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Av Tech & IT Support/Adminstration

Tulsa, OK
December 26, 2020

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Education & Certifications

Eustis High School / Alee Academy ‘06

CompTIA A+ (Sept 2020)

CompTIA Linux+ or equiv. ON HOLD

CompTIA Network+ or equiv.ON HOLD

IT Skills

AV Skills

Recent (pre-pandemic) Work Experience

Mar 2020 / Commonfund 2020 @ Tampa CC (SpartanAV)

AV Tech, Set/Strike

Feb 2020 / Dynavax Sales Meet @ Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress (AVIR) VX Hand

Feb 2020 / FCA Product Session @ Orange Co. CC (AVI Resources) Stagehand

Feb 2020 / OPEX Meeting 2020 @ Orange Co. CC (AVI Resources) Scenic, AV, LX Hand

Feb 2020 / Novo Nordisk booth @ Broward Co. CC (CrewCall) AV Hand

Feb 2020 / Wedding @ Ilan Ferder Stables, Wellington, FL (CrewCall) LX Hand

Feb 2020 / Lopez Wedding @ Flagler Museum (CrewCall) LX Hand

Jan 2020 / NFL Experience (IATSE Local 500)

General & AV Hand for NFL Sponsors

Jan 2020 / NFL 1st & Future Presentation (IATSE Local 500) AV Tech and Playback/Recording Op

Jan 2020 / Corp. presentation @JW Marriott Turnberry (AVIR) AV Hand

Complete AV experience available upon request, 2017 - present. Various Past Projects

2020 / Residential CCTV

Installation & config of generic consumer-provided HW. 2020 / Media Server v3

A containerized version of the 2017 project w/ remote access and “kid-friendly” docker administration.

Front: Jellyfin, Ombi, Portainer, Minecraft (server) Back: docker, nginx, fail2ban, Authelia, Sonarr+Radarr, NFS 2019 / Zeroconf Media Server

Dual RPi-based system that can be dropped into a home network like an IoT device

Raspbian, avahi, Jellyfin, NFS, Sonarr+Radarr

2017 / Media Server v1

Server stack used to backup and serve personal media Debian, Plex, NFS, FileBot (+ another machine to import DVDs) 2012 / CCTV System for ‘Jabberwock Also’

24/7 motion-enabled retail surveillance leveraging iSpy Other Work and Life Experience

2012 - 2017 / Hitchfolk Wraps

Self-employed artist managing both in-person and social media sales+marketing Examples of work are available at @hitchfolkwraps on Instagram. 2016-17 / American Beauty Botanicals

Seasonal harvest and processing of medicinal flowers 2012 / Jabberwock Also

Retail management covering every aspect, including sales, reorders, product testing, hiring, and maintaining the CCTV system.

2010 - 2018 / Travel

Travelled the entire continental US, and parts of Mexico and Israel via a variety of unconventional methods.

2010 - 2014 / @ Fat Kids

Volunteered at a non-profit travelling soup kitchen, feeding hundreds System Administration

Windows, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/Arch)




[>> ]

Software Troubleshooting ]


DNS, mDNS (avahi), nginx, rclone, fail2ban

[>> ]


VMware, docker

[> ]

Hardware Repair/Troubleshooting ]

Documentation and Support [>> ]

Video [V2]

Set/Strike, signal flow, LED Wall prog.



Hang/Focus, Fixture addr’ing, network


[>> ]

Playback/Record Operator

PlaybackPro, Millumen2, AJA Ki+

[> ]

Audio [> ]

Staging ]

Carpentry / Scenic [> ]

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