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Contact Details Security/K9

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
December 30, 2020

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Surname: Kruger

Full names: Roedolf Johannes

Identity Number: 740**********

Date of birth: 1974-08-09

Age: 46

Health: Good

Home Language: Afrikaans

Other Languages: English

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2

Driver’s License: Yes, Code 08

PSIRA Security number: 2284734

Private Firearm License Competency: Obtained in 2010 Residential Address: 1046 Rainbow Trout Street




Cellphone number: 062-**-**-***(SA)

E-mail address:

Previous Employer: SAPS, Dog Unit

White River, Mpumalanga

Telephone number: (013-***-****

Previous Employer: Reed Inc.


Previous Employer: EOD Technology, Inc.


Previous Employer: American K9 Detection Services



Highest Standard passed: Matric, 1992

School: Rob Ferreira High School, White River

Subjects passed: Afrikaans, English, Maths, Accounting, Biology and Business Economics

Security Training: Grade E-A

(Certificate issued on 25 July 2013)

Hotel Security

(Certificate issued on 25 July 2013)

Retail Security

(Certificate issued on 25 July 2013)

Special Events Security

(Certificate issued on 25 July 2013)

Cash in Transit

(Certificate issued on 25 July 2013)

Armed Reaction

(Certificate issued on 25 July 2013)

Financial Institution

(Certificate issued on 25 July 2013)

National Employment:

Pretoria Police College

January 1993 to July 1993

Subjects: Police Management

Crime Investigation

Stationed at Middelburg during July 1993 to June 1994. Transferred to White River Dog Unit in June 1994.

Courses attended:

Tactical Survival and Crowd control Course

(21 June 1993 to 10 July 1993)

Patrol Dog Course

(October 1994 to February 1995)

Tactical Police Course with dog

(July 1995 to August 1995)

Explosive Identification

(July 1996 to October 1996

Explosives Dog Handler’s Course

(July 1996 to October 1996)

Tracing and Identification of sought vehicles

(November 1996)

Genesis K-9 Group

Performed duties as an EDD handler at Sandton City in Johannesburg for the duration of Ramadan from the 14th of June 2016 until the 7th of July 2016. Duties included searching of vehicles and packages for explosives. Daily on-site explosive training with K-9. International Employment:

American K9 Detection Services. Iraq

I served as an EDD trainer at Najaf International Airport in Iraq from August 2019 until July 2020. Contract had 64 dogs and 32 handlers. Duties included training of K9’s and their handlers on a daily basis in camp and at checkpoints. Post visits to check on handlers and the wellbeing of K9’s.

American K9 Detection Services. Iraq

I served as an Improvised Explosives Detection Dog Handler at Ramadi in Iraq from the 12th of September 2016 until the 7th of April 2018. Duties included searching for IED’s in Ramadi and Mosul. All buildings, vehicles and open areas pointed out by Sterling EOD Personnel. Attended IED training at AMK9 training School in Alabama USA from the 15th of August 2016 until the 10th of September 2016.

Reed Inc. Iraq

I served as a Site Security Manager at Besmaya in Iraq from 24 February 2015 until 2 January 2015. EOC. Duties included visiting guard towers. Inspecting guards. Roving patrols around site. Keeping tower inspection sheets up to date. Rotating guards during shifts. Provide daily training for guards in all security aspects. I also served as the Relief Kennel Master on this contract when the Kennel Master went on R&R. Duties included taking care of K-9s and daily explosives training. Keeping training records up to date.

American K9 Detection Services. Afghanistan

I served as an Explosive Detection Dog Handler at FOB Spin Boldak, working at the ECP searching vehicles for explosives since June 2011 until 18 November 2013. EOC. Attended AMK9’s Explosive Detection Dog training course in America from April 2011 until end of May 2011 at Hill Country training facility. Reed Inc. Iraq

I served as an Explosive Detection Handler on the M.O.I Contract, from January 2008 until 12 February 2009.

I served as the Relieve Kennel Master on the M.O.I Contract when the Kennel Master went on R&R.

EOD Technology Inc. Baghdad Iraq

I served as a Mentor and QRF-Team leader on the M.O.I Contract from 12 February 2009 until 4 May 2009.


Mattheus Shultz

Kennel Master AMK9

Contact details:

Willem Pretorius

EDD Trainer

Contact details:

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