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Engineer Manager

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
December 26, 2020

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Personal details

Karamatullah H. Jan

Citizenship: Pakistani

Email address:

Mobile: +966*********

Languages: English, Arabic (Conversational), Urdu

Bachelor Degree in Electronics/Communication Engineering.

Professional Membership

Pakistan Engineering council

Saudi engineering Council


20 years plus experience in Saudi Arabia experience as OSP specialist ( Technical engineer, Design review engineer, Department Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer, senior engineer for Fundamental Planning and OSP Engineer)

Technical Manager for underground infrastructure (OSP specialist/Advisor for FTTH/FTTX)

Project Manager/Technical engineer with Client, Consultant, Vendor and Contractor

Bidding & Estimation, Survey, Fundamental Planning, Design, Implementation, Audit, Accepting projects and Handover of projects

On Job trainings from Nor consult & Alcatel

Technical Skills:

Upgrading, updating and Preparation of OSP standards and specifications (Civil infrastructure, Fiber optic cables, Cable accessories, copper cable and customer jobs)

Preparing design specifications, technical drawings, suitable solutions and estimating costs & timescales, understanding telecommunication networks, architecture and essential requirements

Breakdown maintenances of telecommunication network and industries

Specialist of network planning, designing, building of OSP, FTTH, FTTC, Long distance, Junction/Metro, Access network.

Specialist for map and allocating Telecommunication expansion to respective infrastructure, Estimating and tendering for work

Updating existing telecommunication network (collecting information, verifying and updating in FRAM/GOM)

Cut-Over’s/MSAN’s and Upgrading of Telecommunication network (copper and fiber)

Technical Audit for FTTH/GSM, QA/QC

Reviewing & Recommendation of Design

Project Acceptances/Handover of OSP/ISP

Surveys, GIS based mapping, Fundamental planning, Design, Supervision of all types of installations for telecommunications, Electrical and Mechanical equipment.

Preparation of Method and procedures, Implementation method, Handover documents and process.

Leader for Quality control & Quality assurance (Audit) team for GSM civil & Fixed network(FTTH/MSAN/key account/long distance/Metro)

Reviewing, Planning, Designing, Handover and processing for Fixed network projects

Studying project costing, estimations and UPL (plant units)

Consultant for Network Strategy, OSP solutions on Fiber & Copper and Deep Understandings of access technologies (MSAN, DWDM, OSP transmission, GPON, p-to-p-Fibre).

Solid Background in Electronic Engineering, including DC’s, Automation in Hosiery knitting, dyeing & finishing and Bio medial engineer

Breakdown maintenances of Petro chemical processing

Demonstrated skills and experience in Access Planning & Design specifically in the area of Fiber deployment

Exercising and practicing controls that are essential to ensure performance of projects in accordance with contracts.

Conducting periodical meetings to evaluate progress of work, detects delays approves them and refers to head quarters for billing and collection.

Ensures that construction preliminary and final acceptance tests are performed and accepted by the engineers.

Maintains professional and technical knowledge and attends educational workshops.

Ensures the implementation and maintenance of the company’s quality system

Management Skills

New business developments, new business openings Meeting customer and maintaining good relationships in order to bring more opportunities for OSP as presales stage and establishes project objectives, analyzes the project proposal and collaborates with the management.

Establishes project plan; determines time frame, funds and staffing; approves the project schedule.

Develops planning, control methods and procedures.

Commensurate with the nature and scope of work in project implementation, demonstrates them to project engineers and ensures their application.

Selects orients & trains staff members, and assigns responsibilities.

Acts as an arbitrator at site to solve problems arising among project engineers.

Establishes and achieves the project’s budget, schedules and approves expenditures, analyzes variances and initiates corrective actions.

Approves project specifications.

Analyzes product design, customer requirements and performance standards and authorizes technical studies.

Ensures that all permissions required for the execution of the work are available and valid.

Determines feasibility of the projects; identifies and forecasts costs and requirements.

Confirms product requirement, establishes standards and tests requirements.

Controls project plan and approves design, specifications, plans and schedule changes.

Prepares project status, reports, collects, analyzes and summarizes information and trends.

Produce a huge technical team to for multidisciplinary telecommunication work (ADSL, MSAN, FTTH, Design and up forecasting for new area to build new network build requirement based on economic & technical sense upgrading & dismantling works.

Completed projects and Achievements:

Prepared and upgraded STC standards and specifications {Civil infrastructure, Fibber network, access network, long distance, OP5(Outside plant units) and Martial specification with STC Technical team}

NBB project (Technical support in planning, design, Implementation, material and Audit)

FTTM (Fiber to Mobile tower), Key Account and Camera,s

Team member for Creating, Processing and quality control

Migration projects from FRAM and GCOM to NE –Tool

Digitize Plan system kingdom wise STC Projected (Collecting cable network data from field, Land Base verifying data with existing information and updating in FRAM/GCOM)

Coordination with Planning for technical issues/Standards and specifications

Creating standard documents for cutover plans to migrate customers, traffic, services from older to new platform

Updated Preventive and safety

Coordination with districts/Contractors for technical and Geographical issues

Upgraded Check list for Audit and Pre– acceptance and acceptance of project

Pilot project for Quality Assurance (Audit project) for Fixed (FTTH, MSAN, Key Account, Civil works for OSP and GSM)

NEMO Project with STC (QA/QC, Documentations, Design Review, Coordination, PAT(Handover to O & M)

FTTM, MSAN, Key Account Project (Technical Support and Coordination)

Supervised Updating of existing STC network in FRAME & GOM within time kingdom wise

Supervised 1st Mobily Metro project for Planning, designing, Implementation of Metro fiber rings for major cites (Riyadh, Jeddah, Hail, Al Hasa) 250 million Riyals almost for Mobily Metro project).

Coordinated in preparing pricing for UPL (pricing & PU) with Mobily technical team

Prepare As built Plan for SNFN (Mobily)

Darul Alarkan Housing/Durath Al Riyadh projects consultant through I-Net(Al Sharq Group)

Tepm-6 project with major Subcontractor (NATEL)

Key Projects for Banking & MOI through NATEL

Significantly increased the Company growth where I worked

182KL project turnkey (Survey, Design, Implementation and Project Supervision) With Alcatel Pakistan.

Tep-6 project with Major subcontractor NATEL (OSP, Access, Primary, Secondary, Junction)

550K (network expansion, Upgrading and Cut-Over’s(NATEL)

Key Account for Major Banks & MOI (NATEL)

450K (network expansion, Upgrading and Cut-Over’s(survey, Mapping, design & Strategic Planning & Implementation(Nor Consult, Al sharq office Co)

400k (Survey, design and Implementations)

400M (Survey, design and Implementations)

STC fixed networking updating project (Frame, GCOM & Network engineering tool)

182KL Project with Alcatel Pakistan (Pakistan telecommunication co)

DPS STC project (Surveyed, verified and updated existing STC cable network kingdom wise) with

STC Data Cleaning and Updating project (NTSA)

DPS STC project (Surveyed, verified and updated existing STC cable network kingdom wise) with Mishial Khaleej (working partner with Alsharque office co

Worked for Etihad Mobily 2nd operator for GSM, Long distance, Metro(Trunkey Solution, pricing, design, Implementation, QA/QC and Handover of project

SNFN (Mobily) Project (Design review, Quality Assurance)

Consultant for review Design and materials for Major housing projects(DARUL AL ARKAN &

DAURTH AL RIYADH) on behalf of I-NET service provider.

Work History

Nor consult Telematics (Septmber-2008 till date)

Technical engineer

Preparation, Upgrading and updating of OSP standards and specifications (Civil infrastructure, fiber optic cables, Cable accessories, copper cable and customer jobs)

Upgrading and Updating of OP5 (plant unit list with brief descriptions)

Provide solutions for connective’s of Back bone FTTM ( fiber to Mobile ), Key accounts, MSANs, Security cameras, Junction, Long distance

Recommendations of Implementation method and Materials as per geographical conditions and network requirements

Quality Assurance & Audit templates and check lists for Design and implementation plan, risk, issues resolutions and updating of all related document

Creating standards documents for cutover plans to migrate customers, traffic, services from older to new platform

Updated Preventive and safety guide lines

Team member for creating Process and quality control

Supervised Data Cleaning, Updating of existing network (land base Mapping, FRAMM, GCOM and GIS base Map and NE tool)

Migration projects from FRAM and GCOM to NE –Tool

Coordination with Planning for technical issues/Standards and specification

Coordination with districts/Contractors for technical and Geographical issues

Upgraded Check list for Audit and Pre– acceptance and acceptance of project

FTTM, MSAN, Key Account Project (Technical Support and Coordination)

As design review engineer- Design Reviewing, identify issues, recommendations and Coordination’s with Planning and design department

Project Implement for LTE/FFTH-GSM, Define, initiate, schedule, report, supervise, control, monitor and document the projects, Set objectives, organise teams, assign tasks, issue jobs, lead, guide the team.

Monitor progress, ensure project targets and milestones are achieved

Review and approve all Work Orders design by districts.

Monitoring weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly progress

Close coordination with Fiber assignment and Integration team during integration team

Prepare method of procedure (templates and check lists) implementation plan, risk, issues resolutions and updating of all related document

Resolve design blocking issues with Municipalities and districts

Testing and evaluating new network components or new elements.

Tracking design changes

Track status of standards

Conduct knowledge transfer workshops

Provide training to the Engineers.

Specifications and Templates for the Central Office and the Cabinet for the installation, GPON Nodes, Optical Splitters and Point to point Fibre.

Develop cutover plans to migrate customers, traffic, services from older to new platform.

Quality check of all Installations and assured all installed as per STC standard and fulfilling project requirements and conducts field visits to verify the Quality assurance and conduct audits for technically & economically

Technical Support to Roll out Manager and Regional managers

Al Sharque office co:

Position: Manager engineering & design/ OSP manager/Project manager (Design & Implementation) (May-2003 till August - 2008)

Lead Mega OSP/Access/FTTH/FTTM network build projects. Develop master plan, processes and strategy.

Define, initiate, schedule, report, supervise, control, monitor and document the projects.

Set objectives, organise teams, assign tasks, issue jobs, lead, guide the team.

Manage project resources, cost and risks. Mitigate risks, clear bottleneck and reduce cost.

Monitor progress, organise meeting, ensure project targets and milestones are achieved.

Prepare method of procedure, implementation plan, risk management, issues resolutions and acceptance procedure. Evaluate new build requirement based on economic sense.

Forecast and track dependency. Produce RFI, RFQ. Support vendor negotiation/selection.

Develop cutover plans to migrate customers, traffic, services from older to new platform.

Advised/ modified designs for housing projects

Supervision of all types of Design and Implementation related to OSP,FTTH, Metro, long distance, Compounds, MODA, Key Accounts, Access, junction,MSAN, ADSL, Civil, Primary and secondary for Mobily, STC and other Major operators

Recruitment locally and internationally

Procurements’ and selection of material

Training provided to engineers & technicians form company & clients

Close Coordination in preparing of Prices, Selection of material, plant unit and specification

STC fixed networking updating project (updated on GIS based map kingdom wise)

Produce a huge technical team to for multidisciplinary telecom work (ADSL, MSAN, FTTH, Design and upgrading & dismantling

Managed exponential growth of Company business (23 million to 250 million SR worth) . Led all the development activities including the site survey, installation, testing and commissioning of the copper & Fibre Cable network.

Company able to do turnkey project instead of installation & maintenances

Company became a major STC/Mobily contractor

Received Bonuses for new business developments, new business opening promotion of Company & Completion of projects in time with quality

Nor consult

Position: SPD Engineer (01October, 2001-September 2002)


Principal Designer of the planning and engineering of the primary, Civil and access network.

Survey, GIS Based Mapping, Fundamental Planning, Design

Supervised field engineers for survey, preparing Maps, Collecting data from field, forecasting, and fundamental planning.

Review designs for RAN, Access, Primary, Civil works and Secondary

Verify Maps and designs in the field

Coordination with STC Regions

Trainings; One month training for Engineering & design tools (Micro station & FRAMM for survey, design, and documentations)

Cooperative company for Communication

Position: Project Engineer: (May-99 to Dec-2000)


Project management for all OSP construction

Introduced Company in Survey, design and planning for turnkey solutions

Cutovers Jobs

Trunkey project for RAN (Survey, design and Implementations)

Trunkey project for SRS (Survey, design and Implementations)

Break down Maintenance of Copper network

Preventive maintenance of OSP network (Secondary, primary and access)

Create and manage E-to-E technical solution and service design for broadband products.

Develop scripts, configurations, data-build, quality standards to support required solutions

Testing and deployment of the new services, systems and technologies.

Specify and implement the system, platform and OSS upgrade requirements.


Completed designing and integration of DSLAM, MSAN, OLT/ONT and Aggregation Nodes.

Developed and implemented site design specifications for the Central Office and the Cabinet for the installation of the GPON nodes, DSLAM, Optical Splitters and the Fibre.

Implemented access network optimisation by strategic and tactical planning.

Produced and deployed service design solution architecture to offer products from the FTTH, VDSL2 and Fibre network. Successfully launched managed data services.

Specified tools for traffic performance reporting to OSS. Optimised monitoring mechanism

National Telecom Co ( Major Subcontractor with Tep-6 and Major subcontractor to Saudi Telecom CO)

Position: Regional Telecom Engineer (June-98 to Dec-2001)


Telecom. Engineer for Central Region where I supervised more than 300 technicians, supervisors and site engineers and coordination with contractor, consultant and client for technical issues)

long distance for STC Operation & Maintenance

Uniform contract for construction and maintenance directly from STC.

Survey for GSM E4

Long distance, junction, CAN Ring, primary, and secondary network.

Preparation for Work Plan, BOQ and Material Management.

Pre-construction survey prepare cost of project and required time, manpower, equipment.

Supervision in installation of Electronic Cabinets (RAN & Hrislus), MDF and Cabinets.

Supervision of all types of Cable FOC & Copper Cables jointing, termination & testing & measurement,

Supervision of all types of cut-over jobs for fiber optic and copper cable.

Supervision of Project Handing over documents, Flimsies & Site Diaries. Red Lines/As built drawings.

Rationalise the network by re-routing and link/node upgrades

Deploy the systems to meet the media requirement of the Junction networks.

Supervise development activities and installation work.

Monitored Survey of OSP, Long Distance cable network, digital microwave, SRS,WLL, Junction, FON and GSM Sites for O & M

Conduct Network acceptance tests, Preparing Hand over Documents

Managed the projects for the installation, testing, commissioning and integration of the SDH, DWDM, ATM and multi-service access nodes. Modernised the backbone network.

Connected all major Banks and MOI offices through backbone fiber

Designed high quality system acceptance procedures and Method of Procedure.

Conduct PAT, FAT of the new transmission systems and platforms.

Received Bonuses for Completion of projects in time with quality

DSI (PVT) LTD Karachi Pakistan, one of the famous hosiery manufacturer

Position: Manager Maintenance (March, 1995 to june-1996)


Resources management & coordination with production manager

Supervised engineers, fitters, electricians in installation and maintenance

Preventive maintenances and calibrations of motor speed controllers and other equipments to avoid break down

Manager Maintenance for Hosiery Manufacturing and Dyeing & Finishing Industries)

Supervision of maintenance of dyeing, finishing computerized continuous chemical processing (Long close & Heliot) industries.

Trouble shooting of DCS & PLCs, different processing control equipment as well as electrical panels, Motors, Motor drives.

DC drives, Float switches, Level switches and Trouble shooting & repair of electronic equipments.

Break down maintenance of Maintain the dyeing (Long close) & finishing machines (Heliot) and automated conveying machines.

Special Programming of PLCs for chemical processing for dyeing and finishing of cotton fabric(Tele mechanic, Square D, Honey well companies control systems).

Also Responsible for supervision of engineering team who handles pumps, Boilers, water treatment plant, Generators and Compressors.

Erection and Commissioning of plant.

Schedule for breakdown maintenance and preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenances and calibrations of motor speed controllers and other equipments to avoid break down

Engineer at Sipka Engineering (PVT) LTD A manufacturer, Sales Agent for 3M, Motorola and international manufactures

Sales & Marketing (May 1994_ March 1995)


Sales of telecom cables & fiber Optics, Jointing material & Test Equipment.

Sales and marketing for 3M telecom product for outside plant.

Arrange workshops and site demonstration for promotion of product.

Coordination with PTTs and telecom contractors for specifications and technical problems.

Field demonstration of 3M telecom for jointing martial and test equipments

Alcatel Pakistan LTD at 182KL project(Trunkey projected)

OSP engineer for design & Implementation of Fiber & Copper network(March 1992_ April 1994)


Survey, Mapping, Planning, Designing and implementation - 182 JK-BLT Project

Survey, Data Collecting, study, planning, Design & Implementation Engineer For Access, junction, primary, Civil, Secondary (FIBEROPICS & COPPER CABLES NETWORK)

Completed Fiber Optics/Copper cable Network planning, designing, & implementation of junction network, Copper Cable LNOP Planning, designing for primary & secondary,

Supervised fiber optic and copper cable Installation, Splicing, jointing, testing and up to handover the projects.

Supervised fiber optics Cable pulling, Splicing, Jointing, Termination and testing & Measurement.

Supervised Installation of copper cable, cable jointing, termination testing and extend of MDF.

Completed Training Programmed of Fiber Optic Cable Splicing, Jointing, Testing & Measurement.

Preparation of bill of Bill of quantities, Red Lines (as built drawings) documents for acceptance, Estimation of rehabilitation of existing Copper Cable Network.

Consultant of Subscriber Management, Coordination with Client, Electric Department and Municipality


Trainings; One month training for fiber optic survey, design, Installations, jointing, testing & measurements and documentations June 1993 from Alcatel Pakistan

Trainings on job for Engineering & design tools, Survey, GIS based Mapping, Installations of fiber optics, jointing, testing & Measurements (Micro station & FRAMM for survey, design, and documentations)

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