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Assistant Operator

Houston, TX
December 29, 2020

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Howard Reynolds


Work Experience:

March *5, 2011 to Present:

iHeart Media Houston

Duties and responsibilities:

On Air Talent for Sunny 99.1, Mobile traffic reporter for KTRH, Board operator for KTRH, KPRC, Sports Talk 790, 945 The Buzz and 937 The Beat. Production assistant for iHeart Media Houston Cluster.

January 2012 to January 2013

Freelance Videography. For The City of Houston

November 22, 1997 to March 25, 2011

Master Control Operator and programmer for HISD’s Cable Channel. Primary Responsibilities:

Operate, and maintain the video automation system for twenty four hour playback of programming material for HISD’s cable channel.

Acquisition of programming material for playback. Scheduling programs for on- air playback. Creating a play list for publication on the HISD website. Secondary Duties:

Video production of material used for HISD news, and other productions. This involves both in studio recordings and field recordings. Graphics creation, and video editing. Generating program material for playback on the cable channel. Provide A/V Technical support for the

administration building.

January 28, 1991 to November 22, 1997

Master Control Operator and programmer for The City of Houston’s Municipal Channel.

Primary Duties:

Operate, and maintain the video automation system for twenty four hour playback of programming material for The Municipal Channel, The Public Access Channel, Houston

Community College, University of Houston, and The Houston Independent School District.

Acquisition of programming material for playback. Scheduling programs for on- air playback. Creating a play list for publication in the newspapers. Radio Stations:


Sunny 99.1 and 937. The Beat

February 1998 to present

Duties include on-air talent. Board operation for remote broadcasts. Managing syndicated programming material for weekends.

AM 1230 KNUZ

August 1983 to May 1998

Duties included on-talent. Board operation for remote broadcasts. Software Operation

Microsoft Windows XP

Adobe Premiere CS6 Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop Corel Photopaint Adobe Audition


Marc Sherman Clear Channel radio 713-***-****

Dan V. Rogers

Director, Media Services Television 1984-2007


Lewis James (Jim) Landureth

5834 Berkshire Hills Drive

Kingwood, Texas 77345-1830


To Whom it May Concern:

My working relationship with Howard Reynolds spans over a decade in radio broadcasting. Early in my tenure as Program Director of an Adult Contemporary station in Houston, I was in short supply of much needed part-time employees who could be available to work weekends and holidays. In many cases, my short-term resolve was to log the hours myself.

Then I met Howard Reynolds.

Howard approached me with great interest in offering his services and expertise to solve my programming problems - and to this day some years later - hiring him was among the best moves I've made in my 25 years of broadcasting. Howard possesses a unique desire and determination to produce only the very best programming. He takes direction - he brings to the table a good soldier mentality. He may disagree with the strategy at hand; but - he executes the task at hand and asks for more duties. Over the years, anytime I've been in a situation where I needed someone on short notice, Howard has answered the call. In fact, there have been cases where his services were needed to encompass the programming of more than one radio station over the course of a twelve-hour period. While most broadcasters would wave the white flag because the task seemed too demanding, it wasn't unusual for Howard to finish one shift at midnight, spend the night at the station, and begin another shift at 5am the next morning. To summarize: When I think of the kind of person and employee Howard Reynolds is, words like loyalty, devotion, professionalism, positive spirit, selflessness, desire, and great work ethic --- come to mind immediately.

I look forward to another decade of radio broadcasting with Howard. Very Warm Regards,

Marc Sherman.

Sr. Vice President of Programming

iHeart Media Houston


To whom it may concern:

Howard Reynolds joined HISD's Instructional Media Services in November, 1997, as Master Control Operator. As Director of Media Services Television at the time, and his immediate supervisor, I was impressed with his background, technical expertise and knowledge of the broadcast industry. I was soon to learn that his positive attitude, work ethic and unselfishness were equally impressive.

It would be difficult to list all the ways, large and small, that Howard brought value to IMS. Clearly one major contribution however was when we were tasked to change from a manually controlled 'air operation' to an automated one. This process was beyond most of our understanding and certainly beyond our departmental budget. Howard approached the problem as a personal challenge. It was his research, design, construction and often his own money that went into the development of the system (meeting every benchmark and deadline along the way) that ultimately evolved into the automated operation that is used today.

When IMS moved to the new administration building, not only did Howard contribute greatly to the design and construction of the new Master Control, it was his planning and personal attention that allowed IMS to make the transition with minimum loss of air time. Our changeover was virtually seamless to the viewer. Over the years, I came to rely on Howard for a great number of things. Interested in bringing the best educational programming to our channel at the lowest cost, Howard researched and acquired a number of video libraries to augment our own production and maintain our 24/7 broadcast schedule. His radio experience made him a sought-after narrator for myself and other producers in the department and he was used as on-camera talent as well. Howard has often helped HISD News Today shooting news stories and, whenever asked, he helps out in the studio as well. As the former Director of Media Services Television, I can characterize my relationship with Howard Reynolds with confidence as one of trust and respect. He has become important to the Houston Independent School District in ways many may never fully understand or appreciate. But those like me, who have had the pleasure of working with him, know that Howard is one of those individuals that is impossible to replace. If I can be of any further assistance please email or call me at 713-***-****. Sincerely.

Dan V. Rogers

Director, Media Services Television 1984-2007

Lewis James (Jim) Landureth

5834 Berkshire Hills Drive

Kingwood, Texas 77345-1830


March 8, 2011

To Whom It May Concern Regarding the Possible Employment of Howard Reynolds:

Before retiring as Senior Multimedia Manager for the Houston Independent School District, I supervised Howard Reynolds for over 12 years. Mr. Reynolds was not only dependable and creative but he could always put in the extra effort that separate average workers from the small percentage of employees that make a major difference to a department or team. Two examples readily come to mind: Mr. Reynolds went beyond his job description and my expectations to engineer an automated television playback system when we did not have funds to purchase such a system.

In addition, during weather emergencies such as floods and hurricanes, Mr. Reynolds could always be counted on to find a way to come to work and operate equipment so that we could send out emergency communications to the public and employees. The above examples are beyond the numerous times Mr. Reynolds volunteered for extra night and weekend production assignments. I am fortunate to have worked with Mr. Reynolds as he made my job as manager much easier, and I believe he could be an asset to any communications situation requiring a dependable team member.


Jim Landureth

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the pleasure of working with Howard Reynolds for the past 10 years. While I have worked at Klein Forest High School and Lanier Middle School, Howard has been our videographer.

Howard is a very dependable and reliable employee. He arrives on time, has all equipment he needs and is always professional. He will video and take into consideration any requests that we have for the type of video and camera angles that we request. Once the event is complete, Howard will edit the video and get it back to us quickly! I have recommended Howard to many friends and colleagues in the industry and they have all been pleased with the work that he produces. I would highly recommend Howard Reynolds. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at Sincerely,

Mrs. Stacey Kornegay

Dance Teacher

Klein Forest High School

11400 Misty Valley Drive iHouston, Texas 77066-3499 i 832-***-**** Fax: 832-***-****

December 7, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Howard Reynolds has been the videographer for our dance program for many years. During that time I have come to know that Howard is a professional who takes pride in his work and truly aims to please. In addition, Howard is quick to reply to communication, friendly, and easy to work with. He always arrives prepared for the situation and with plenty of time to spare. He is very open to feedback and critiques in his filming and editing processes. Howard always provides several copies of his work in multiple formats so we have everything we could need from our events. I recommend Howard Reynolds for placement with any group looking for a reliable videographer with consistent results.


Suzy Wolfe

Lanier Middle School Dance

U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School

4001 STANFORD ● HOUSTON, TEXAS, 77006-4998

Phone 713/942-1960 ● Fax 713/942-1968 • R. Scott Allen, Ed.D.


Larry Trout

Assistant Principal

Mercy Alonso-Rodriguez

Assistant Principal

Travis Springfield

Lead Counselor

Rebecca McDowell

Interim Counselor


Howard Reynolds

8838 Congo Lane

Houston, Texas 77040


I wanted to write and say thank you for the great job you did on the promotional video for HSPVA! It was better than I had ever dreamed. From our first planning meeting, to working with the faculty and students in gathering interview footage, to putting the actual video together, you were professional and easy to work with.

After you showed me the video, you were open to my edit suggestions and made the changes quickly. Again, I am so excited about the public seeing the final product. If you ever need a recommendation or a nod of, “you are wonderful,” just let me know. I have already shared your contact information with a number of people in the arts community and they will probably be contacting you for future video work. Let me know if you need anything. Thanks again for your hard work! Sincerely,

R. Scott Allen, Ed.D.


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