perl.

Developed several Perl reports for income event analysis.

Researched and rewrote program which loads daily GICS data into database.

Developed several modules used in an accrual calculator.

Rotating support for all PMR programs.

UBS FINANCIAL SERVICES (Wealth Management) – Weehawken, NJ

Technical Officer June 2006 to August 2007

Developed Unix shell scripts (Korn), C and 4GL programs for corporate merger conversions, database purges, etc. in the company’s GIM II database.

Redesigned and rewrote several programs to enhance performance. Used C and message queues to run multiple processes concurrently.

On a rotating basis, was responsible for overnight and weekend support of production jobs. Jobs were scheduled via Autosys and run by offshore personnel.

Interface with business users on a daily basis as to requirement, enhancements, and any problems needing immediate attention.

PVCS used for source code control


Sr. Systems Analyst /Project Manager July 2003 to June 2006

Developed Visual C++ code for calibration routines and neural networks.

Project Manager for Vehicle Tracking Unit development. Installed Linux and Informix software and tools (ISQL, ESQL/C, 4GL), designed database, created tables and indexes, developed numerous 4GL, C, and shell programs. Created detail and summary reports to track vehicles via GPS.

Developed Company web site for real time reporting of GPS devices (LINUX, C, SQL, CGI, PHP, HTML)

Created MS Project timelines as well as design specs and user documents.

Researching and purchasing of parts for GPS units (cases, antennas, GPS and Cell chips)

Administration and Support of the Linux and Windows servers, both in-house and dedicated servers. Set up ftp server and web server using Apache and tftp.


Maccabee Consulting

June 1993 to June 2002


Assisted in the migration of software to newer releases of Solaris and Informix. Responsible for recompiling numerous C and C++ programs and Perl and Korn Shell scripts.

Also, coded modifications as required (ESQL/C and 4GL). This project uses the GIM II database.

Client: VERIZON, INC. – White Plains, NY

Developed, maintained, and enhanced various shell, perl, and cgi scripts. These scripts were used by management to monitor system performance and to track technicians’ activity. Also maintain various C programs in the IFAS system (see NYNEX below).


Sr. Programmer Analyst

For the Prime Brokerage division, developed and enhanced numerous korn shell scripts, C, and Informix 4GL.

Enhanced the performance of the C programs, converted several reports from ace to 4GL and developed shell scripts to allow multiple processes to run simultaneously.

Performed testing and validation.

This system uses the GIM II database (Informix) and runs on Sun Servers.


Responsible for the enhancement and/or redevelopment of various shell and perl scripts used to process feeds to/from the Sungard Global Plus and Landmark systems. Provide support for daily production runs scheduled via Autosys. System implemented on Sun Servers using Unix, Korn Shell scripts, Perl and Sybase 11.


Coded, maintained and enhanced various C, Informix 4GL programs and shell scripts which interfaced with GIM II, a custom financial package. Processed data feeds from various systems such as Landmark, Oasis, etc. Used PVCS for source code control


Responsible for all computer related functions for warehousing and distribution. In-house system consisted of order processing, accounts payable/receivable, inventory, invoicing, processing of EDI files, etc.

Converted entire system from RS6000's (AIX/Informix 4.0) to Intel PCs (SCO Unix/Informix 7.2).

Project Management, System Administration, and Customer Service

Purchasing and installation of new equipment and repair parts

Coding and maintenance of all software. (Informix 4GL, Shell, Perl, C)


Duties included maintenance and enhancement of CAESAR, a custom financial system written in Informix 4GL. Developed C programs, Informix programs, shell scripts, and design specs for new features; Developed a menu based SCCS system for source code control; Also served as backup system and Database Administrator;. System implemented on IBM RS 6000s and AIX.


As a member of the Craft Access (CAS) and Intelligent Field Access (IFAS) team, developed C and shell programs to extract and massage data from Legacy systems such as TIRKS and LFACS. Designed new modules, developed test plans and change requests. Developed shell scripts, stored procedures, and triggers for this system, which was implemented in Sybase (XI) on an RS/6000. Completed Sybase training in both in development and Server Administration.

Client: PREBON YAMANE, Inc. - NY, NY

Developed, tested, and maintained C and 4GL code for this Currency trading firm's back office system. This system, developed in Informix 4GL, Unix, and C, tracked all trades in Foreign Exchange, Capital Markets, Currency Deposits, Repos, Fed Funds, etc. Coordinated and scheduled new features & maintenance items; interfaced with senior management as to new features and implementation issues.


BS Computer Programming / Mathematics

Brooklyn College - Brooklyn, NY

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