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Sales Piping

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
December 31, 2020

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Emilio Correa (Argentinean)

Sr. Project Manager

Solutions-focused eng. with expertise in leading

eng. projects focused on Client, scope, business

drivers, quality, cost and time.

UAE, Abu Dhabi



20+ total exp. 17 years leading small & mid size Oil & Gas projects, upstream & downstream, separation batteries, gas gathering, gas treatment and compression plants, vacuum pipestill and delayed coker units. Scope and budget definition. Tendering participation. Clarification meetings. Control of scope, cost, procurement, quality, risk and HSE. Progress reporting. Meetings with clients. Work with the Sales department to develop the budget and contract. Negotiations with Clients. Conflict resolution.



Scope definition

Budget, change, risk, HSE & quality

Sales department support

Negotiations with Clients

Interacting with functional managers


Chemical Engineer, National

Southern University, Arg. 1998

Project Management Expert,

National Tech. University, Arg. 2018



● MS Project

● SmartPlant

● MS O ce, SAP, Sharepoint


Gas Compression & Treatment EMC-11 Plant.

Enerflex. ( PM)

Unconventional gas compression & treatment Plant. Separators, compressors, dehydration and regeneration units, relief system

(KOD and flare).

Gas Compression Plant PCSP. Pan American Energy.

( Project Eng.)

New booster moto-compressors, auxiliary equipment and piping and systems (I&E) interconnections.

Separation Battery LCE2, Fluor Daniel (Lead Process Eng.)

Feed tank, gas separators, skimmer, floating unit, storage. Drain systems. Relief system (KOD and cold stack).

Oil - gas separation Battery. Secondary oil recovery increase, Desfiladero Bayo. Fluor Daniel. (Lead

Process Eng.)

Feed tank, gas separators, skimmer, floating unit, storage. Drain systems. Relief system (KOD and cold stack).

BUT Upgrading Phase II. ILF- CNOOC. (Lead Process


New additional trains for oil, gas, water separation. Calmuco LNG facility. Cinergia, Compania Inversora de Energia. (Process Eng.)

LNG facility conceptual study. Technologies: Gas treatment, Measurement, NGL recovery, Fractionation, Liquefaction, Cryogenic storage.

Tight gas wells Facilities. Lindero Atravesado Field. Pan American Energy.

Development of new surface facilities for non-conventional gas, cluster wells, manifold configuration, pipeline.

Clean Fuels, Oil Movement & Storage Revamp.

ExxonMobil Refinery - Techint.

Revamp to accommodate oil products to the new limits of sulphur content.

2005 Revamp, Vacuum and Delayed Coker Pipestill.

ExxonMobil- Techint.

Revamp of the fractionation system for the Delayed Coking Unit and fractionation tower replacement in the Vacuum Pipe still Unit.


Elaboration of templates to show progress

reports. according to PMI guidelines,

Solution of communication between

Vendors, Client and Engineering


25% schedule compression using a fast

track approach to achieve the deadline.



Contribution to the business unit strategy to understand the drivers of the new projects.

Assistance and control of the logistics and procurement activities.

Elaboration of technical scopes and commercial quotations for separation and compression facilities, piping and plants in general.

Preparation of contracts with the Sales team.

Preparation of preliminary Schedules.

Use of standard reporting approaches including cost and schedule data.

Support to the sales team for the budget preparation and scope definition for compression plants and rental of separation equipment.

Participation of clarification meetings with clients and subcontractors.

Control of scope, cost and schedule to meet the contract specifications.

Control of project status.

Elaborate lessons learned and integrate them into the database.

Elaboration of close-up reports.


Elaboration of presentations and reports to support managerial decisions.

Elaborate technical/ economic recommendations.

Supervision of deliverables (Layout, P&IDs, isometrics, general arrangement, piping drawings).

Assistance to disciplines (process, piping, I&C, electrical, civil, mechanics, safety): design of F&G protection system, control configuration and control panel screens design, atmospheric protections.

Supervision of subcontracted eng. team and internal sta ; Material take-o ; Vendors bids.

Assistance to HAZOP and design/ 3D model review.

FEED package review: process design and main deliverables supervision: lay-out, P&ID, logics.

Coordination of engineering team, o ce and onsite.

Assistance to define layout of wells clusters and manifolds with spare connections for future expansions.

Supervision of disciplines deliverables: Material take-o, plot plant, piping drawings. Civil design

(foundations, minor bases and piping supports.

Definition of equipment (skid mounted) designs and process technologies (dehydration columns, regeneration, separation and KOD vessels, well-head desalters, metering) focusing on capacity and modularized capabilities.

Coordination with process, piping and instrument to develop skid mounted liquid- gas separators with instruments, control valves, PSVs, outlet and inlet pipes, bypass, etc.

Coordination to define the most suitable gas metering technology considering cost and delivery time.

Development of skid-mounted manifolds and separation facilities to be ready to be reused in future in other areas.

Coordination with the process area to avoid hydrates formation in gas pipelines.

Design of phase separators using specific software. Column hydraulic calculations, mass transfer and thermal designs with Hysys, Sulzer and Koch-Glitsch applications.

Coordination with vendors for the design of modularized and skid mounting equipment

(separators, pipe racks, pumps, PSVs tree).

Coordination to design of skid-mounted KOD and 2-phase separator including piping, level controllers, control valves, PSV tree, blockage.

Review of final and AFC documentation of vendors.

Coordination with process and I&C area to define control logics, interlocks and safety design criterias. Definition of signals and control requirements.

Coordination with disciplines and vendors for the selection of Control valves, controlles, and safety valves.

Use of standards (ASME, API, TEMA, Shell, BP, ExxonMobil).

Update and maintain engineering documentation.

Procurement and logistics:

Sensitivity to understand the requirements of materials supply and products feedstock.

Supervision of procurement and logistics of materials: static equipment, I&C, electric, piping.

Coordination with disciplines and vendors for the selection of static equipment, control valves, controlles, safety valves, metering units.

Review and analysis of proposals for new static equipment, pipe racks, valves.

Analysis of alternatives for pipelines: selection of vendors, technologies, materials (PVC, PE, CS).

Construction (static equipment, manifolds and pipe racks) at shop:

Coordination with vendors and the site construction sector to optimize the modularized design of gas separation and treatment equipment, stack and KOD, pipe racks and manifolds, metering units, to facilitate mounting, tie-ins constructions and interconnections, chemical injection packages.

Familiar with fabrication process inspections.

Construction (site works):

Maintain close relationships with the construction responsible at site providing necessary projects input on scope, cost, schedule.

Assistance and coordination of land preparation, underground works, piping spools mounting, tie-ins construction, skids construction and mounting.

Work with HSE responsible to ensure the full compliance of the inspection and test plan.

Assistance to ensure mechanical completion of the plant (P&ID review and punch list).

Field visit audits to ensure contractor performance and progress.


Coordination and assistance during commissioning and testing activities of the new facilities.

Operation & Maintenance:

Complete understanding of plant operations.

Elaboration of initial and test operations for a smooth startup of the new gas facilities.

Assistance to the operation area to manage the new facilities and solve problems.

Coordination with control and operation areas to control all process variables and adjust controller parameters.

Elaboration of startup procedures.

Assistance to the maintenance team: replacement of static equipment components (filters cartridges, control and safety valves, instruments, controllers).

Coordination with the process area to assist the operation area to handle the new facilities.

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