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Java Developer Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA
December 20, 2020

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Min Zhu

201-***-**** Sunnyvale, CA


●5 years of progressive IT experience with strong analytical, designing, Implementation of object-oriented Applications using Java/J2EE. 2 years in China and 3 years in the United States.

●Expertise in Core Java with strong understanding and working knowledge in Object Oriented Concepts like Collections, Multithreading, Data Structures, Algorithms, Exception Handling and Polymorphism.

●Experience in developing with various open sources frameworks such as spring (Core, IOC, AOP, Batch, Security, Boot) Framework.

●RedHat OpenShift Container Platform(OCP) experience.

●Expertise on working with Presentation layer frameworks like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

●Has enough knowledge in using JAVA 8 features like Lambda Expressions and Streams.

●Experienced Middleware persistence frameworks like Hibernate/JPA Entities for mapping Java classes using Hibernate Query Language (HQL), Named Queries, Criteria.

●Experience with design patterns like Singleton, Factory, Session Facade, Business Delegate, Data Access Object, Data Transfer Object.

●Experienced in writing complex SQL queries, procedures, Triggers and Stored Procedures in various databases such as Oracle and MySQL.

●Expertise in version control tools like SVN, GITHUB, Bitbucket to manage and control software development.

●Good experience in log4J implementation for persist the data into log files and experience with Maven for the build and deployment of applications.

●Experience in developing test cases and test plans besides involving in Unit testing, Integration testing and User Acceptance testing extensively.

●Excellent communication, teamwork and presentation skills, fast learner and organized self-starter.


Java Technologies



Spring and Hibernates.

Web Technologies

jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.


Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss, Web shear.


MySQL, Oracle DB.


Agile (Scrum), Waterfall.


XML, XSD, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, Html, Eclipse, IntelliJ, TOAD, SQL Developer


Master of Science: Computer Science 2017-2018

Stevens Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science 2012-2016

Sichuan University


Citigroup Inc. Sunnyvale, CA

Title: Software Engineer

Project: GTPL AI Exit Jul 2020 to present


●Involved in various phases of Software Development Life cycle using Agile Methodology and followed Scrum sessions.

●Used Java/J2EE technologies to develop web application for client server environments and add new functionalities to existing application.

●Implemented microservices and developed the web services according to client roadmap and custom business rules.

●Provided support on existing projects with Spring MVC and involved in converting projects from Spring MVC 2.x to Spring MVC 3.x.

●Used Rest Controller in Spring Framework to create RESTful web services and JSON objects for communication.

●Implemented the logging mechanism with existing applications using Log4j framework.

●Worked on OpenShift for container management and to monitor the services.

●Created/updated the swagger files to configure the definition objects or parameters of service end points.

●Used Git as the version control tool for merging branches and used Sourcetree to solve conflicts.

●Used Maven as build and dependency management tool, wrote the dependencies for the jars that needs to be migrated.

●Used JIRA for planning and roadmap.

●Assisted in development of team documentation and helped new team members with onboarding process.

Skills: Java 8, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, Log4j, Hibernate, JDBC Adapter, SQL Developer, Git, Maven, Swagger, Bitbucket, Eclipse, OpenShift, Docker.

MasterCard O’Fallon, MO

Title: Software Engineer III

Project: Pay with Rewards Sep 2019 to Feb 2020


●Involved in all phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) of the Pay with Rewards project.

●Worked in Agile framework, collaborating with business and research teams in story grooming reviewing story/acceptance criteria and performance metrics.

●Implemented various modules of Spring like Spring IOC for dependency injection, Spring AOP for cross-cutting concerns.

●Used JPA and Hibernate with entity beans for interacting persistence layer for CRUD operations.

●Migrating existing application into microservices architecture using Rest apis, spring boot, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

●Designed and developed Spring REST apis with Spring Boot 2.0.

●Involved in tracking and resolving defects, which arise in stage & production environments.

●Used SoapUI and Insomnia to test SOAP and REST apis in multiple environments like stage and performance environments.

●Wrote SQL queries, stored procedures and modifications to existing database structure for adding new features using Oracle database.

●Used JUnit and Mockito framework for unit testing of application.

●Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation by using Jenkins.

●Used Git as the version control tool for effectively managing the code changes.

●Used Maven as build and dependency management tool for creating EAR, WAR and JAR file to be deployed in application server.

●Used Rally for bug tracking and raising tickets and developed Junit test cases for unit testing the application.

Skills: Java 8, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Restful Web Services using Micro Services architecture, JBOSS, JavaScript, Hibernate, Oracle Db, JUnit, Mockito, Git, Maven, SoapUI, Insomnia, Docker, Swagger.

GO3 Solutions Inc. NYC, New York

Title: Java Developer

Project: EzOrderNow May 2018 to Aug 2019


●Involved in all phases of the project from analysis and requirement phase to delivering the project.

●Developed Business components using core java concepts like Interfaces, Polymorphism, Collections, Serialization etc.

●Worked extensively on developing controllers, Interfaces and implementation classes using Spring MVC framework and used Micro Service architecture with Spring Boot based service through REST.

●To maintain loose coupling between layers published the business layer as services and injected the necessary dependent components using Spring IOC and published cross cutting concerns like Logging, User Interface exceptions, Transactions using Spring AOP.

●Developed all the User Interface pages using HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript.

●Experienced in performance tuning a Cassandra cluster to optimize reads and writes.

●Involved in the process of data modeling Cassandra Schema.

●Used SQL to query data from one or more database tables. Created Stored Procedures, User Defined functions, Views and implemented the Error Handling in the Stored Procedures and SQL objects.

●Developed JUnit test cases for Unit testing, integration and Functional Testing, and ran automated unit tests using Mockito for the purpose of Test-Driven Development.

●Used Git to maintain the version of the files and took the responsibility to do the code merges from branch to trunk and creating new branch when new feature implementation starts.

●Used Maven as build and dependency management tool for creating EAR, WAR and JAR file to be deployed in application server.

Skills: Java 8, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, JavaScript and Angular 5, Hibernate, Oracle Db, JUnit, Mockito, Git, Maven, AWS, Docker.

Chengdu List Pharmaceutical Chengdu, CN

Title: Java Developer

Project: Laboratory Quality Assurance Jan 2015 to Oct 2016Responsibilities:

●Involved in the analysis, design, development and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

●Developed the application using Agile/Scrum methodology, we have scrum meeting once in every three weeks where we would demo all the user stories done during that iteration for final feedback from end users.

●Developed Web pages using JavaScript, HTML, XML and CSS for creating user interface dynamic web pages.

●Used J2EE, REST and Spring Framework for developing the application. Implemented the persistence layer using Hibernate and configured Hibernate with Spring to interact with the MySQL through DAO layer.

●Used Dependency Injection feature of Spring framework for rapid development and ease of maintenance through Spring Boot.

●Used Spring AOP to handle transactions session aspects and to implement security.

●Implemented DAO using Data modelling in the integration layer, developed POJO's mapped to the relational tables in the database using Entity mapping files.

●Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update order status in the database.

●Used Spring MVC framework for implementing Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture at the Web tier level to isolate each layer of the application so that complexity of integration will be reduced, and maintenance will be very easy.

●Implemented Spring AOP for basic authentication at API Level, which it reduces the development time to handle the exceptions.

●Developed Spring REST web services to serve multiple applications across the organization. The data is provided in JSON using Jackson library. Also, consumed REST web services.

●Used Swagger to document RESTFUL web services and used Apache Maven build tool to automate the build process and Jenkins CI for continuous integration.

●Used JIRA for bug tracking and raising tickets and developed Junit test cases for unit testing the application.

●Used Log4j libraries for logging and managing code base.

Skills Java, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Boot, Spring REST, Hibernate, MySQL, HTML, Angular 2, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Junit, Log4j, GIT, Agile, Jenkins, Maven.

Angel Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Chengdu, CN

Title: Java Developer

Project: MediXcel April 2013 to Jan 2015


●Involved in all phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) of the application.

●Applied Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) and worked with Business Analyst to gather the functional requirements.

●Model View Control (MVC) design pattern is implemented with Spring MVC, Servlets, JSP (including JSP custom tags), HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, and CSS for the Presentation/Web tier, Application/Business layer (Hibernate) and Data layer (Oracle).

●Developed the application using Eclipse and deployed it on Tomcat Application Server.

●Extensively used the Spring MVC, Spring Core for Inversion of Control (IOC), Application Context and ORM modules of Spring Framework in the project.

●Implemented design patterns like Factory, Singleton, Data Access Objects (DAO) and Value Objects design patterns.

●Implemented persistence layer using Hibernate (Spring + Hibernate integration).

●Involved in creating of RESTFUL requests to interact with online benefits claiming scheduling system.

●Used Rational Rose to design UML diagrams (Use Case Diagrams, Class and Sequence diagrams)

●Involved in tracking and resolving defects, which arise in QA & production environments.

●Implemented Logging framework using Log4J.

●Source code coordination and development was performed using Subversion (SVN)

●Used Apache Maven for building and deploying the application.

●Involved in testing of application on various levels like integration and system testing using Junit.

Skills: Java, J2EE, Spring, JSP, HTML, CSS, Servlets, AJAX, XML, JUnit, Log4J, Hibernate, SQL, MySQL, SVN, Tomcat.

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