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Engineer Engineering

December 25, 2020

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Libya- Tripoli, Janzour.




Belgrade - Serbia, Jove Illiċa 39.

Work Mobile and Viber (Libya): + (218) 91 372 - 4106 Work Mobile: (Libya): + (218) 91 355 - 1920

Work Mobile and Viber (Belgrade): + (381) 61 271 - 6996 E-mails:,, Education & Licenses

Continuing Education: has attended over 30 short courses and supervision for projects as (BS, Petroleum Engineering).

PhD, Mining Engineering, Univ. of Belgrade, Dissertation presented and approved on Monday, March 9, 2020 By GPA 10.0 Out of 10.0. "OPTIMIZATION OF HYDRAULIC FRACTURING IN ORDER TO IMPROVE THE PRODUCTION POTENTIAL OF THE OIL FIELD NORTH OF GIALO IN LIBYA”.

MS, Oil and GAS Engineering, the Libyan Academy, March 2010. "FUTURE STUDY OF WAFA FIELD BY GAS LIFT SYSTEM”.

PE (Professional Engineering) in Petroleum Engineering by exam, certified TEC, Cairo, May 2009.

(Subsurface professional Engineer) in petroleum engineering by exam, certified, National Oil Corp, Tripoli, January, 2006.

BS, Petroleum Engineering, Univ. of Al-Tahaddy, Sirt, Libya, 2001/2002. Competencies

PE Engineer - Design tools and methods.

PE Engineer - Water Analysis.

PE Engineer - Gel Fluid analysis.

PE Engineer - Onsite Job Calculation.

PE Engineer - Proppant Analysis.

PE Engineer - Service Quality Assurance.

PE Engineer -Solvent Treatment and Scale Removal.

PE Engineer - Chemistry.

PE Engineer - Remote Equipment operation.

PE Engineer - DME Expertise.

PE Engineer - Material Storage and Transport.

PE Engineer - Blender Operations.

PE Engineer - Pump Operations.


PE Engineer - HMS Application.

PE Engineer - Sandstone Acidizing.

PE Engineer - Reservoir Analysis.

Assessment Quality.

Gas lift design and analysis.

Production optimization.

Acidizing concepts and design.

Hydraulic fracture and design considerations.

Employment History

Liboaljadeeda Oil Service Company – Branch Serbia Jan 2019- Present

Senior Technical Advisor Production Enhancement Technology (STAPET) –Coil Tubing Treatment, Acid Matrix treatment, Acid Fracture and prop fracture o Provide Unconsolidated Sandstone, Stimulation Model and Procedure Final Report. o Provide North Gialo Field, Libya Upper Nubian Sand, Stimulation Study via multi- chemical treatment Stimulation Model and Procedure Final Report. o Provide Western Chani Field, Libya dolomite formation Stimulation Study via multi- chemical treatment, Stimulation Model and Procedure Final Report. o Provide Matrix Acidizing Recommendation and Design for Injection Wells, sand, carbonate, formations, Sirte basin.

o Post-frac evaluation of fracture conductivity, length, and average propped fracture concentration. o Post-Stim Matrix evaluation of multi chemical technique for carbonate and sandstone via Coil Tubing and High Pressure Pump.

o Provide Simulation optimization of treatment for tight and unconsolidated sandstone formation. o Provide performance forecasting following the initial production and also subsequent to any stimulation, and NPV.

o Provide Reservoir simulation for special conformance and stimulation jobs. o Research advisor on several University projects including Serbia, Belgrade university and Libya, universities.

o Provide Wellbore tubular design to optimize reservoir productivity (production optimization). o provide operational steps preparing the well and execution of a specific pump schedule, optimized fracture geometry, fracture conductivity, and proppant coverage. o Provide Baseline Analyses various proppant types, sieve size, and coverage to compar. o Provide production Analyses, and NPV profiles based on the well properties an untreated well is also analyzed and compared to the treated well profiles. o Predict Apparent Viscosity of Borate-Crosslinked HPG Gel in Fractures for A High-Temperature with versus shear rate and temperatures with elapsed time. o Provide frac permeability and fracture conductivity with vs propped fracture concentration for unconsolidated sand.

o Provide fracture stimulation to Make Realistic Predictions of Hydraulically Fractured, a realistic forecast of post-frac production and economics.

o Extensive knowledge of well servicing (slick line, CT, pumping, treatments) equipment, technology and workflows. Knowledge of wells (completion) and workovers equipment. o Knowledge of equipment requests and mobilization process (Work Orders, SAP). o Production system optimization and well performance troubleshooting (wells with natural flow, artificial lift: ESP, Gas Lift).


Liboaljadeeda Oil Service Company – Branch Serbia August 2016 - Dec 2018

Business Segment Manager –

Conformance Development Team / Production Enhancement Aug. 2016- present

In charge of Production Enhancement PE, artificial Lift & oil field tools, performed in Serbia

(Belgrade), that includes as follows is

o Technical support for customers including Fracturing and Acidizing Services. o Technical support for customers including artificial lift analysis and design. o Evaluation Technical and Commercial for Production Enhancement PE and artificial lift analysis and design.

o Create tender, quotation, market, Sales and rental equipment for client and Service Companies. o Business and Technical Cooperation with Working Group composed of the companies in Pancevo, Serbia.



o Technical Adviser for Stimulation (ACID/FARC) wells such as design and analysis, In Libya and Serbia, Belgrade, Representative for a joint appearance on the market, Create Tender, Proposal, Quotation, then Supply the Equipment, and the Chemical. Thus Training candidates for working in the process of oil and gas companies. Under broad direction, utilizes subject matter expertise and established client relationships to sell and services and achieve maximum profitability and market penetration/share.

Liboaljadeeda Oil Service – Service Company- Libya June 2015-July 2016

Principle Technical Consultant Frac/Acid June 2015- July 2016 In charge of Production Enhancement PE, performed in Libya that includes as follows is o Evaluation Technical and Commercial Production Enhancement. o Sales and rental gauges (Sapphire - Quartz), Echo Meter Model, and Filtration Unit- types.

Halliburton - Libya Branch: 2008 - March, 2015

Senior Technical Professional Frac/Acid Oct. 2014 - March, 2015 In charge of Acid Stimulation jobs under Cement Department PSL performed in Libya that includes as follows is

o Account Representative for companies such as Total, Waha, Agoco, ZOC, HOO, Sirte, Agip and Repsol,

o Create material requirement for jobs

o Prepare call out sheet

o Well site and operation engineer (Acid Jobs)

o Final Post Job report (FPJR) to customer

o Job design and Analysis

o prepare Technical and commercial offer for Clint o Bullheading and completing each Blowout steps to avoiding the lost revenue in Farigh Field - Sirte Basin Libya.


o Some system knowledge (SAP) and general understanding, such as (Run some codes and Reports (zjml…etc….)

Customer service

o Provides the maximum in the customer service.

o Is the customer`s first choice.

o Understand the customers as individuals.

o Makes each customer feel special.

Controlling Cost

o Understand the customers as individuals.

o Creates highly effective system and processes to monitor and control costs o keeps the company`s financial goals clearly in mind. o Avoids wasting money, material, or resources.

o Digs deeply into the numbers and finds additional ways to Control and accurately analysis costs.

Senior Technical professional Frac/Acid May, 2014 – Oct 2014 In charge of the fluid side in ACID and FRAC jobs performed in Libya that includes as Follows is

o Customer contact

o Prepare call out sheet

o Lap Work

o Well site and operation engineer (Acid & Frac Jobs) o Final Post Job report (FPJR) to customer

o Job design and Analysis

Service Coordinator PE/Boots & Coots (April 13 - May 13) ( Nov 2013 ) o Accepting Assignments & Commitment

Put in astounding hours on the XYZ project to help make it a major success.

Has increased department productivity as a result of her willingness to assume additional assignments.

Reaches out for additional assignments.

Makes every member of the team fell important.

Avoiding the most common mistakes.

Well side / Operations (frac/Acid Jobs) & (CT operations pus LN2 Eq).

Post job analysis to customer.

Customer contact, prepare ticket and sign on it.

Prepare call out sheet.

Performance &developmental goals.

Advice and support for the team on location.

Crew orientation for implementing safety by technical knowledge.

Is the customer`s first choice.

Build excellent relationships with customer.

Always projects a positive attitude.

Understand the customers as individuals.


Performing Job.

QA/QC (Chemical inventory).

Train at US, Taxas Odessa, Midland, West &north Texas Sep, 2011- April, 2012

Field training in frac job

Lap field training

Knowledge of different fluid system

Final post job reports to customer

Job design and analysis

LAS File

Technical professional Frac/Acid Duncan, Oklahoma, 16th, Apr. 2012 In charge of the fluid side in frac jobs performed in US and that includes the following,

Phase III, break out & presentation.

Fluid &rock mechanism

Fixed LAS File

Electric log interpretation

Design and analysis

Associate Technical professional Frac/Acid USA, Midland Texas Feb- April 2012

We covered FracProPT, Logging & Frac Procedure writing.

Design and analysis

Final post job reports to customer.

DRRU JOBS, OXY USA, Formations (Wolfcamp and Spraberry)

Mabee Ranch jobs, OXY USA, Formations (Atoka-Bend/Strawn/ Wolfcamp/Spraberry )

Universities Jobs, OXY USA, formations (Wolfcamp/Spraberry)

Well site &operations Engineer (frac Jobs).

Performing Job.

Sales Engineer Halliburton Libya, Field Office 2010-2011

In charge of designing and following field operation

Academic Experience

The Libyan Academy / Department of chemical and Petroleum Engineering

In Part-Time, Teaching Advising, Research Advisor for graduate students, 2019- Present.

Al Zawiya University (Natural Resources Faculty) / Department of Petroleum Engineering

In Part-Time, Research Advisor June, 2013.

Aljabal Algharby University-(Gharyan) – (Department of engineering of petroleum).

In Part-Time, teaching advising, and research advisor for both graduate and undergraduate students. Taught 5 different courses, 2012 – 2016. 6


1. Emad Ibrahim Mohamed Fandi, PhD. “A new Empirical to Predict Apparent Viscosity of Borate- Crosslinked HPG Gel in Fractures for A High-Temperature” Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST), Volume 7 issue 7, July (2020), 12301- 12308. 2. Emad Ibrahim Mohamed Fandi, PhD. “A New Empirical of Bullheading and completing each Blowout steps to avoiding the lost revenue in Farigh Field - Sirte Basin Libya” Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST), Volume 7 issue 7, July (2020), 12320- 12326.

3. Emad Ibrahim Fandi et al “A Review of Carboniferous, Permian and Middle Triassic Paleoenvironmental Linked with Thermal Maturities Interpretation of A1-9 Well, Concession 9, NW Libya” .University Bulletin – ISSUE No.22- Vol. (2) – June- (2020). 4. Emad I. M. Fandi et al. “Implemented stage fracturing technique to improve oil production in Nubian sandstone of North Gialo, Libya” Acta Montanistica Slovaca Volume 23 (2018), number 3, 245-259.

5. Fandi et al. “Implementation of stimulation treatment for gas lift well in Sirte Basin, Libya”. Paper published in 26th, February 2015, British Journal of Applied Science & Technology; BJAST, 7(5): 467-482, 2015; Article No. BJAST.2015.165.

6. Emad I. Fandi et al. “Implementation Gas Lift Selection Technique and Design in the Wafa Field of Ghadamis Basin, West Libya” Paper presenter and published in 18th, International Conference on Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology/9997482/ Vol: 86 2014-01-01. Istanbul_ Turkey, 575 - 579 February, 2014. 7. Emad Ibrahim Fandi et al Int. “Effective SCA Stimulation Proved To Be the Key Economic to Maximum Profitability in the Gragaf Formation of the Sirte Basin, Libya”. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications. ISSN: 2248-9622, Vol.4, Issue 6 (Version 2), June 2014, pp. 33-36.

Presentations, projects, certificates and short courses:

Certificate from Harouge Oil Operations (Team leader for blow Out Incident at Amal Station

- Well A03) 20-11-2014.

“Technical Report for More Than 160 Chemical Used in the World for Stimulation Sandstone and Carbonate”. PE, Halliburton, Branch Libya, February, 2011.

“Future study for ENI Libya of Wafa Field by Gas Lift System’’. The Libyan Academy, June 2010.

“Gas Lift Technology”. National Oil Corp, Tripoli – 2006.

Acidizing concepts and design.

Hydraulic fracture and design considerations.

Enhanced Oil recovery EOR.

Research method.

Basic pressure transient analysis for one week.

Gas lift technology for one week.

Oil and gas production pressing & treatment for one week.

Production technology I for one week.

Sucker rod pumping system for one week.

Basic off shore technology for one week.

Work over & well completions I & II for two weeks.

Petroleum economic evaluation for one week.

Reservoir rock & fluid properties for one week.


Drilling and well control training canter for one week.

Software (OFM) and PIPESIM for two weeks

Surface & down hole well testing for one week.

Introduction to wire-line well logs for one week.

Formation damage, chemical stimulation and hydraulic fracturing for one week.

ESP pumping design for one week.

Rig components for one week.

Safety for one week for one week.

Well diagnosis for one week.

Applied drilling fluids for one week

Oil well cementing for one week.

Production logging for one week.

Software Applications:

o Fracpro version 2017 is to Fracture Design mode allows engineers to quickly and efficiently generate a treatment schedule based on what the reservoir requires. o Material Library, the purpose of the Material Library is to allow the user to access, view and use the data which describes the physical properties of materials, fluids and proppants. o StiMRIL Forecast application to generate a customer report. The StiMRIL process is intended to present stimulation recommendations based on analysis of the MRIL log interpretation, allowing the user the ability of fine tuning the MRIL analysis as well as the reservoir description based on production analysis.

o IFS (Inside For Stimulation), In all probability use this software on the location and INSITE for Stimulation is Real-Time Stimulation Data Acquisition System based on the INSITE Core and INSITE for Stimulation software products.

o PRIZM™ is the GeoGraphix® Discovery™ petrophysical application designed to assist geoscientists and petrophysicists in analysing and interpreting well log data. o Predict-K 15.1 Stim-Lab, Version 15.1 and 19.1, Predict-K program to Make Realistic Predictions of Hydraulically Fractured Well Production Rates. Predict-K provides the best method now available to integrate all available mechanisms affecting final frac conductivity and post-frac well performance. Predict-K uses an extensive proppant database and fluid database to predict well production in finite permeability fractured wells. o StimPlan ™ / Injecplan ™, Version 7.00", software used for finalizing treatment designs and history matching actual net treating pressure data and fully numerical solution for two dimensional fluid-flow/proppant- transport calculations.

o Interactive Petro physics (IP) soft is computed the Basic log analysis module is used to make a quick log analysis.

o Wellflo software for design and analyses of the artificial lift system as sensitivity that runs were conducted using Wellflo software package developed by Edinburgh Petroleum Services 2006 EPS Ltd.

o STIM2001 Software is to a solutions-oriented package for Stimulation Candidate Selection, Matrix Acidizing Design for (Sandstone - Carbonate), and PRE-POST-Treatment Evaluation. o Petroleum Experts Ltd. PROSPERS-System Analysis Program. Also working experience with PIPESIM nodal analysis software, Petroleum production system (PPS), “Soft Package”

(Acidizing, hydraulic fracture, artificial lift, fluid properties, reservoir in flow, well testing, skin calculation and flow in pipes).

o MBAL Software for material balance reserve estimation and prediction. o FracCADE is a numerical hydraulic fracture simulator featuring economic optimization, proppant schedule generation, single and fracture growth modelling, and acid fracturing module. 8

Associate Technical professional Frac/Acid Halliburton Libya 2008-2010 o In charge of the fluid side in Acid jobs performed in Libya and that includes the following:

Operation training.

Monitoring & participating in acid mixing

Monitoring & participating in real time operations

Tracking chemical inventories

Implementing Halliburton Safety & Quality Standards.

Well site & operations Engineer (Acid & Conformance).

Post Job Analysis to customers.

Associate Technical Professional Frac/Acid (Cairo, Egypt) Feb. 2009 - May 2009

Training at the TEC (Technical Excellence Center) in Cairo, Egypt, it includes the following:


Describe the process involved with the creation of a reservoir.

Describe the factors determining whether or not a reservoir will be commercial.

Describe how oil and gas wells are drilled.

Describe how formations are evaluated.

Describe how zones in oil and gas wells are isolated.

Describe how oil and gas wells are completed.

Describe how production is enhanced in oil and gas wells.


Define the different fluid systems, additives, and materials. Explain the purpose of each fluid additive. Explain how the different fluid additives work. Emphasize the importance of each fluid additive.

Describe the primary and secondary effects of the fluid additives, including interaction with other fluid additives.

Determine the most common types of jobs performed in a given area and hypothesize as to why these are the most common.

Determine the type of equipment necessary to perform the required duty. Describe the equipment's purpose, pressure and rate limitations, capacities, loading characteristics of bulk equipment, and data gathering systems.

Diagram each part of the job procedure while explaining the importance of each stage.

Determine the maximum allowable pressures for the job. Calculate the average hydraulic horsepower required.

Calculate the fluid design parameters necessary to complete the service, i.e., clean/dirty rates, density for each stage, additive volume by stage and total, and water requirement.

Prepare a pre-treatment lab report based on the testing of water, fluid additives, and materials.

Prepare an HSE and Chemical Compliance report detailing chemical safety, safe handling, and spill and contingency plans for each chemical on location.

Prepare a quality assurance sheet containing: pre-job testing, material validation, pre-job inventory, and job testing and recording.

Prepare a job log containing the rates, pressures (surface and bottom hole), densities, concentrations, and time recorded of specific events.

Prepare a post-treatment report comparing the job plan to actual plan and post-job to pre-job inventory explaining any variance from the plan.


Predict the bottom hole treating pressure from formation properties for a given job

Predict the wellhead treating pressure from formation and fluid properties for a given job. 9

Predict the observed net pressure from measured wellhead treating pressure, formation properties, and fluid properties for a given job.

Design a lab testing procedure. Specify the type of tests to perform and the required results in order for the slurry to pass.

Analyze a pressure decline to determine the closure pressure for a given job.

Analyze a step down test to determine the amount of near well bore friction.

Analyze a step rate test to determine the fracture extension pressure.

Analyze the real-time pressure response to infer the manner in which the fracture is propagating.

Determine the necessary equipment specifications in order to complete the job procedure Wintershall Company Sep, 2006 - March 2008

o Sup Surface production Engineer (Training program) Personal

o Libyan Nationality.

o Single.

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