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Manager Desktop Support

December 30, 2020

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Vijay Kumar Khurava

: 989-***-****

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To obtain a challenging and rewarding career in IT Industry there my skills and abilities will be used effectively.

Academic Qualification

Completed graduation in BCA from IASE University (2013).


IBM Certified Administrator - BigFix Lifecycle V9.5 (2018)

Completed Honors Diploma in Enterprise Networking & Security Management (HDENSM) from IACM, New Delhi (2005)

Completed Hardware from IACM.

Successfully Finished Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) from IACM South Ext (New Delhi). (2004-2005)

Successfully Finished Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) from IACM South Ext (New Delhi). (2004-2005)


[1] FIS Global Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd. (Gurgaon, Haryana) from 28th Jan 2019 to till now.

Designation: System Administrator Senior - BIGFIX

Job responsibilities –

Delivery of on demand engineering tasks using BigFix.

Custom Fixlet/Task/Baseline/RP/Analysis creation.

Automation plans creations.

On demand new project POCs.

Working on cloud plugin and integrating Azure instances.

Setting up Linux/Unix patching process.

Troubleshooting issues related to client/relay remediation.

Providing BigFix trainings to new joiners and new operators based on FIS guidelines.

Visio diagram creation and updation of FIS BigFix Infra.

Relay identification project delivery.

Planning and implementation of patching automation using IGP tool (admin and operational support)

Managing BigFix Server Infra of 185000 endpoints.

Managing test lab and dev BigFix infra.

Being on call during off hours to support any critical change or activity.

Working on new implementations.

Showing participation on different level of forums within org. wherever required for BigFix related ownership.

Daily calls with my Architect.

Weekly Team meeting with all operators & business owners for updating whatever new changes we made recently in BigFix at infra level or new Fixlet/task/RP we added.

Sending relay failure status report with all business owners.

Providing support to daily patching issues.

Creating fixlet/tasks along with Uninstallation & their related RPs.

Managing SCA checks & related reports if there is any issue.

Health check of BigFix infra.

Relay Scaling where clients count is more than 2k for any relay.

Delivering Linux/Unix Patching solutions.

Automation of Client Settings/Mandate infra changes or any business required tasks.

Involvement sharing on PMR support whenever needed by Wintel Team.

Owning responsibilities and patching of our owned BigFix infra servers.

Maintaining DR BigFix server.

Application Validation activities related to any change done by Wintel Team.

Backing UP BigFix Database & monitoring their status.

BigFix console cleanup activities.

IGP tool related issue discussion & providing on demand RPs for reporting purpose.

[2] Trianz Holdings Pvt Ltd. (Kalyani Magnum, Bangalore) from 22nd June 2018 to 25th Jan 2019.

Designation: Technical Lead - IBM BIGFIX

Job responsibilities –

Working on Custom Tasks within Engineering team for multiple Account/Projects.

Working on POC (proof of concept) for new clients

Working on new implementation of BIGFIX Infra for other projects.

Attending daily calls & discussion related to running/new activities with all stakeholders.

Working on Re-usable BIGFIX content and documentation.

[3] HCL Technologies Pvt. Lt. (Noida Sec 126) from 25th April 2016 to 19th June 2018.

Designation: Associate Consultant – IBM BIGFIX

Job responsibilities –

Supporting two Project & managing their BIGFIX infra

Worked on below Integration & BAU support activities.

i.ITAM Integration with BIGFIX to support 24*7 Patching scenario to fulfill more than 100 patching timings.

ii.MYCloud Integration with BIGFIX to support newly provisioning of Machines using it.

iii.MYDashboard Integration with BIGFIX to showcase multiple reports to customer in a very detailed way.

iv.VM-Resizing support & integration.

v.Fulfilled Client requirement for patching & installing software on newly imaged machine without using of console for their support staff.

Delivering role of Technical & Operational consultant.

Managing Team of 4 engineers for their Technical responsibilities.

Attending client & management meetings daily/weekly & on demand basis.

Monitoring Health check of IBM BIGFIX Infra.

Identifying offline computers & highlighted them with concern Teams.

Managing SCA (Security Compliance Analytics) & publishing compliance report.

Publishing / Sharing pre & post patch compliance report.

Monitoring Linux Patching activities.

Creating Fixlet, Tasks & Analysis on demand of Teams.

Monitoring & updating SCA checklists.

Monitoring DSA setup for proper Replication.

Creating Baseline & guiding Teams.

Planning upgrades & new infra for IBM BIGFIX.

Managing/distributing load of Relay Servers.

Managing BIGFIX ILMT (IBM License Metric Tool) & sharing audit snapshots.

Working on Change Requests.

Planning new Relay (DMZ) & upgradation in infra.

Distributing load of Relay servers & monitoring Root server for client reporting.

Approving/Managing access requests related to IBM BIGFIX console.

Performing quarterly ID validation of operators for IBM BIGFIX console.

Removing duplicate servers & highlighting to concern team for such cases.

Planning Linux/Unix Patching & implementing it.

[4] IBM India Pvt. Ltd. (Noida Sec 62) from 21stth Sep 2015 to 23rd April 2016.

Designation: Technical Services Specialist – IBM BIGFIX

Job responsibilities –

Publishing Health check reports on Monthly Basis.

Publishing offline servers data twice in week with Ops Team.

Sharing SOP for installation & troubleshooting for BES client.

Working on Patch management.

Closing Patch management related task on raised Change Requests.

Creating software deployment related fixlets & task to fulfill business requirement.

Adding/Updating BES Relay / BES Console / BES Clients.

Creating/Managing baseline for MS windows patches.

Implementing actions with patch policy for automation for patch & software deployment.

Troubleshooting raised Service Request in Maximo tool related to IBM BIGFIX.

Meetings with Team/Manager on weekly or Monthly basis on present challenges.

Working with Manager & client for any new automation or planning.

[5] Trigent Software ltd. to client site Kronos Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (Noida Sec 62) from 18th May 2015 to 16th Sep 2015.

Designation: Sr. Patching Administrator

Job responsibilities – IBM BIGFIX (Formerly known IBM Endpoint Manager)

Working on Patching sheets for monthly MS windows patch deployment.

Sending security advisory to stake holders before proceeding with Patch Deployment.

Deploying MS windows patches on 5000 servers.

Managing IBM Endpoint Manager (BIGFIX).

Creating Fixlet for software/application deployment.

Creating & managing Baseline as per MS Windows Patches & for other vendor application patches.

Implementing Patch policies.

Raising Change request & working on them for closer for Windows Patch Deployment.

Working with security Team for closing MS OS/App based vulnerabilities.

Implementing Fixlet/Task to close server vulnerabilities on multiple servers.

Publishing Non-compliant server list (Older VM Template images) & working with platform teams for closer.

Publishing offline servers details & guiding Ops Team for closer.

Removing decommissioned & disposed servers from BIGFIX console post confirmation receiving from Ops Team.

Publishing weekly BIGFIX Health check reports with Team & Seniors.

Tracking Tickets/Change requests & their status related to BIGFIX Team.

Creating balance by equally moving BIGFIX client from one relay to another.

Tracking & updating BIGFIX client's latest version on servers & their VM Template.

Deploying new Relay & console servers as per requirement.

Upgrading BIGFIX Server with latest BIGFIX server version available in market, post receiving go ahead from seniors.

Planning new changes & implementation of BIGFIX Infra.

Keeping close eye on SQL DB for backup related tasks & syncing with SQL DB Team for any SQL related concern.

[6] Artech Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. to client site Concentrix Daksh India Pvt. Ltd. (Infinity tower B) from 18th March 2014 to 17th May 2015.

Designation: Sr. System Administrator (VMware, VDI, BIGFIX)

Job responsibilities – VMware, VDI

Level 2

Level 3

Golden Image AV updation

New Pool creation for process

Golden Image Patch Management

Disk space allocation for process pool

Golden Image OS upgrade

Storage monitoring

Software Installation / Removal on Golden Image

New Server/Host addition

Host monitoring (Processor, Memory, Storage)

Resource planning & allocation

Image creation & Testing

VDI infra-upgrade

Image customization & Deployment

Regular meeting with Manager/Spoc

Storage Monitoring

Profile Replica deletion

Profile re-direction

Clone/Golden Image Deletion

Office365, Software subscription & renewal

License subscription upgrade

Domain issues

RADMIN license configuration

File/Folder access request

Group policy designing as per requirement

RADMIN pool monitoring

Connection broker server monitoring/Configuring

Access to VDI environment

SQL database related issue

Creating VMs on Basis of RFC or Change request

Providing 24*7 sev1, sev2 & sev3 support

Assigning resources to VM on demand basis

RCA preparation & providing on VDI outage

Deploying Latest VMWare updates / Patches on vCenter, Connection server, View Composer & Hosts

Job responsibilities – BFIX

Keeping close eye on latest security advisory for latest security updates/Windows/Non Windows patches.

Working/Identifying BESAdmin-announcements & moving them in custom sites for making those patches available for all BFIX Admin/users.

Raising RFC or Change request to apply latest windows/Non windows patches/updates.

Performing weekly patch deployment activities on PAN INDIA desktops on shared lean window as per process.

Preparing on-demand inventory of non-compliant machines on basis of PGP encryption, SEP & other required details.

Providing & managing access rights of BFIX console.

Fixing missing machines which are not showing in console & educating users on BFIX server & client interaction & basis client settings.

Creating Baseline for older & latest patches.

[7] Netsol India Pvt. Ltd. An IBM company to client site IBM GPS (Infinity tower C & B) from 11th Aug 2008 to 13th March 2014.

Designation: VMware & BIGFIX Admin

Role & Responsibilities: VMware & BIGFIX Admin

Managing VMware vCenter servers.

Patching ESXi hosts.

Adding new ESXi host & servers.

Monitoring & managing storage on vCenter server.

Upgrading vCenter servers.

Creating / Modifying & deletion of VMs.

Resources planing & allocation.

Creating Change request for any change / modification in VMware Infra.

Providing RCA for escalated Sev1 issues related to VMware.

Working on incident tickets, alerts related to VMWare infra.

Closing vulnerabilities.

Moving Physical servers into VMware using VMware PV2 tool.

Sharing monthly performance charts & report with Manager.

Working on IBM Endpoint Manager for MS Windows Patch Deployment.

[8] Progressive Infovision Pvt. Ltd. to client site WIPRO BPO (site Okhala phase III). From May 2007 to 6th Aug. 2008

Designation: Desktop Support engineer L2


●Managing desktop environment of approx. 1500 users within a Team.

●Providing support to End users reg. any s/w, application, h/w related issues

●Handling security related issues in the guidance of IT Security Team.

●Troubleshooting of any outage of Sev1, sev2, & sev3 & creating a bridge between end user & Network, Security, Server Team.

●Imaging Desktop/laptop using GHOST or Tivoli server.

●Maintaining compliance on floor & auditing process randomly.

Previous site IBM Daksh (Unitech Cyber Park, Gurgaon). From 28th Dec. 2006 to 14th may 2007

Designation: Desktop support Engineer L1


maintaining the desktop environment of about 1200 users, resolved users issue related from desktop, voice, Rockwell (software that provide a platform between customer n users), Avaya phones etc


My Strength:

My family

Working in Team

Taking Initiatives

My confidence


Personal Profile

Languages Known: Hindi, English

Marital Status: Married

Date of Birth: 16th September 1985

Current Address: Chintels Paradiso, E 1002, Sector 109, Gurgaon, Haryana

Date: - (Vijay Kumar Khurava)

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