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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
December 22, 2020

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Name : Future

Surname : Sigauke

Date of Birth : 1990/21/01

ID/Passport : CN211480

Gender : Female

Citizenship : Zimbabwean

Home Language : IsiNdebele

Other Language : English

Marital Status : Single

Mobile Contact Number : 084-***-****

Email Address :

Residential Address : 3309 Kaalfontein Ext. 7b, Midrand EDUCATION PROFILE

Last School : Sikhulile High School

Highest Grade Passed : O’level

Subjects Passed : English

: Mathematics

: History

: Isindebele

: Accounting

: Integrated Sciences

Year Passed : 2015


Institution : Siyakhula Computer School

First Course Attended : End User Computer Level 1

Course Content : Introduction to computers

: Introduction to Microsoft Word

: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

: Internet and Email

: Typing tutor

Year Obtained : 2017

Second Course Attended : End User Computer Level 2 Course Content : Intermediate Microsoft Word

: Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Year Obtained : 2017

Third Course Attended : End User Computer Level 3

Course Content : Microsoft PowerPoint

: Preparing a Presentation

: Presentation skills

: Digital photography

Year Obtained : 2017

Fourth Course Attended : End User Computer Level 4 Course Content : Microsoft Outlook 2017

: Task and Meeting Schedule

: Business Etiquette

: Basic Web Building

Year obtained : 2017

Institution : UNISA

Course Attended : Diploma in Information Technology Year Obtained : 2017-present (I was supposed to have finished this year (2020) but unfortunately couldn’t due to this pandemic that we’re facing, hopefully I’ll push and graduate by 2021)


1. From 2017-2019, I worked as an Admin Lady for a small catering business in Glen Austin Midrand. I performed all the administrative duties here including the ordering if stock and making sure that all the monies are paid by the customers. 2. From 2019- 2020, I got another job still as an Admin Lady at a Study Material’ Developing Company in Midrand (SM Training) where I was helping the Lead Developer with the delopment of the study guides. Here I was also helping out with all the administrative duties, making sure that for example: if a client wants us to develop a qualification for him/her, that qualification is developed and sent to him/her within the specified time.

3. In the mean-time I’m doing a part-time job for a new Company in Midrand (Hillside Consultants) it’s in the same field as the one above (SM Training) and I’m developing the study guides. This job is the same as the one above(SM Training), It’s about the development of study guides. For example, let’s say a client wants us to develop a diploma in Information Technology for him, what we do is that we get a code for that qualification from the client, the lead developer will then develop the Learner guides and assessments for all the unit standards, my job is to take what the lead developer has developed and use it to develop more guides (moderator, POE, Assessor, Facilitator and the Alignment Matrix). I’m also able to cluster single unit standards into modules for a full qualification.


I’m a very hardworking lady who has the zeal to learn more, disciplined and respectful towards others. I’m available to start anytime. This opportunity will be much appreciated as it’ll help me also with the payment of my fees at UNISA. REFERENCES

Miss Eunice Mashavave- Manager at SM training- 074-***-**** Miss Kim - Director at Hillside Consultants- 012-***-****

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