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Teaching, STEM Consultant, Project Engineering, Presentation and more

New Smyrna Beach, FL
December 27, 2020

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Dr. Frank D. Curcio

**** ***** ******** ******

Unit 20-602

New Smyrna Beach, Florida


Phone: 321-***-****

Email Address:


**/**/****- */*/2018

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA), Arlington, VA Dr. Curcio served as a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Outreach Specialist. Dr. Curcio promoted the Army Educational Outreach Programs (AEOP) including the eCYBERMISSION National STEM Competition in and around Florida and the Country. 07/2006 – 08/30/2013(Retired)

Seminole County Public Schools, Math, Science and Technology Magnet School, Sanford, FL Physics / Physical Science Instructor

Post retirement from Government Service in 2006 after 25 plus years, Dr. Curcio created/taught an Introduction to Applied Physics and Physical Science for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. He has also advised over 700 students in US Army eCYBERMISSION STEM Competition. Dr. Curcio also collaborated with the US Navy to help bolster STEM technology infusion into the middle school science curriculum and after-school clubs as part a local grant initiative he helped fostered. 10/2004-07/2006

Program Executive Office (PEO) Simulation Training and Instrumentation (STRI) Orlando FL Electronic Engineer

Dr. Curcio served as lead Systems Engineer / Project Director (PD) for the Army Training Information Architecture – Migrated (ATIA-M) and ATIA which governs all training aspects for the soldier’s career.

Duties included:

Contract Officer Representative (COR), Army Training Support Center (ATSC) Liaison (as Combat Developer) and Lead Integrated Product Team (IPT) Coordinator.

Dr. Curcio led PEO STRI ATIA 5 Year Competitive Award Selection Process, Source Selection Team Technical Evaluation and follow-on ATIA Program Office stand up as the original PEO STRI ATIA-M Program sunset.


ATIA duties and responsibilities included: leading government schedule, performance and cost oversight and management reviews in support of PEO STRI mission execution; acting as COR, working effectively with government, industry and academia, mentoring junior engineers on ATIA background and programmatic issues.

Dr. Curcio fostered win-win, open information exchanges and partnerships with internal and external government agencies like ATSC. He stimulated interest in support of ATIA development efforts thus establishing and leveraging the cross fertilization of scarce Army research and development resources.

During ATIA Competitive Award competition, he successfully led government IPT discussions / presentations / briefings and Q/A sessions with interested Industry at PEO STRI Industry Day and ATIA Industry Day. Dr. Curcio was also instrumental in positioning PEO STRI in gaining serious Army consideration for future Army Training Information System (ATIS) development efforts and next generation ATIA development work. 10/2003-10/2004

Program Executive Office (PEO) Simulation Training and Instrumentation (STRI) Orlando FL Electronic Engineer

Dr. Curcio served as senior C4I Systems Engineer and Technical Consultant providing matrix engineering support to the SIMCI / C4ISR Domain Manager and Common Products and Components Program Manager. He provided system engineering support and technical review of the feasibility of C4I Common Adapter in support of PEO STRI Software Block II Programs and CPC Project Directors.


Program Executive Office (PEO) Simulation Training and Instrumentation (STRI) Orlando FL Electronic Engineer

Dr. Curcio served as Principal Investigator and Project Director for a number of PEO STRI Programs where he was responsible for obligating and disbursing funds and program management IAW with DOD 5000 Regulations.

He provided program administration and coordination of PEO STRI’s High Tech STEM Outreach Educational Program initiatives. He promoted increased government, business and academia partnerships to foster technology, educational and workforce improvement developments. As High Tech Outreach Program Administrator, he executed Commanding General / Command Level guidance for increasing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) interest and learning (K-20) in the Central Florida Region by strengthening regional outreach opportunities via Army limited resources.


Dr. Curcio built more effective partnerships with Government, Industry and Academia for promoting regional Science, Math, and Engineering for increased STEM educational learning. Provided Command Level briefings and updates as required to Commanding General, etc indicating High Tech Outreach Program progress, successes and regional partnership efforts. He provided oversight, guidance and direction to PEO STRI IPA / Contractor support efforts for High Tech STEM Outreach on daily basis and as required. He served as the Command’s Liaison to Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s Core Team per Commanding General direction. Chaired High Tech Xpress Creative STEM Team and guided developmental activities to include regional representatives from government, industry and academia.

He showcased PEO STRI & FHTCC’s collaborative High Tech Xpress as an on-going prototype STEM resource repository development at key national events like Capital Hill, SIGGRAPH and I/ITSEC. Provide oversight to PEO STRI outreach programs like University High School Global Information & Future Technologies and the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Researched and wrote a MFR and MOA to build strong working relationship between PEO STRI and RDECOM STC to showcase RDECOM STC S & M products and expertise. He worked with Team Orlando partners to focus regional STEM outreach efforts (i.e. IST, NCS UCF, USF, ICT etc.). He attempted to align Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp, Coast Guard K-20 STEM outreach activities to reduce regional overlap and expenditure of limited services resources. Dr. Curcio was invited to serve as US Army PEO STRI’s eCYBERMISSION Ambassador. He promoted increased interest in science, math and technology learning skills among our middle school youth. He was invited to be one of only two “original” Army eCYBERMISSION Ambassadors in the State of Florida.

He was designated PEO STRI eCYBERMISSION spokesperson to promote Army’s 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th grade web-based online Science Fair in the Central Florida Region. He visited local middle schools and coordinate eCYBERMISSION involvement with educators (i.e. Sanford Middle School, an exceptional Science and Technology Magnet School in Seminole County). He briefed all Seminole County Middle School Science and math Coordinators. Florida has ranked in top five nationally in every eCYBERMISSION statistic yearly. Due to his successful Florida eCYBERMISSION program STEM efforts invited to be one of only eight from a list of 140 eCYBERMISSION Army Ambassadors to travel nation-wide to promote eCYBERMISSION efforts during 2003-2004 school years. Also asked to train next 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th grade eCYBERMISSION science and math coordinators in Seminole County, Florida. Also, began to address Orange County, Florida (14th largest school district in the US) eCYBERMISSION requirements.



Department of the Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command;

(STRICOM) Engineering Directorate Orlando FL

Electronic Engineer

Dr. Curcio supported and participated in STRICOM, Engineering Directorate strategic planning processes for simulation, training and instrumentation acquisition activities. He helped to maximize opportunities for real technology simulation, training and instrumentation transition and to increase STRICOM overall government and industry project exposure. He was also tasked with coordinating the local Army hosting of the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (NJSHS) in Orlando in 2002.


Defense Information Systems Agency, Joint Interoperability and Engineering Organization; Center for Standards, Radio and Terminals Branch, Fort Monmouth, NJ Electronic Engineer

Dr. Curcio excelled in his Extremely High Frequency Satellite Communications Systems or EHF SATCOM duties as the Joint Interoperability and Engineering Organization's Center for Information Technology Standards and Project Officer for the military satellite Global Broadcast Service or GBS.

Dr. Curcio's goal was to direct the GBS Joint Program Office to create a profile of appropriate communications standards and protocols that will be integrated into the GBS to assure software interoperability. He assisted the GBS JPO in its profile development efforts by leading and guiding its technical contractors in drafting a representative "profile-of-profiles" study. 01/1992-12/1995

Defense Information Systems Agency, Joint Interoperability and Engineering Organization; Standards Management Division, Fort Monmouth, NJ Electronic Engineer

Dr. Curcio served as lead for the US Army Fort Monmouth, Eatontown, N.J. Adopt-a-School Program and Community Liaison (1992-1994). Fort Monmouth successfully adopted Long Branch Middle School per Commanding General’s Direction. Dr Curcio wrote a Collaborative Agreement signed by Commanding General and Long Branch Board of Education President. Dr. Curcio surveyed commercial standards development efforts for new Technologies with potential application for satisfying joint and combined Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence or C3I requirements.



Joint Tactical Command, Control and Communications Agency, Technology Directorate Fort Monmouth, NJ

Electronic Engineer

He served as an Electronic Engineer in the Technology Directorate Division, Assessment Branch. He surveyed developments of new technologies with potential application of satisfying Joint and Combined C3 interoperability requirements.


CECOM Center for Communications (CENCOMS) Switched Systems Division Fort Monmouth, NJ Electronic Engineer

As an Electronic Engineer performed switching and circuit analysis for the AN/TTC-39 (TRI-TAC) Circuit Switch Program. Provided technical and acquisition management support to PM MSCS, as the lead project engineer for the Full Scale Engineering Development (FSED) of the TTC-39 Multi- Service Circuit Switch software and hardware enhancement efforts. 03/1979-09/1981

Analytics Inc., Tinton Falls NJ.

Engineering Consultant

He was Project Leader for numerous technical and business consulting studies of government communications and electronics programs for CECOM. Projects included Seismic Propagation Analysis for PM, REMBASS, Battery Performance Analysis, Computer Systems Analysis, Millimeter Wave Technology and Fiber Optics Studies for CECOM RDEC. 09/1973 - 03/1979

Township of Ocean Board of Education, Ocean Township Intermediate School, Ocean Township, NJ

Science Instructor

Dr. Curcio created and taught hands-on science to middle school students. Dr. Curcio promoted team teaching STEM collaborations and innovative team teaching techniques. Dr. Curcio promoted STEM classrooms without walls to improve student interest and science learning. 09/1971 – 09/1973

Long Branch Board of Education, Long Branch High School, Long Branch, NJ Physics / Physical Science Instructor

Dr. Curcio taught High School Physics and Physical Science lab intensive courses. 5


Temple University; PHIL, PA; Doctorate in Educational Administration

Rutgers University; New Brunswick, NJ; Master’s in Physics

Montclair University; Upper Montclair, NJ; Bachelor’s in Physics

Pope Pius XII; Passaic, NJ; High School Diploma


Name of School Course/Subject Sem Hrs Dates/Comp:

Ft Monmouth, NJ Basic Programming 240 10/81-6/82

Ft Monmouth, NJ Digital Computer I&II 240 2/82-5/82 George Washington U. Digital Telephoning 40 6/82

George Washington U. Dist Telecomm Networks 40 9/83 Ft Monmouth, NJ Design & Implementation 80 8/84-10/84 of Computer Comm Networks

Ft Monmouth, NJ AN/TTC-39 Circuit Switch 40 9/84

Monmouth College, NJ Artificial Intelligence 08 6/89 Ft Monmouth, NJ Synetics 16 3/84

American Inst., NY Hands-on OSI Upper Layers 40 5/90 OMNICON OSI Lower Layers 16 9/91


OMNICON OSI Architectural 08 9/92

American Research Gr. Frame Relay 16 9/92

Shipley Associates Managing Written Com 40 2/93

JIEO Quality Mgmt 12 3/93

Dept of Army Intro to Personal Computers 16 10/93

George Washington U. Satellite Comm Eng. Princ 40 12/95 Defense Acquisition University ACQ 101 80 11/2002

Defense Acquisition University ACQ 201 80 6/2003

Defense Acquisition University Sys 301 80 4/2004

Defense Acquisition University PMT I 80 9/2005

Defense Acquisition University PMT II 80 12/2005


1. N.J. Teacher - All Sciences; K-12; 1971

2. N.J. Teacher of Physical Science; 1971

3. N.J. Principal/Supervisor; 1988

4. N.J. Eligibility for School Administrator; 1993 (Superintendent) 5. Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate; July 2006, July 2011, January 2019 6. Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Level III certified in Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SPRDE); 2005


7. DAU Level II certified in Program Management; 2006 PERFORMANCE RATINGS, AWARDS, HONORS, AND RECOGNITIONS: Outstanding Performance Appraisals: 1979; 1986; 1993; 2000; 2002; 2003; 2006 – 2012; 2018 8/71 Curriculum Development Grant (Physics) National Science Found, Wash DC 9/81 Career Engineer & Scientist Intern Program CECOM, Ft Monmouth NJ 5/88 Researched, wrote, published, and orally defended doctoral thesis concerning the “Design, Data Collection, Dissemination, and Maintenance of Source C3I Database Directory for DOD Researcher/Planner”.

9/02 NJ School Board Township of Ocean, 10 Year Membership (President/Vice-President) OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE / PUBLICATION INFORMATION:

1. Department of Defense (DOD) Electronic Engineer, Fort Monmouth, Eatontown, NJ (GS-0855-14/8); (DISA/JIEO/CFS/JEBBC), 1981-2000 2. Engineering Consultant, Analytics Inc., Tinton Falls, NJ; 1979-1981 3. DOD Representative to American National Standards Institute Data Standard's Management, Wash DC; 1990-1993

4. Design, Data Collection, Dissemination and Maintenance of a Source C3I Database Directory for the DOD Researcher/Planner -- UMI Dissertation Info Service Univ. Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Author 1988 5. Curriculum Development Grant (Physics), National Science Foundation, Wash DC; 1971

6. Career Engineer/Scientist Intern Program, Fort Monmouth, NJ; 1971-1973

7. Chairperson of DOD Data Communications Standards sub-committees; 1990-1992

8. Data Switching Technology Assessment, JTC3A #8007, Fort Monmouth, NJ; 1990 -- Publisher/Editor

9. Data Communication Protocol Standards Technical Management Panel Charter Member, Fort Monmouth, NJ; 1990

10. DOD Integrated Tactical Data Network Interoperability Demonstration Representative; 1989

11. Joint Staff C4I for the Warrior Tiger Team, Special Assignment, Washington DC; 1992


12. DTMP Technical Integration Coordinator; 1992

13. CFS/Architecture Liaison; 1992

14. DOD Telecommunications Standards Management Liaison; 199*-****-**. EHF CCB Secretariat; 1994-1996

16. DISA/JIEO/CFS/JEBBF Acting Team Chief; 199*-****-**. JTSSG T1 Coordinator; 1994-1995

18. GBS CFS/SISC liaison to GBS Joint Program Office '97-2000 19. PEO STRI High Tech Outreach Program Administrator 200*-****-**. Digital Integration Lab Project Director (PD) 2002- 2004 21. US Army eCYBERMISSION Ambassador 2001-2004

21. ATIA ATSC / PEO STRI Liaison 2004-2006

22. SCPS Educator @ Sanford Science, Math & Technology Magnet School 200*-****-**. NSTA Outreach Specialist and Consultant 201*-****-**. Educational Consultant 2018 – Present.


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