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Molecular Biologist-Protein aggregation in Neurodegeneration

Vadodara, Gujarat, India
December 27, 2020

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Siddhant Kumar

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To seek a position in the area of Molecular Biology or Biochemistry;where my abilities and skills could be utilized for my personal and professional growth.

Work Experience

Volunteer at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre for RT-PCR based COVID-19 diagnosis (May 2020).

Junior Research Fellow at the Neurodegenerative and Peptide Engineering Lab, Department of Biological Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar (July 2019- August 2020).

Projects undertaken:

1.Impact of Post-Translational modifications in Neurodegenerative Disorders;

oExpression and purification of aggregation-prone proteins in various Neurodegenerative disorders; i.e. TDP-43 (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Huntingtin (Huntington’s disease), Amyloid-β 42 and Tau (Alzheimer’s disease).

oMolecular Biology- Transformation, Restriction Digestion, Ligation of DNA, PCR and Gel electrophoresis.

oSolid-phase Peptide synthesis of aggregation-prone peptides, their characterization using Mass spectrometry and studying the effects of Post-Translational modifications on their aggregation properties using ThT fluorescence assay.

oCell-culture Studies.

2.Synthesis of a Cost-effective 3D scaffold for Tissue Engineering;

oSynthesized a new scaffold with high modulus, by chemically modifying Chitosan.

oAnalyzed its chemical and physical properties using Fourier Transform Infra-red(FTIR) Spectroscopy, Rheology, Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

oUsed the material as a scaffold in cell-culture experiments to grow and maintain the A549 Lung cancer cell-line, quantified using confocal microscopy.

Publications related to the Project:

1)Marapureddy, Sai Geetha; Thareja, Prachi; Kumar, Siddhant; Gupta, Sharad, “Rheology of Graphene Oxide embedded and Carbamoylated Chitosan Hydrogels”, The Society of Rheology 91st Annual Meeting, Oct 20-24, 2019.

2)1 co-authored journal article Under-review.

Skills: Molecular Biology, Protein Expression, and purification Peptide synthesis, their Characterization and Aggregation, Bio-materials and their Characterisation.

Internship at Anand Multispecialty Hospital, Ahmedabad – 2015


Post Graduate

oMTech in Biological Engineering

oUniversity: IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj

oCumulative Performance Index (CPI): 9.59 out of 10

Relevant Coursework: Peptide Synthesis and Characterization (Laboratory Course), Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology, Methods in Biology, Cell Signaling, Bio-Physics, Fluorescence Proteins, and Medical Products Quality and Regulatory.


1)Solanki, Dhaval; Kumar, Siddhant; B., Shubha and Lahiri, Uttama, “Implications of Physiology-sensitive Gait Exercise on the Lower Limb Electromyographic Activity of hemiplegic Post-Stroke patients: A Feasibility Study in Low Resource Settings”, IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine, 2020.

2)Solanki, Dhaval; Kumar, Siddhant; Raj, Pradeep; and Lahiri, Uttama, “Body Weight Support Assisted Virtual Reality based Treadmill Walk with Gait Characterization”, 10th IEEE ICCCNT Conference 2019, India.

3)Solanki, Dhaval; Kumar, Siddhant; B., Shubha and Lahiri, Uttama, “Understanding implications of adaptive and progressive physiology-sensitive exercise on gait and physiological performance of patients with neurological disorder”, in the International Conference on Neurological Disorders and Therapeutics (ICNDT 2019), NIPER Ahmedabad, IN, Oct. 24-26, 2019.

o1 co-authored journal article under review.


oB.E. in Bio-Medical Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.

oUniversity: Gujarat Technological University

oCumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): 8.94 out of 10


oPresented a paper on “Virtual Surgery” in Sushruta Innovation Award 2016 Competition; organized in the 13th National Conference and Technology Exhibition on Indian Medical Devices and Plastic Disposables/ Implants Industry 2016.

oPresented a paper on the topic “Psychology in Health”, at the 3rd National Seminar on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Knowledge 2015, at the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar.

oAn active member of the ROBOCON team of L.D. College of Engineering during the year 2014-2015; during which we participated in ROBOCON National Robotics Contest 2015, as part of the Asia Pacific Robotic Contest organized in Pune and secured 3rd rank.

Extra-Curricular Activities

oLed the Orientation Program for the 1st year students in July 2014.

oServed as a part of the organization team, during GTU Central TechFest (27-28 March 2015) and facilitated the registration process and other arrangements.


oK.V. No.1, Harni road, Vadodara, Gujarat (CBSE)

oHSC (March 2013) result: 85.2 %

oSSC (March 2011) result: 95%

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