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Pune, Maharashtra, India
December 27, 2020

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nagaraj mail Id:

Mobile: +91-916*******

Experience Summary:

. Having 6+ years of experience in the field of WebLogic Administration,

monitoring, deploying, configuring, tuning and troubleshooting of

WebLogic 10.x, 11g & 12c versions on Linux environment.

. Experience in Configuring and Deploying instances on Amazon Web


. Experience in Amazon AWS Cloud Administration which includes services

like: EC2, S3, AMI, IAM, Auto scaling, Security groups.

. Performed Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) Using Jenkins.

. Created and configured domains in production and non-production

environments using configuration wizard.

. Involved in creating and configuring the clusters in production and

non-production environment and deploying the applications on clusters.

. Installed Web Logic on UNIX environments using GUI, console and silent


. Configured the connection pooling, data sources with Oracle RAC.

. Proficient in deploying the WAR and EAR applications on target managed

servers by using the tools like admin console, WebLogic.Deployer


. Involved in tuning the server parameters, JVM parameters and garbage

collection parameters.

. Troubleshoot problems related to server hang, application deadlock,

out of memory and high CPU, in conjunction with help-desk, development

team, networking team, and vendor.

. Experience in UNIX shell scripting for deployment and health check of

file system.

. Hands of experience on implementing the Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for


. Experience on webMethods components/Tools.

. Creation and renewal of SSL certificates.

. Skilled in leadership, self-motivated and ability to Trouble shooting

various problems in different stages of production and non-production

using logs files.

. On-call support (24x7), Monitoring and maintaining multiple

Applications at production and non-production.

. Technical abilities include installations, configurations and

technical support.

Professional Experience:

Vodafone India Services Pvt. Ltd, Pune Sep 2014 -

Till date

Skill Set:

. Web/App servers: Apache, OHS, WebLogic, Webmethods.

. Cloud Services: EC2, S3, Auto-Scaling, Elastic Load Balancer,

Glacier, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM.

. Virtualization: Docker, Kubernetes.

. CI/CD Tools: Jenkins

. Ticketing/Bug Tracking tools: Jira, BMC Remedy, QC, HP Quality

Center, mRemote, ALM, SQL Developer, MongoDB

. Version Control Tools: Git

. Web Technologies: HTML

. Platforms: Linux, AIX, Microsoft Windows 07,10.

. Databases: Oracle 11g.

Project details:

Client: Vodafone Italy Sep 2014-till


Project Name : Infinity [Application Integration & Acceptance Testing]

Environment : Weblogic 12c, Apache 2.2, Oracle10g, GIT, Openshift, Docker,

Kubernetes, Jenkins, Linux.

Team size : 28


Infinity is the application and initiative aims to define and realize a new

reference infrastructure and application platform supporting high volumes

web & mobile channels customer needs (self-management and self-care

functionalities). When customer logins, he can access the promotions and

many other applications but it is read only for customer. Frontend is Jboss

and Backend is Redhat Linux. Through Brokers it connects to Redhat Linux

(Openshift broker).

Roles and responsibilities:

. Installation, configuring, administration of Weblogic 10.x, 11g and

12C on Oracle Linux environment.

. Web Logic administration includes: availability of service,

deployments, node administration through admin Console.

. Performed S3 buckets creation, policies and on the IAM role based

polices and customizing the JSON template.

. Installed application on AWS EC2 instances and configured the storage

on S3 buckets.

. Launching Amazon EC2 Cloud Instances using Amazon Web Services (Linux/

Ubuntu) and Configuring launched instances with respect to specific


. Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production

and corporate servers/storage using AWS Cloud watch.

. Involved in maintaining the user accounts (IAM).

. Maintained Jenkins continuous integration infrastructure and automated

releases to DEV/TEST environments.

. We deploy the application on Openshift node, which is the PaaS


. Creating New Domains and adding new application from Openshift

console, which is cloud based platform.

. Built and deployed Docker containers to break up monolithic app into

microservices, improving developer workflow, increasing scalability,

and optimizing speed.

. To drive all micro services builds out to the Docker registry and then

deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods & managed using Kubernetes.

. Experience on implementing Atlassian Tool Suite Jira.

. Mapping the agents with ETL and IMDG tools, which extract and

transform the data to ODI Integrator.

. Monitoring the health status of servers from OEM console.

. Deploying war and ear files on Openshift domains through Windows

Command Prompt.

. Checking the domain logs using MongoDB and executing sql scenarios.

. Installed, configured and administration of Apache 2.2.

. Integration Apache with Weblogic by Mod_Weblogic plugin.

. Troubleshooting and fixing problems on Weblogic Application server.

. This project includes deployment & analysing for Vodafone Italy

Application and it is responsible for managing the customer

relationship of Vodafone's Individual and Enterprise customers across


. Managed all the bugs and changes into a production environment using

the Jira tracking tool

. Involved with the vendors and support teams in troubleshooting and

fixing day-to-day problems of the applications in production.

. Coordinating with Onsite and other offshore teams to work effectively.

. Providing 24/7 support for concert applications.

. Perform timely escalation of critical production incidents and

proactively identify patterns of recurring incidents to improve

service stability.

. Respond to escalated client issues in a timely and effective manner.

. Good in using webMethods components/Tools like webMethods Developer,

webMethods Integration Server, webMethods Broker, webMethods Monitor,


. Good in deploying and implementing large scale EAI and B2B

integrations using webMethods Integration Server, webMethods

Developer, webMethods Broker and webMethods Monitor.

Education Qualification:

. MCA in 2011 from Osmania University, Hyderabad.

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