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Social Media Engineer

Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
December 19, 2020

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Mr. Ankit Anilkumar Lakum +91-722*******)

Last Project – Building electronic education system, MySQL, WSO2 Integration with WSO2 Identity and PI manager, Developing theme ( Vue.js, Node.js, jQuery.js, Velocity, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap), Managing a various portlet, understating architecture and implementation, changing in JSR 286 and modules of projects for good performance like searching, seo for pages, user access, planning for the implementation, Various modules rest module, spring module, data table module, customizing built-in calendar, chart modules, customize user flow and workflow, Maintaining Microsoft and Linux server, managing open source foundation process, managing source code versioning and dependency versioning, working with atlassian n microsft product for project management, task, client side communication

Making a POC New Projects with spring rest controller and real-time app, swagger rest API n automatic documentation, real-time architecture spark, storm, Kafka, Avro, zookeeper, Karaf

About me : My family belong to Bhavnagar with 4 people, father is a government employee, I’m actually long

Term thinking man, I can relocate to anywhere, always looking for a new thing to do…

Current Add : 21, Maruti Nandan So, Akhlol, Near Nari Chowkdi, Bhavnagar, and Gujarat, India

Email :

Marital Status : Single

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 25 / 09 / 1983

Father's Name : Mr.Anilkumar Dalsukhrai Lakum

Languages : English, Gujrati, Hindi (Read/Write/Speak)

Annual CTC : 1080000 INR (Ahmedabad), Team Lead (Negotiation may vary on city and country)

Annual ECTC : 2100000+ INR and Accommodation for Team Lead, Project Manager or Architect,


Seeking a research or solution architect or Project Manager Position to contribute and enhance my technical expertise in the area of IT such as SOA, Portal, Cloud and MSA, Advanced Search, AI, Data Engineering, ECM, IOT, High Availability, Lambda Architecture, Security Engineering and Enterprise Integration Patterns.


SSC 10th (April 1998)

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

HSC 12th (April 2001)

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

BCOM (Sep 2005)

M J C C Bhavnagar University

MCA (Sep 2009)

SSCCS, Bhavnagar University


CCNA Certified at Top Gun Technologies, Bangalore, 31 Aug 2004 (Certificate : Yes)

JavaCap 8 and J2EE, Alfresco, SOA Architecture and IBM Portal Training at Attune Infocom, Ahmedabad, 2009 (Certificate : No)

A+, N+, Advanced Networking Training at Bhavnagar, 2004 (Certificate : Yes)


MBS India

Period : From 20/03/2018 to 04/05/2019 (Ref ID - 054703)

Designation: Team Lead cum developer programmer

Knowarth Technology

Period : From 07/03/2016 to 24/01/2017 (Ref ID –)

Designation: Sr. Consultant


Period : From 09/02/2015 to 11/09/2015 (Ref ID - )

Designation: Sr. Software Engineer


Period : From 31/12/2013 to 31/07/2014 (Ref ID - VCT 1612 -1124316)

Designation: Sr. Consultant


Period : From 05/09/ 2012 to 05/02/ 2013 (Ref ID – M - 2228219)

Designation: Sr. Software Engineer


Period : From 10/10/ 2010 to 03/09/2012 (Ref ID – BZN/DEV/10/51)

Designation: Sr. Software Engineer


Period : From 01/09/2009 to 15/09/ 2010 (Ref ID - )

Designation: Consultant


Anmol Group (Full Time & Internship, Document Missing)

Period : From 01/10/2008 to 01/08/2009

Designation: developer programmer cum network engineer

Info :


Period : From 01/12/2006 to 30/04/2008

Designation: Teacher

Info :

AHNT Universal (Part Time)

Period : From 01/12/2004 to 04/05/2005

Designation: Teacher

Info :


Period : From 01/02/2000 to 30/03/2004

Designation: Network Administrator at ISP

Info :


Communication, Irony of Implementation, Event Sourcing

Deep exploration various subject like particle physics, string theory, element theory, cooking


Practice On – Eclipse, Windows, Unix, Linux, VI,, DOS, Blade CLI, VS CODE, Android IDE

Technical Architect – SOA, MVC, SAL, Lambda, Portet, High Availibilites, MVVM,

Open Source – Alfresco, open source portal 7.2 Customization and integration with highchart to display charting from database driven contenwill display all type of structured template as in highchart, Lucene, Mule, ServiceMix, Redmine, Joomla, Codeigniter, Moodle, Piwik, Kafka, Spark, Storm, Elastic Search, Lucene

Build Tools & Source Version – ANT, MAVEN, GRADLE, DOCKER, TortoiseSVN, GITHub, (Good exploration on and, Atlassian

Container – Tomcat, Docker, WebSphere, JBOSS, Spring Boot, WebPack,

Databases – Oracle, MySQL, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, noSQL,

Network Technologies – LAN, Wan (DTE, DCE, Frame Relay, PPP, CHAP, ISDN, BRI) and sound knowledge of networking devices, IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing Schema, Advanced IP Addressing, VLSM, VPN, VLAN, Voice Services or VOIP, Routing such as Static, Link State, Distant Victor, OSPF, H/S Firewall, TACACS+, RADIUS, BS7799, Advanced VPN, Microsoft Server, Linux Server, Kali Linux, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu


Spring rest controller in Spring boot and real-time app, swagger rest API n automatic documentation, real-time architecture spark, storm, kafka, avro, zookeeper, Generic, Java Design Patterns

Making POC and Implementation for IOT Sensor Devices and 2 RC Drone for own home with C++ and Open source Multiwii flight controller RaspburryPI 4 autowireless and automatic self-balance with gyroscope with Ardrino Mega, Testing and debugging Ardrino IDE, censoring and signaling various devices line RFID21, gyroscope MPU 6050, Stepper Motor, BLDC Motor, Hall Effect Sensor magnetic detector,

Making POC for React Native, React Hook, React Route, Virtual DOM, KStream, KSQL, Docker

open source portal 7.2 Customization and integration with highchart to display charting from database driven contenwill display all type of structured template as in highchart

Retrving data from google, fectiva and social media as per date and managed query by form filling with dynamic query building logic

open source portal 6.0.6 Customization Assent Publisher, Customization of Search algorithm and MyDivvi algorithm and Customization of lucene flow and trik using hook and ext, Advanced Theme development, Advanced Google Map Portlet with JavaScript using service builder, Google/Yahoo Web-Service Weather portlet using service builder, CURD portlet using service builder for user interest and customization of user table and portlet, Calender Hook, ext with customizing LDAP future

Project Management Portal which includes on open source portal-5.3, mysql-5, jira-4 and open source portal and LDAP integrating CAS soulwing-client-0.5 method, changing theme (open source portal .2.x) & template of open source portal, creating dynamic new project, open source portal core change with ext environment as per pmp requirement, JSR-268 portlet, svn managed portlets

Making POC for New Project like value based topic and document Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot,, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, OSGi, REST Services/JSON, JWT based security, Active MQ, Maria DB, Docker, SonarQube, Apache Karaf, Apache Ignite, Swagger, 2 way SSL secured services, GIT, Apache Airflow, JCache JSR-107, Apache Storm, java design patterns

open source portal 5.2 Clustering and load balancing with tomcat 6 and database clustering with three instances on Linux with integration of Active directory, slony I, Porstgre 8.4, high availibilities

open source portal 6.0.5 and cas 3.5 and jbpm integration, workflow process management

open source portal 5.2.3 + Alfresco 3.2 + OpenSSO 8 + OpenLDAP integration,

Customizing Redmine and Atlassian products for project management as per company need

Web Server with Lampp, Tomcat 6, Clusterig, Load Balance, Postgre 8 and Slony I, Virtual Hosting, Mail Server IredMail, SVN 1.6, Linux Cent OS 5

Intranet for all atlassian product and integration with open source portal for LDAP and CAS, all with mysql 5

learning management system in moodle customization and template design

ISMS System for anmol infra soft and 4 different school with 4 modules (6th Sem)

Implemented BS7799 security and routing and tacacs+ using cisco, dail up service with 3com, linux server for ISP maintains of 10+ leased line, 1800+ dail up clients



Mobile No: +91-722*******

Pancard: AGMPL5350Q

Native Place: Talaja, Palitana (Shatrunjaya)


Passport: N8273990

Skype:, live:ankit.lakum

[ Ankit Lakum ]


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