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Engineer Plc

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
December 04, 2020

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IQBAL Karachi, Pakistan



To secure a responsible and challenging position, in a capacity where I can contribute to the growth of both a prospective employer and myself, to work in an environment providing opportunities of learning, growth, and Career development.


ITS Project supervisor of Bystronic CNC Machine Service & Commissioning. Drive Test Engineer at NETKOM

I&MS IMS Center Building Management System (BMS) Trainee Engineer Artistic Denim Mills Trainee Engineer


ME (Quality management) in progress, NED University Karachi BE (Electronic Engineering), IQRA University, Karachi in spring 2018 Intermediate in Pre-Engineering Private

Matriculation from Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan School, Aga Khan Examination Board Skills

SIMATIC STEP 7(PLC Programming) Siemens, Fatek PLC

Express PCB (PCB designing software)


Proteus (circuit designing software)


Human Machine Interface – HMI

MS Office


Major Project

Final Year Project:

Automation on Monitoring and Controlling speed and direction of an induction motor using Siemens PLC, VFD and HMI

The intent of the project was to use a Siemens PLC (S7-300) and VFD (Micro master 420) to design AC Motor control system. Project comprises of PLC, HMI, VFD and AC Motor where our priority is to control the speed, operation, torque and direction of AC Motor.

The implementation of PLC is to get automatic speed control of a motor through an interfacing of VFD; speed can be controlled by varying an analog output voltage (0 to 10 VDC) to the drive. PLC controls the VFD analog parameters by analog module and the start stop signal, direction control is done through digital module. VFD will be operating using analog input module of PLC.

We have used contactor for the switching of three phase supply to the stator winding. They are operated by using the relays which is operated through digital module of PLC. The contactor cuts the external resistance in the rotor circuit. Speed control was an important aspect of this project which makes use of drive and programmable controller. IR sensor is used for counting the rpm of motor, proximity sensor for safety purpose and HMI that communicates with programmable control unit in order to operate the entire operation, and display the parameters of motor in real time. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

500 watt Uninterruptable Power Supply

Designed an uninterruptable power supply by making and combining four circuits of inverter, ups to inverter changer, stabilizer and control charger.

Conveyor with metal detector and remover

Designed a conveyor with metal detector and metal remover using P-type metal detector, AND and OR gate, 24 volt motor with arm to remove metal and 220 volt motor for conveyor. Start Stopper

Start stop starter of DC motor using contactors and EOCR. Auto Pilot landing system

ILS CAT IV model using Arduino UNO.

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Designed an obstacle avoiding robot using ARDUINO UNO and HC sr-04 sensor which senses distance between the robot and object, if the distance is maximum and robot can move without colliding, the robot moves in forward direction, if the robot senses object near to it, it takes diversion and moves to the safe place and avoiding colliding to any objects around the robot.

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Elective Courses

DCCN: data communication and computer networks using cisco packet tracer subnetting

FPGA: Field programmable logic gate array knowledge about logic gates and array.

Cryptography: Fire wall and encryption of data security.

Technopreneurship: Setting Rules and knowledge about how to start up business using technical skills.

Embedded Systems: Designing the systems using IC technologies and NRE cost of product design. Extra-Curricular Activities

Participated in Electro Build Exhibition.

Participated in Dunio Tech.

Head of volunteer in e health program at Aga Khan Health Care.

Conducted Muns.

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