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Engineer Manager

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
December 30, 2020

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M.Phil(Cont.) Geomatics,8 years of professional experience in the spheres of GIS (Geographical Information System), Remote Sensing, Project management and consulting. Experienced in conducting field surveys, well versed at working on GIS Projects entailing Monitoring Plans and Environmental conservation. AREAS OF PROFICIENCY

Geomatics Geographical Information Systems Remote Sensing Project Management ArcGIS QGIS

ERDAS Imaging AutoCAD Map Source

Geomatica Envi DGPS


GIS Engineer

Barjeel Aerial Photography Services (BAPS)

October 2019 till now

Working as an GIS Engineer on Dubai Base map project to update the geodatabase for the preparation of Dubai Basemap.Some of the main duties are:

• Prepare the Models based on Feature Manipulation Engine for the conversion of different formats of data.

• Updating the geodatabase with the help of different techniques like Aerial Photography surveying, GIS and Remote Sensing.

• Preparation of technical reports for the base map project.

• Aerial Photogrammetry pre-processing and post-processing of data.

• DEM/DSM analysis on photogrammetry data.

• Project proposal writing for Business Development GIS Manager-Plumb Surveying International

February 2018 to October 2019

Working as GIS Manager/GIS Engineer on different projects: Dubai Base Map Project

• Working as an GIS Manager and performing the duties in this project are:

• Modify the existing land use data which is being modified due to temporal changes.

• Redressing the failures of the former system that lead to the creation of errors.

• Collect relevant Slum socio-economic data for future analysis.

• To ensure that the land use data is updated regularly and continues to provide valuable information to Dubai Municipality (DM).

• Prepare the DTM from the available free satellite sources to compute the elevation of all features in the land use data.

• Worked on the drone mapping with the help of drone with one of the important parks in Dubai one of them is Quranic Park.

• Al Marjan Project

Worked as an GIS Manager to manage the teams and using different surveying methods like Real time Kinematics different types of drawings are prepared from the surveying data.

• Rolta RTA Project

Worked as an GIS Engineer to update the land use data with the help of using different methods of surveying.

• Al Mussala Project

Topographic Survey For

Al Musala Road in Umm Al Quwein based on the following things:

• Ground elevations on an approximate 10m grid basis, plus additional break lines and form lines measured where required to ensure all significant changes in elevation are recorded to create a digital terrain model

• (DTM) to simulate as closely as possible the land terrain form.

• Outlines of buildings.

• Roads, footpaths, paved areas pedestrian walks, etc.

• Fences, walls and other boundary features.

• Above ground utility features, e,g. manholes, inspection covers, gullies, etc.

• Existing surface channels and drainage system.

• Survey of the trees, shrubs and green areas upto the specified corridor GIS Expert- Engineering Consultancy Services (Pvt) June 2017 to February 2018

Working as an GIS Expert in Engineering Consultancy Services (Pvt) on Saaf Pani Project and Abe-Sehat Project which are the joint ventures with Government of Punjab, Pakistan. GIS Engineer/Manager - Artelia International

September 2016 till June 2017

Working as a GIS Engineer/Manager in the Project of Preparation of the Master Plan of the Province of North Al- Batinah which is Joint venture of Ministry of Housing (Government of Sultanate of Oman) and Artelia International. Key Responsibilities:

• Land use data Preparation.

• Proposed land use preparation with the help of senior urban planners.

• Analysis of existing buildings according to the type and zoning.

• Elevations, heights and zoning according to the population densities.

• Ownership of available lands for urban development.

• Determination of unplanned (informal) urban areas and the lack of facilities or services. Population survey data include study population and the most important social phenomena that effects the development of the study area.

• Supply of facilities and infrastructure.

• Contribute to advancing development through the consolidation and development of the city's economic base and providing new opportunities to work with.

• Dealing with issues of urbanization and shelter, housing and identifying existing slums and contribute to the reduction of the emergence of more sites.

• Providing services and strengthened the city's infrastructure and environmental development to improve the living conditions of citizens in the light of the proposed development strategy. Contribute to the good management of land and upgrading of local administration and support access of low-income housing and services.

• Assist the Sr. Urban Transport Specialist in assignments relating to urban transport.

• Assist the Local Government and provincial development departments in the formulation & execution of landscape plans in the urban sector.

• Using different analysis on the Spatial data in the GIS Environment.

• Using Remote Sensing techniques to check the land suitability and also determined the different classes through different indices.

• Proposed a detailed Master Plan on different levels and on different scales.

• Preparation of different maps and the map book for the client.

• Planning of the land uses and roads by consulting with the urban planning specialists and different architectural engineers.

• Developed a 3D Model of the Proposed Land Uses.

• Maintaining the Geodatabase and other data in different formats.

• Writing GIS reports regarding Urban Planning and GIS integration in Urban Planning. Jr. GIS Specialist– National Development Consultants December 2015 till September 2016

Worked as a Jr.GIS Specialist in Saaf Pani Project which is a joint effort between Government of Punjab and NDC. Key Responsibilities:

• Maintains, organizes and archives data and maps;

• Work closely with other technical staff in order to agree on the scope of mapping and participate in undertaking mapping.

• Direct liaison with clients to identify GIS needs and develop appropriate GIS products.

• Manage response and prioritization of requests for map products and services.

• Manage the development, quality control and reproduction of products in appropriate formats for clients. advocate data and mapping standards, procurement of images and geo-referenced data.

• Present results of research in appropriate forums, during the project duration as required and requested.

• Any other assignments related to hazard assessments and mapping and program related issues. GIS Professional – Urban Unit

December 2012– July 2014

Worked as GIS Professional on UIPT (Urban Immovable Property Taxation) project which is a joint effort between Government of Pakistan and Urban Unit.

Key Responsibilities:

• Working with a multidisciplinary team of GIS, social and other professionals in drafting and reviewing the Feasibility study of UIPT project and making different maps.

• Working on collection of field and secondary data, analyzing data, reporting, documenting and reviewing the maps.

• Carrying out field inspections to evaluate (through checklists and matrices) any hazards regarding accuracy of data.

• Studying and analyzing the maps and verify the output results by checking the surveyors in the field.

• Working with Head of Excise in chalking out the mitigation and rehabilitation plans for the area which is difficult to be surveyed.

• Analysis & Assessment - Satellite Image Processing - Digital Mapping - Data Management, Field Supervision of surveyors, Accuracy Assessment regarding Mapping.

• Maintaining close liaison with the Excise Department Officers for correcting the initial level data of GIS.

• Surveying different circles to update the GIS sheets.

• Mosaicking of different topo sheets by MATLAB.

• Matching of PT1 registers to the updated data of GIS. GIS Associate – WWF Pakistan

October 2012– November 2012

Worked as a GIS Associate in the project of Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) which is a joint based project between WWF-P and Ministry of Climate Change.

Key Responsibilities:

• Maintaining close liaison with the National Focal Points of CBD and CHM in the Federal Ministry of National Disaster Management.

• Organizing an inception workshop to finalize the CHM website details, database and the CHM strategy, in consultation with partners.

• Hosting and maintaining national CHM website for establishing national database, which will cover all the three components viz: species, ecosystem and genetics and encompass all the substantive areas and Program of Works of CBD.

• Identifying sources of data acquisition from a range of national organizations.

• Working closely with the Federal Ministry of National Disaster Management in data acquisition. Specification and formatting.

• Providing updates about the project in the National Technical Committee of CHM and National Focal Point of CBD and CHM.

• Organizing capacity-building workshops for regional partners and stakeholders.

• Developing a procurement plan for the establishment of National CHM website. GIS/ Remote Sensing Intern – WWF Pakistan

June 2011–November2011

Worked with Director Biodiversity on the study and data collection on the distribution of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds in the areas of NWFP, AJK and the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Also assisted senior GIS consultants in carrying out the reconnaissance survey of industrial area of Swabi. Key Responsibilities:

• Working on different model indices.

• Cartographic Tasks including Georeferencing of Toposheets and Maps.

• Developing GIS based thematic maps.

• OBIA on high resolution satellite data.

• Working on AutoCAD, Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop for designing and different purposes of mapping.

• 3D mapping on AutoCAD.

• Learning and introduction to several software’s relating to GIS.

• GPS survey of Land use Property of Lahore City.

• Parcel mapping of Lahore, Chiniot and Sialkot City.

• Ground Truthing and Spatial Adjustment of SOP sheets (1:50,000)

• Working with GIS Analyst (species) on the project of Swabi area. PROJECTS

• Dubai Base map Project (Updating of Dubai Geodatabase Schema with the mutual collaboration of Dubai Municipality and Plumbs and Barjeel Aerial Photography Services.

• Abe Sehat Project (Joint Venture of Govt of Punjab and Engineering Consultancy Services (Pvt).

• Saaf Pani Project (A Joint Venture of Engineering Consultancy Services (Pvt) and Govt of Punjab.

• Detailed Master Planning of North Al Batinah (Oman). A Joint Venture of Artelia International and Ministry of Housing (Oman)

• Urban Immovable Property Taxation System (UIPT) with Urban Unit and Excise Taxation Department.

• Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) with WWF-P and Ministry of Climate Change.

• Research and survey on Veterinary Diclofenac Sodium (the drug that affects the vultures) sellers in Lahore and mapping them;

• Underground water pollution survey conducted by University of the Punjab under the supervision of Dr. Ibtisam Butt


M. Phil Geomatics

College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Punjab Continued Thesis on Exploring LINUX based GRASS command line for NDVI change detection using time series MODIS data of Punjab Province, Pakistan: A step toward automatic classification system Bachelors of Geography

University of the Punjab 2012

Thesis on analysis of time series MODIS NDVI data for monitoring vegetation behavior over time: A case study of Punjab Province Pakistan. Report on The Demographic Survey of Banda Khair Ali Khan(Abbottabad) COURSES ATTENDED

• Fundamentals of GIS Techniques at Department of Geography, University of Punjab

• Short Course on Web GIS from Eycon (pvt.) Limited

• Short Course on AutoCAD from Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre

• Analyzing health facility localities in relation with population distribution using GIS techniques for Lahore City held by Peshawar Medical College

• Short Course on PHP

• Tectonics: An Exploration Tool held by Institute of Geology, University of the Punjab, Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore

• Conference on Hazards of Geography at Department of Geology, University of the Punjab;

• CCPT (Course of Computer Practical Training) from Modern College. Course contents included on hands training of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project

• 12th Annual Population Research Conference on Pakistan Youth: The Ultimate Resource.

• “The Pakistan Floods-An Environmental and Public Health Catastrophe” on 5th National Undergraduate Medical Research Fair, Peshawar Medical College.

• Esri Short Course on “ArcGIS Maps for Basics”

• Esri MOOC “Do it Yourself Geo Apps”

• Esri MOOC “Going Places with Spatial Analysis”

• Esri Web Course “Sharing Open data using an ArcGIS Hub Basic Site”

• Sustainable Development Research & Training Institute Course on “Big Data Management”

• Technical Workshop on “ArcGIS and Internet of Things” in gisworx conference 4-5 February 2020


Languages (Speak, read and write): English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi Date of birth: 17.06.1989

Marital status: Single

Nationality: Pakistani

Visa status: Visit visa

Interests: Video games, movies, news, IT

Driving License: International (Dubai Driving License) REFERENCES

References will be furnished upon request.

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