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Technical Writer Sales

Howell, MI
December 26, 2020

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**** ******* **** **. ****’s Preparatory, Orchard Lake, MI

Howell, MI 48843 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

248-***-**** Army Logistics University, Fort Lee, VA

B.A. in English

Basic Officer Leader Course


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (Fall 2013-Spring 2014)

oCataloged and recorded Hawaiian records and labels

oEvaluated meaning and context of record labels and how they differed based on location of company and how Hawaiian culture was portrayed

oCreated a final project poster with final work and presented it in a symposium to various judges and professors

oAttained tremendous experience with technical and research writing

Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (August 2013-April 2017)

oLearned crucial military tactics in a classroom setting that were then tested in hands on real life scenarios in the field

oDeveloped important leadership abilities and skills in a high-pressure field environment

oFormed the ability and skills necessary to maintain mental and physical stability in the face of changing orders or demands and never-consistent variables

oTested the leadership and military intelligence learned through the previous four years in a high-pressure field environment like a military engagement

oFormed a comfort not only leading but being led and working with those both in front and behind me in the chain of command

oSustained a mental sharpness throughout the tests of leadership despite the mental and physical toil enforced on us

oPhysical training and tests every morning throughout each semester, increasing the rigor beyond that of a typical college setting

Trelevate On-Demand Sales (April-June 2017)

oBusiness to business sales experience

oGained a firm sense of salesmanship working with Constellation Energy in a brand-new gas market

oBecame comfortable working both individually and on a team throughout the sales work we did

Michigan Army National Guard (October 2016-present)

oDrill, typically, one weekend per month and two weeks during the summer to maintain training standards and unit readiness for any potential Unit activation

oAs an officer (April 2017-present), I am always responsible for the readiness of the personnel and equipment as well as ensuring the health, welfare, and morale of the Platoon or Unit is being maintained properly by the individual Soldier; I am also responsible for the millions of dollars of equipment any one platoon may have

oAs Distribution Platoon Leader (October 2017-September 2019), I developed and improved the tactical convoy movement of 27 convoy lanes or more per year while also overseeing the no-accident driving of over 4000 miles, distribution of over 10000 rounds of ammunition, and fueling of over 2000 gallons of fuel each drill month of each year

oAs Maintenance Platoon Leader (September 2019-September 2020), I led 42 Soldiers with a wide range of military occupational specialties (MOS) and also helped facilitate maintenance plans with the Unit and the infantry units within which we were attached, overseeing countless repairs and maintenance activities as well as 38 recovery missions

oAs Unit Executive Officer (October 2020-present), I have spearheaded the delivery of over 500 meals to the Battalion as well as manage all other logistical coordination between the unit and the infantry Units within the Battalion and fix any shortfalls that come over the course of a drill weekend or weeks-long annual training (AT)

Digitized Schematic Solutions (August 2017-present)

oAs Technical Writer, I have become more than proficient in the FrameMaker and Arbortext software, working with XML content

oConfident in working with a wide range of machinery, equipment, and vehicles, having to learn to operate, perform maintenance and repairs on each piece and write to each of those things in a readable and understandable way

oEstablished an efficient and accurate writing style and rhythm that allows me to move and work in different projects simultaneously and maintain consistency and effectiveness

oHave written, edited, or revised a few hundred work packages for various Marine Corps training manual books

oWell versed in the military writing standard as used by both the Army and Marine Corps and able to translate that experience and knowledge with any other required writing style for any future endeavor


National Board ROTC 3-Year Academic Scholarship

Eagle Scout

oLed the renovation the religious education classrooms in a local church, which included repainting the walls and building new cabinets for storage

oRaised funds, found and led volunteers, and presented plans that were reviewed and approved as necessary including approval by the church board, education board, and Scout adult leadership board

oHeld the position of Den Chief for leadership requirement which involved managing a Cub Scout Den weekly

oMaintained commitment and significant attendance to Troop for 7 years working toward Eagle Scout award

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