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Engineer Electrical, P.Eng.

Laval, QC, Canada
December 23, 2020

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Archak Boyajian, P. Eng.


Cellular: 514-***-****


Dynamic, talented, self-motivated, highly responsible and energetic Electrical Engineer with more than 30 years of experience on various electronics, control systems, communication systems, Information Technology and wireless systems. Leader, technical problem solver, customer service focused and result oriented. Maintained strategic client relationships and facilitated positive interactions. Managed multi-million Dollar projects, developed systems and products, designed robotic controller, implemented comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. Identified and developed team members to ensure they meet the highest performance standards. Set goals with senior management that are workable and achievable. Strong conceptual and design skills, creative, visionary, and calm under stressful situations. Assisted in preparing and implementing annual operating budgets. Long-range planner, dynamic goal achiever, capable to over- see new ideas from A to Z, and motivate others to attain the organization’s goals. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Cysca Technologies (Nova Bus), Montreal, Quebec 2018 to Present PROJECT MANAGER

• As a project manager consultant for Nova Bus, involved in managing the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for the newly developed transit for Maryland and CATA Lansing Transportation Agencies. Follow up on the design based on RFP, meet customer, make presentations, validation of the design and provide the necessary support to customer satisfaction.

• Assumed the leadership role for the system design and coach new colleagues to assume responsibilities by using scrum and Agile methodology. Sensequake, Montreal, Quebec 2016 to 2018


• Designed, wrote specifications and supervised team of engineers for the design of Seismic sensors system; to collect low frequency vibration data used to determine the integrity and natural hazard vulnerability of structures.

• Assumed the leadership role for the design of the hardware and firmware of the sensor; using microcontrollers and wireless modules.


• Planned, designed and supervised the assembly and installation of Smart Roadside Inspection System for commercial vehicles safety inspection systems. Interviewed, selected, trained and evaluated new staff.

• Lead ongoing system, process and cost optimization

• Used technical knowledge and significant problem-solving ability to help determine the most effective solution for complex problems spanning multiple technical disciplines. Archak Boyajian, P. Eng.


Cellular: 514-***-****

• Implemented solutions for electronics, electrical, LAN, WAN, Fiber Optics, and RF communication solutions; for optimum performance of Smart Road Side Inspection System and Automatic Thermal Inspection Systems.

• Analyzed and evaluated new components used for the design of new products.

• Optimized manufacturing processes, by introducing new methods of assembly, testing, shipping and field installation.

• Leading the HW technology roadmap

• Introduced new Quality Control and continuous improvement methodologies to minimize risks, to achieve cycle-time cost reduction, design for robustness/reliability and removal of non-value-added steps.

• Support quality group for IQA and field issue needs

• Developed, review and release product documentation for newly designed systems to be implemented by the installation team.

• Acted as a go to person providing technical support for manufacturing and customer services groups for new and currently installed systems.

Acting as Technical leader in the Hardware group

• Designed and configured fiber networks as well as wireless networks (frequencies: 5.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz Communication systems).

MICROCONTROL, Montreal, Quebec 2010 to 2011


• Acted as Project Manager for the team in the design and development of electrical thermal refrigeration system.

• In partnership with a consultant, evaluated the steps required in making the prototype.

• Worked with product marketing team and potential customers to define the requirements of a thermal refrigeration system.

• Identified and estimated the cost of project implementation.

• Electrical / environmental validation


• Led a team of 14 engineers and technical staff for design, development, and support of different types of remote car starters.

• Provided technical guidance and hands on help, as well as managed resource planning (staff and budget) and personnel development.

• Stayed in close contact with the manufacturers in Asia, to ensure accurate production of products as per company specifications.

• Local and overseas supplier and contract manufacturer interfacing and support

• Managed cross-functional teams toward a common mission for the development of numerous new products; in coordination with engineering groups and other departments.

• Guided the team members in solving, digital, analog, firmware, software and testing problems.

• Ensured the engineering team to meet and exceed company objectives and goals.

• Introduced the kaizen methodology to optimize the design, manufacturing and testing processes of the products.

Archak Boyajian, P. Eng.


Cellular: 514-***-****

GLOBVISION Inc. St. Laurent, Quebec 2007 to 2009


• Developed and tested a computational intelligent systems and methodologies on an FPGA hardware, running UNIX on Power PC soft CORE. The embedded test software was programed in C and C++.

• Managed hardware and software design for “Water Record Accounting” system for hydro electric generators.

• Reviewed and updated technical designs and documentations.

• Managed and assigned tasks and led a cross-functional design teams for the development of satellite communication “hardware in the loop” simulation system.

• Worked with the Quality and Security System Manager to improve company’s quality and security.

DELUXETEL, Montreal, Quebec 2004 to 2007


• Managed, designed, configured and supported Servers, Ethernet switches, VOIP Access points, CISCO routers, and wireless access points. Managed, designed, developed, evaluated, purchased, implemented, supported and operated VOIP telephony systems for consumers, small businesses, and international customers.

• Directed day-to-day business activities. Managed staff. Marketed and promoted new products and services. Negotiated with suppliers to reduce cost and improve service quality. Devised plans to gain bigger market share.

SECURIPLEX Inc. (a division of SNC-LAVALIN INC.), Montreal, Quebec 2001 to 2004 SENIOR ENGINEER

• Using FPGA and microprocessor architecture, designed and developed compact, sophisticated and highly reliable fire detection control systems. The circuit boards are tested using emulators and simulators. The designs are documented as per ISO-9000 requirements.

• Schematic capture

• PCB layout

• Acted as Project Engineer for the Design, Implementation, Integration and Testing of a VME bus-based fire detection controller. The project has been realized within time and budget.

• Supervised, guided and motivated technicians in building and troubleshooting prototype circuit boards and enclosures for electronic products

• Evaluated the status of manufactured and newly designed products and recommended improvements.

• Component selection and validation

• Prototype, Beta production run management and validation ISB GROUP, Montreal, Quebec 1998 to 2001


• Led staff of 50 technical people in engineering, operation and production departments.

• Coached and mentored, team of engineers and technicians to solve complex problems.

• Analyzed the fragmented Engineering and Production departments and suggested solutions for reorganization.

• Lead the Engineering team to design all safety equipment according to OSHA standards. Archak Boyajian, P. Eng.


Cellular: 514-***-****

• Created Hardware, firmware and System designs from marketing product definition documents and Meeting decisions

• Achieved European TÜV IEC-1496 approval for "infra-red-light curtain" product. Evaluated the design of the firmware, optical module, PC board layout as well as the packaging. Modified the system design to comply with; operating distance, angular requirements EMI/EMC and safety standards.

• Acted as a Project Management for the design and development of a "narrow column light curtain" using SMT components.

CANADIAN NATIONAL, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1985 to 1998 SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEER (Team Leader) 1994 - 1998

• Supervised team of analysts and technicians to efficiently process work requests for communication network installations and support.

• Monitored and reduced the cost of telecom circuits and implementation of required tests, i.e.

$60,000 saving in billing.

• Co-ordinated activities related to telecommunication efficiency and support. Identified, attracted, and managed talented Team of Engineers and IT technical employees (7). Developed soft skills required to achieve strong interpersonal skills needed to leverage my relationships to achieve success both through direct and indirect authority.

• Carefully introduced and implemented new "map info" and "radio propagation modelling", to increase efficiency of operations and accuracy. This resulted in a company savings value of

$100,000 in outside consulting fees.

• Participated in installation of a new telephone billing system in co-operation with inside departments and outside companies. Group leader and resource person to co-ordinate, train and support users throughout North America with transition of new technology. Monitoring overall communication costs became easier and more accurate. Company restructured and abolished 15 clerical positions, as well as saved minimum of $200,000 on a yearly basis. COMMUNICATIONS DESIGN ENGINEER 1990 - 1994

• Participated in the design of data radio communication system for British Columbia North Line

(BCNL) project.

• Member of a special committee on ATCS (Advanced Train Control System), R&D North American project for CN (project costs approximately $16M). Acted as “Technical Consultant” to solve problems related to communication systems. This R&D project was created to test new concept of train control.

• Evaluated communication system (radio coverage) and reported status. Unsolicited, created new tool for testing that identified gaps in radio coverage.

• Identified and corrected discrepancies on new equipment and radio coverage.

• Recommended redesign of ATCS BCNL communication network.

• Supervised and acted as liaison in remodeling radio propagation system. Identified possible locations to build radio towers and to relocate others, ensuring complete radio coverage.

• Supervised the installation of VHF/UHF radio and microwave network.

• It required multi-tasking skills to exercise good judgment and prioritize workload through outstanding organizational skills

Archak Boyajian, P. Eng.


Cellular: 514-***-****


• Implement and upgrade a voice radio system named "Second Generation Radio System" for Great Lakes region (Quebec to Manitoba).

• Responsible for the "Second Generation Radio System". To avoid system failure, developed, tested and implemented a fallback system. Expanded system to include new territory and upgraded software to eliminate bugs and added new features. Worked closely with outside suppliers. Trained engineers to take over project when promoted to a new position to ensure smooth transition.


• Designed a system to provide error free communication between a terminal and a printer using modem and microcomputer technology. This method of information transfer achieved Canadian government certification.

• Developed error free data transfer system. Transferred train dispatch information from a remote location to a newly consolidated site. Enhanced method and made presentation to colleagues on how program was developed.

• Built a protocol converter to translate information accurately between old and new train dispatching signaling system.

IDEAL EQUIPMENT, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1983 to 1985 Archak Boyajian, P. Eng.


Cellular: 514-***-****


• Designed a "Computer Numerical Controller" (hardware and software) for an automated sewing machine. Supervised 8 engineers and technicians.

• Production and IQA test jig design, implementation and documentation

• Designed a graphic video board to display the status of the machine as well as diagnostics of the system.


- Telecommunication, Hardware design, Fiber optic communication, software design, routers, gateways, wireless communication systems and ATAs

- Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and System-on-Chip design

- Operating Systems (MS Office, Visio, Windows 7, Windows 2012 Server, MS-DOS, Unix, MAX+PLUSII and ORCAD

- Programming Languages (C, C++, PASCAL, FORTRAN, BASIC, VHDL)

- Voice Communication (VOIP, Centrex, PBX, PSTN and RF)

- Hardware and firmware design for Altera FPGA & CPLD, Xilinx FPGA, Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments and Microchip microprocessors

- Data Communication (Ethernet, Fiber, RS232, RS422 and RS485) ACADEMIC BACKGROUND

- Certificate Small Business Management, Vanier Collage, Montreal Canada, 1986

- Bachelor’s in electrical engineering, Minor in Computer Sciences, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1983

- Pure and Applied Sciences, Vanier Collage, Montreal Canada, 1980 PUBLICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS

Archak Boyajian and Robert Caporushcio, "The methods of optimizing the design of the ATCS radio system in a mountainous territory". AAR C&S Technical Conference in Montreal 1993. Presented this publication to an audience of over 1,000 railroad technical consultants, engineers, suppliers and managers.


The ATCS (Advanced Train Control System) Steering Committee, reviewed technical and logistical problems related to the ATCS project and provided guidance for action items to complete project, 1991-1994


APEGA Professional member.

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