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Engineer Quality

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
December 29, 2020

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Material Engineer, QC Engineer,

Road Engineer

Phone: +974-********


I am forwarding my curriculum vitae for your kind perusal. I would like to excel in a suitable position by applying my academic and professional experience and strive towards fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to me. I assure you to uphold the quality, standards, policies and procedures of the Institution.


Quality Control, Internal Quality Auditing of Concrete & asphalt batching plants and 3rd party labs, Concrete and asphalt Mix Design, Material testing and reporting. Controlling all pavement related activities, Aggregate, Asphalt and soil quality testing, Roads & Highways, Infrastructure (sewerage, drainage, outfall and surface water), Pump station, Bridges, Material testing, Preparation of Daily weekly and monthly summaries and reporting, Quality Meeting, and Preparation of all QC forms.

EDUCATION CERTIFICATION (Honor’s) in civil technology from Preston university Kohat Pakistan

B.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Peshawar Pakistan

Three years Diploma of Civil Technology from Technical board Peshawar

Two years Diploma of Material Engineering from AIMMS Islamabad

Certified ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Lead Auditor

Attend 3 hours ISO 9001:2015 seminar in Doha Qatar


Almost 14 year’s familiar, extensive experience in mega projects including infrastructure projects, high speed rail projects, Roads and highway projects and International city projects. Selection of material and testing (Roads & Drainage, Pipe lines) requirement according to ACI, ASTM, AASSHTO and BS standard following in material testing for Civil Construction Projects and conducting audits of plants and 3rd party testing labs. The details are as under:


Company - Dorsch Guppe - Middle East

Designation – QA/QC Engineers (Roads & Materials)

Duration - August 2014 to present

Project Assigned In Lusail City:

Responsible for leading the construction supervision and coordination of the following Construction packages involved with infrastructure and landscape works that entailed roads/bridges/under passes, utilities tunnels, drainage and water works including storm-water, Potable water, Irrigation water and gas network.

1: CP1-C1-C2-C2 (QDVC) infrastructure Project 2: CP-4B (MYJV) infra-structure Project

3: CP-5B (Samsung) infrastructure Project 4: CP-6B (Al Jaber Engineering) infrastructure Project

5: CP-7A1A (HBK/QBC) infrastructure Project 6: CP-7A1B (Al Jaber Engineering) infrastructure Project

7: CP-7A1C (UCC) Bridge & Road Project 8: CP-7B (QDSBG) infrastructure Project

9: CP-8A1A2 (Midmac/Colus) infrastructure Project 10: CP10C1&10B5 (Al Nakheel) Land scape Project

Scope of Work:

Lusail is a new future city under construction north of Doha and will cover 35km . The project will contain 18 different districts and will include a lagoon with two marinas, 25,000 residential units, high and low-rise buildings, commercial districts and mixed-use areas, retail areas, two golf courses, 22 schools, and hospital.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for ensuring the execution of works in accordance with the project specification, drawings, Quality Control Procedures and ITP.

Supervision and execution of work for Dry & Wet Utilities of Strom water, Foul water network, Irrigation water, Potable water, ELV, TEL, SSD & Road Lighting networks. (Concrete, Excavation, Bedding, pipe laying, Manholes, Chambers, Waterproofing etc...)

Carry out inspection for Road Formations, Subgrade, Sub Base, Base Coarse, wearing Coarse etc.

Ensure that all inspection and test are recorded on the appropriate form/check list, as indicated on the relevant ITP, and all documentation is filled.

Conducting audits of asphalt, aggregate & concrete plants and 3rd party testing laboratories

Checking of all related materials complies with project specification and approvals.

Initiate NCR against non-conformance/observation of system and specification Initiate and verify corrective action to prevent recurrence of non-conformity.

Reviewing of material submittal, Method statements and ITP as per QCS and project specification.

Witnessing & approval of asphalt & concrete mix designs and pavement mock-up’s

Inspection of concrete and asphalt batching plant for mix design result verification.

Witnessing Concrete testing at site & lab for good workability and durability for structure

Witnessing of asphalt testing at lab i.e. Marshall Mold preparation GMM, Extraction, Normal and Retain stability.

To maintain Q/C record checklist and corresponding of the project.

Maintain a detailed diary of the day’s work activities, photographic record of all important issues, work approved or rejected

Checking the “Day work records” submitted by contractor supervision and Inspection of all construction activities carried out by contractor on site

Witnessing Daily inspection of Quality tests of concrete, aggregates, asphalt and soil in independent Laboratory.

Inspection of different test on steel specimen’s i-e. (Tensile & yield strength, bend & re-bend, Elongation) in independent laboratories.

Coordination with contractor engineers and sub-contractors for site inspection.


Company - SsangYong Engineering and Construction L.L.C

Designation – Material/QC Engineer

Duration - July 2013 to August 2014

Scope of Work:

This project is the major work in Kurdistan which improving the water supply and distribution condition of 04 major cities,(Erbil-Sulaymaniya-Halabja-Dohuk).The scope of work consist of water supplying Halabja with 50000m3 per day up to the year 2015.Project include raw water pumping station, Transmission line water treatment plant and high lift pumping station

Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure quality control of material, construction work rotten material as per standers and project specification.

Maintaining daily weekly and monthly record and corresponding at the project.

Prepare daily plan concerning to QC staff keeping in view the schedule, testing demand at site and lab.

Responsible for approve of all the quality tests and concrete Mix Design from consultant and client at mega water supply projects at site, Lab and batching plants.

Prepare & taking approval of concrete Mix Design includes self-compacting, Shot-Crete & screed from consultant.

Insure the quality of backfill material surround as per specification requirement’s

Responsible for Sampling and supervision of aggregate, soil, steel, water permeability and durability test in main laboratory.

Coordination with site inspector and consultant inspection staff to insure the quality of work



Designation – Material & QC Engineer

Duration - July 2009 to May 2013

Scope of Work:

Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) has initiated Haramain High Speed Railway Project (HHR), a new electrified passenger railway line; approximately 450km in length, which will link the Holy Cities of Makah and Medina via Jeddah, with an average operating speed of 320km/h. The estimated number of bridges that will be constructed in the project scope is 154 bridges

Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide technical, full-time, on-site inspection of the progress and quality of the construction work performed.

Review and provides input into field related submittals as required.

Monitoring and solving the quality related issues with sub-contractor and consultant.

Verification of third party quality test results as needed.

Preparation of daily oversight inspection reports and enters them into the Construction.

Maintain testing record and corresponding at the project.

Preparing daily plan concerning to QC staff keeping in view the schedule, testing demand at site and lab.

Preparing all concrete Mix Design includes self-compacting concrete.

Insuring the quality of embankment, Sub Grade, Sub Base, Aggregate Base course and concrete plant etc.

Supervising FDT test at site for back filling, Sub grade, Sub base and aggregate base course.

Maintaining and updated daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Supervising of geo technical work(SPT test, rock quality, soil material)

Preparing quality assurance records including deficiency and non-conforming notices.

Producing and input a daily log of inspected field work.

Producing daily inspection reports for all disciplines of work performed.



Designation –Quality Control Inspector

Duration - June 2008 to June 2009

Scope of Work:

The project consist of the construction of approximately 164 hectares of infrastructure works including road, sewer, drainage, irrigation, electrical, street lighting, district cooling and firefighting networks.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Coordinate with consultant for Inspection and witnessing of Soil, concrete and asphalt quality and testing according to Standards and project specification

Coordinate with consultant to witnessed Concrete testing at site i.e. Casting of Cylinder, workability test, Temperature, air content,yield checking, etc. at site.

Arranging with consultant for Inspection of different Pipes i-e. GRE, UPVC, PVC, GRP and high density pipes which used for district cooling line, sewer line, Drainage and irrigation line etc.

Coordinate with consultant for Inspection and witnessing the testing of backfilling for infrastructure pipelines.

Maintain Q/C record and corresponding of the project. Supporting QC manager in Document Control. Developing the Quality Systems documents in alignment with Project requirements.

Maintain daily, weekly and monthly inspection and testing reports.

Coordinate daily and weekly inspection of Quality tests of concrete aggregates in independent Laboratory.



Designation – Quality Control

Duration - March 2006 to May 2008

Scope of Work:

DHA-2 is a new future city under construction Rawalpindi. The project will contain residential units, high and low-rise buildings, commercial districts and mixed-use areas, retail areas, schools, Play grounds and hospital

Duties and Responsibilities:

Testing of concrete and asphalt in Laboratory according to Standards and project specification

Concrete testing at site i.e. casting of Cylinder, workability test, Temperature, air content, yield checking, etc.

Asphalt testing at lab i.e. Marshall Mold preparation GMM, Extraction, Normal and Retain stability.

Aggregate testing at lab i.e. Gradation, Atterberg, s limit, CBR, Specific Gravity, etc.

Daily Quality tests of aggregates soil and asphalt in main Laboratory.


Nationality - Pakistani

Marital Status - Married

Visa Status - Transferable Visa/NOC

Languages - Arabic, English, Urdu and Pashto

Driving License - Saudi Arabia & Qatar


I hereby solemnly affirm that the above mentioned information furnished by me is based on

True and no relevant facts are suppressed.

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