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Engineer Engineering

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
December 27, 2020

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Petroleum Engineer, PEC Registration no. PETGAS/764.

Saudi Engg. council ID. 195192

Cell # +923*********, 009***********


Address: H.No. B-24, Gul-e-Latif Pase II Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.


Looking to use my extensive range of technical, supervisory and team building skills within a suitably challenging role.

EXPERIENCES (2006 to 2020) 14 years

1.Supervisor (Production Operations), 1.8 years

Rawabi CETCO, Saudi Arabia.

(Dec 2018 to Sept 2020)

●Well test operations (Flow back, ESP function test, well services, TCA diagnostic tests, green burner operations, Testing exploratory wells, well production report handling, gas sampling, decompletion job with surface separator and surge tank, rig less gas and oil sites. Offshore zero flaring production testing, expandable choke system and sand management system flow back operations, water well production testing, flow back with separator, natural gas measurement, real time data monitoring.)

2.Production Supervisor (Oil and Gas operations), 6 years

Tetra Middle East Oil and Gas Services LLC.

Saudi Arabia.

(Jan 2013 to Oct 2018)

Field Operations performed

●Production, Well Test and well service operations at Saudi Aramco Onshore and off-


MDRK, MRJN, ZULF, MNIF, BRRI, NAYYAM, Sheybah and Sheybah II.

●Handling Aramco Well Test and Tetra data acquisition softwares.

●Clean up and testing after acid / matrix, proppant frac.

●Testing Exploratory wells at NYYM, Khurais, Shybah II, Turaif and UTMN


●High pressure gas wells.

●Sand management system (SMS) operations.

●Expendable choke system (ECS) operations.

●Well services and Site Co-ordination jobs with Aramco.

●On shore and offshore flaring operations.

●FLowback operations with DST, Zero flaring, ESP function Test, Smokeless

●Performed risk assessment for all wellsite operations.

3. Supervisor (Well Test operations) 2 years

China National Logging Corporation (Pakistan Branch)

(SEPT 2010 to Dec 2012)


●Well Test and DST operations.

●Well test and EPF operations for 1 year at UEPL at Khaskheli, Dhabi,

Matiari, Nurpur, Tando adam and sanjhoro.

●Certified Permit receiver and HITRA courses by UEPL.

●Sand trap operations at Hala field PPL and Rehmat field Petronas.

●Conducted Well Test Operations for Major Clients (UEPL, OGDCL,

POL, Petronas, PPL, OPL).

●Designing Well Testing Rig-Up.

●Maintenance of Surface Well Testing Equipments.

●Performing Oil and Gas Calculations.

●Data Acquisition System (DAS)

●Performed Well Testing Operation in all regions of Pakistan.

●Performed job in H2S Environment.

4. Production Engineer OGDCL Pakistan. 2.5 years

OGDCL (Pakistan) is the largest oil & gas company of Pakistan and the flagship of the country’s E&P sector.

(Feb 2008 to AUG 2010)

Field Operations performed

●Well operations Completions, CTU, S/L, W/L.

●Surface Well Testing Equipments.

●Supervised Well Testing (KD#05, KD#06, QP#34, X-2, KD#07 and KN#07).

●Well Completions oil and gas wells.(KD#05, KD#06, KD#07, KN#07 and QP#34).

●Post Completion Tests.

●Installation of Two Stage three Phase Separation Facility and Gas Calculation.

●Participated in workover operations.

●Well Inspections Qadirpur Gas Field.

●Performed Nodal Analysis through Pipe phase.

●Handling Production operations data PDMS.

●Annual Well Monitoring at Qadirpur Gas Field through Mobile Separator.

●HSEQ Training at Kunnar LPG Plant, Qadirpur Gas Field, Chanda and Mela Oil Fields

and Well site Operations.

Certified Professional Training Courses.

Training courses were conducted by highly skilled Instructors from OGDCL and other organizations in oil and gas training institute (OGTI) Islamabad

●Introduction to HSEQ

●H2S Alive & Rescue

●Well Performance

●Well Operations

●Advanced Instrumentation, Automation of Plants & Control.

●Basic and Advance Surface Facilities.

●Well Head Instrumentation.

●Automation operation & Control of Production/Processing Facilities.

●Computer Aided Production Engineering.

●Introduction to Petroleum Industry.

●Basic Reservoir Engineering Course.

●Artificial Lift Method (Sucker Rods)

●Pipe Phase Designing Software

●Corrosion Causes and Prevention

●Advanced Microsoft Excel

●Project Management

●Management Course I

●Management Course II

5. Lecturer (Deparment of Petroleum & Gas Engineering) 1.3 years

Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering & Management Scienes Quett, Balochistan (Pakistan).

(OCT 2006 to Jan 2008).


●Teaching Petroleum Engineering Subjects.

●Conducting Practicals and Demonstration in Reservior Lab.

●Student co-ordinator

●Arranging Technical Session and Field Visits.

●Member of Quality Enhancement Cell.

6. Junior Field Engineer - (Well Testing) 5 months

China National Logging Corporation (Pakistan Branch)

(June 2006 to Oct 2006)


●Handling and operations of Surface Well Testing Equipments.

●Job Hazard and safety Analysis.

●Pressure Testing of all well testing equipments after operations.

●Maintenance and Proper house keeping of Tools.

●Data Acquisition System of well testing system.


B.E (Petroleum & Natural Gas) 1st Division 76% (DEC 2005)

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan

COMPUTER SKILLS/Petroleum Softwares

●Data Acquisition software (FURDUX) for Well Testing.

●Pipe Phase.

●Production data management system. (PDMS)


These Technical two day Short course were conducted on the Platform of SPE Mehran Student Chapter in Mehran University of Engineering and Technology during studies.

●Wire Line Logging And Interpretation

By Mr. Masatoshi Nishi & Mr. M. Ashraf (Schulumberger)

●Eclipse Office

By Mr. Aijaz Shaikh (Schlumberger)

●The Art Of Mud Logging

By Riaz-Ur-Rehman Qureshi (Baker Huges Inteq)

●Wire Line Logging.

By M. Nawaz Bughti (PPL)

Directional Drilling

By Riaz-Ur-Rehman Qureshi (Baker Huges Inteq)

● Introduction to Digital Library Resourses and Their Effective Usage.

By Ms. Urooj Fatima (Higher Education Commission)

● Positive Displacement Compressor Optimization.

By Mr. Allah Baksh (Reliability Engineer BP Pakistan)


●Performance Evaluation of Five Spot well pattern Simulation Model.

The objective of this project is to develop a dynamic reservoir model by using Eclipse office. Finally to compare the model characteristics with and without injection wells.


Father’s Name Sanaullah Soomro

Date of Birth January 15, 1984

N.I.C 41306-0537509-9

Passport No. AL8795093

PEC Registration No. PETGAS/764

Nationality Pakistani

Marital Status Married


Provided on demand.

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