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Marketing Health

Plumtree, Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe
December 31, 2020

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D.O.B: 27/05/1976





The Candidate attained the following subject passes at Ordinary level:



English Language








Religious Studies



He trained with the Writers Bureau as a writer, a professional college for writers based in England. In 2011, he got diplomas in a Media Studies and Journalism course, through the I.C.M a college also in the U.K. The diplomas he got include: Feature and Freelance Writing, Broadcast Journalism and Newspaper Reporting.


He enrolled for a ‘six figure blue print’ blogging course online with Udemy in 2016, under the tutorship of Daniel Boehm. In 2017, he added another course from Udemy on Copywriting taught by Len Smith and has found it very valuable. To diversify his knowledge base, Ndodana decided to venture into the world of business, subsequently, he purchased a Business Administration course material from Udemy. The course’s compilation and coaching is done by Valentina Bogdanova, an MBA graduate and she has 17 years of experience in the Business world, as a CEO. He’s still immersed in the course and it has been so far enjoyable and well meaning. Amongst other things, the course explores six concentrated areas of study to include:

Business Strategy: (with eight topics to explore; like, how companies make decisions in the long run, Assess competition, How to perform industry analysis, identify strength, weakness, opportunities and threats, successful strategic planning, how to manage a multi-business enterprise, create a structure favouring growth.)

Management (HR): learn how to work with people and be successful,(with resources such as recruiting, develop, manage, organise, retain talented employees, what makes for a good manager, why managers are needed in an organisation, various managerial functions and roles, how to work with employees, their selection, promotion, long motivation of employees.)

Marketing: the art of selling a product and creating value, who works in marketing, what a marketing plan is, the psychology of customers, marketing research, customer segmentation, how to set up the 4ps of marketing, product and pricing strategy, organise a marketing campaign and calculate CLV.

Accounting: financials, book keeping, credits and debits, the financial statement and ratio analysis.

Last but not least, Decision Making: Negotiation, Persuasion, soft skills managers and business executives have to have, make better professional choices, successful at negotiating, learn how to persuade, improve sales abilities.

Hopefully, the above course has potential to open his scope in the business fraternity and present better opportunities along the way.


He has worked for the government’s civil service, in the Ministry of Health and Childcare under the Catering and Food Services since 2004. He was a contributor with the All-voices platform, before its subsequent moribund. He works part time as a soccer reporter focusing mainly on Division One’s professional league in the country, the ZIFA Southern Region. Presently, he holds a couple of badges on an online site called Copypress, and is also a certified product copy writer with the site. Ndodana had a Blog, He targeted marriages especially for young couples, and focused to offer effective advice to them.


He has one book manuscript currently in front of editors, and he is in the process of writing another one. On the same hand, he has numerous short story works and non-fiction articles sent for consideration in various publication places around the world.


He has worked for the Ministry of Health and Child Care since 2003, beginning in the theatre as a Runner (Theatre Hand). The Ministry upgraded him to cook in 2004. He remained in the Ministry until 2007,

In 2009, he was re-engaged in the Ministry of Health as a Cook. He has dedicated himself to servicing his community despite poor remuneration and unconducive working conditions. Ndodana has depth in the preparation of meals, and other health related tasks like: therapeutic feeds, and feeds for chronic dieses, examples include, diabetes. The cadre is very efficient in safety precautions, diligent when it comes to customer service, and a team performer. He is well versed with stock card registration and recording systems. He has acted in the capacity of the Health Food Services Supervisor on the supervisor’s absence, carrying out his duties like ordering provisions and attending departmental meetings.

Regularly, he goes for fitness test through the Health food fitness certificate, done after every six months. The department, runs the diabetes counselling and awareness sessions for patients. Ndodana is very enthusiastic and has a positive attitude and his vast experience gives him the urge and confidence to compete in any team-work environment. His ambition is to grow and exploit opportunities.


To be more visible in writing platforms and establish a very professional portfolio. Has ambition to enter the business world and swim with the sharks. Strongly campaigning to have one of his long works of fiction published.


Reading, Writing, Research, Church and Family, Food, business, Sport, Films


Mpofu Francis

Nkayi District Hospital

Box 2, Nkayi, ZW

Phone: +263558301/2

Gowampingo Edwin

Plumtree District Hospital

Box 27, Plumtree, ZW

Phone: +263192661/2


The District Medical Officer

Plumtree District Hospital

P.O. Box 27, Plumtree


Phone: +263192661/2

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