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Computer Vision Engineer / Software Developer

Brasov, Romania
December 21, 2020

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Sergiu-Florin Neamțu +4-072*-***-***

+** 0-755*-***-***


"Comparative analysis of hand pose estimation models for imitation learning"-MRes dissertation, oct 2020

“University College London”, London, United Kingdom— MRes Robotics, sept 2019 - oct 2020

"Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using 2D LiDAR data deployed on mobile robot"-Bachelor's Thesis, june 2019

“Transilvania” University of Brasov, The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Brasov, Romania — Applied Computer Science BSc, 2016 - 2019

“Grigore Moisil” National Computer Science College, Brasov, Romania— Mathematics and Computer Science-Intensive Classes in Computer Science, 2012 - 2016


Lampix, Brasov, Romania — Computer Vision Engineer, 02/2017

- 09/2019

- Computer Vision engineer in tabletop AR solution start-up. Developed Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms for object detection and classification, optical character recognition, hand tracking, fiducial marker design, detection and decoding, hand gestures (using RGB-D cameras).

- Developed architecture and modules for custom Lampix OS. VanillaNav, Brasov, Romania — Computer Vision Engineer, 06/2017 - 09/2018 P/T

- Part of a team providing indoor localization and navigation based on fiducial markers using Computer Vision and image processing.

- Part of a spin-off project, developing localization and mapping for quadcopter-based industrial Indoor Navigation System using multi-camera vision.



Computer Vision, Machine Learning,

Image Processing, Robotics,

Algorithmics, Data Structures, OOP

Python, NumPy, SciPy, PyTorch,

Docker, Matplotlib, C/C++, Shell,

Linux, Multithread systems, Git,

UML, Raspberry Pi, UP Board,



Merit classification for MRes

Robotics from UCL

Award for excellent results in the

field of Computer Science over

the course of high school.

2nd place, Regional CS Olympiad

- 2013


Romanian - native

English - fluent

- Designing and training CNNs for object classification and segmentation

- RGB-D image processing for object and hand gesture detection

- 6 years learning C/C++(OOP, computer vision, image processing)

- Marker based indoor localization using quadcopter mounted cameras

- OCR on paper documents using high resolution industrial camera

- 3D landmark indoor mapping

- 2D LiDAR data acquisition and processing in Graph SLAM pipeline

- Implementation of scan matching, map building and graph optimization for SLAM project deployed on my own built robot

- Kalman Filter and Particle Filter implementation for pose estimation

- Motor control and visual +IMU data acquisition using embedded computers (RPi 3, UP-Board)

- Industrial multi-camera based image processing

- Camera intrinsic calibration

- Experience with computer vision, mathematics, statistics and visualization libraries (e.g. scipy, matplotlib, numpy, OpenCV)

- Weed detection in carrot crops using industrial camera mounted on a tractor


- Rubik’s cube state detection (using smartphone camera) and solving algorithm

- Image generation using genetic algorithms

- Detecting Sudoku game and solving it using genetic algorithms

- Detecting airport signage from video feed using Haar Cascades and image processing with Particle Filter based localization

- Design, detect and decode fiducial markers from smartphone camera video feed


- Data Structures, Algorithmics, Intelligent Computational Systems, Calculus 1 & 2, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Analytic Geometry, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Image Processing, Design Patterns

- Intel AI Workshop

- Robotics control workshop, Caditec, Brasov, Romania

- Climate-KIC Climathon, Brasov, Romania - 1st place

- International School of Image Processing, Brasov, Romania, summer of 2017 - graduated summa cum laude

- Artificial Intelligence for Robotics, Udacity

- Introduction to Probability - The Science of Uncertainty, edX

- Introduction to Computer Vision, Udacity

- Artificial Intelligence for Robotics, Udacity

Courses during the MRes at UCL:

- Robotic Systems Engineering

- Robotic Sensing, Manipulation and Interaction

- Machine Vision

- Multi-agent Artificial Intelligence

- Robotic Vision and Navigation

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