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Sales Manager

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
December 29, 2020

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My objective is to become a well-established administrator who has immaculate organizational planning and research skills, focusing on my efforts in the strategic Marketing business. My long term ambitions are to become a Project/Asset Manager for a think tank. WORK EXPERIENCE:

POSITION: Financial Advisor : Outsurance (01/12/2009 to 28/02/2010) POSITION: SENIOR SALES AND SERVICE CONSULTANT: CAPITEC BANK (16/03/2010 To date) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:

Provide and support internal stakeholders within the branch network:

● Business Managers(operations)

● Regional Manager

● Branch Manager

● Service Consultants

● Client Service Champions

People( Personal responsibilities)

● Personally contribute to establishing a healthy environment by contributing positivity towards the building of Respect, Trust and teamwork.

● Take responsibility for developing own skills and knowledge,(Self-learning)

● Participate in a continuous learning environment by sharing knowledge, skills and experiences in a CEO manner with colleagues.


● Responsible for contacting/calling clients in strict accordance with Q-matic intrusions.

● Stand and greet clients.

● Attend to clients in an urgent, effective, friendly and professional manner

● Ensure a detailed understanding of the client’s needs is gained through applying detailed probing and questioning.

● Responsible for providing a detailed explanation of the banks products.

● Responsible for addressing clients requirements and questions in al logical and structured manner.

● Determine or the client qualifies for credit and the specific term promptly.

● Responsible for resolving all client queries pro-actively by providing an update on the query status within 24 hours.

Being dependent and provide support to the following departments:

● Business Support Centre

● IT Help Desk

● Operational Efficiency

● Brand Activation

● Employer sales

Execute tasks in accordance with all applicable policies and procedures Efficiencies


● Responsible for selling the banks products as a whole, savings accounts, investments internet banking, credit,insurance and converting external client to banking clients.

● Conduct the client affordability assessment by studying the bankstatement, identifying and capturing external obligations.

● Applying the credit application in order to determine if the client qualifies for credit or not, thereby processing the que and reducing the client waiting time.

● Responsible for making a personal contribution to the team sales objectives by ensuring the client understands the benefits of the banks products that speaks to their needs.

● Responsible for continuously identifying opportunities to convert clients to banking with Capitec by addressing all potential client concerns.

● Convert clients to banking by sharing banking cost comparisons and benefits with the client.

● Responsible for tracking the debit order switching process by pro- actively monitoring successful/unsuccessful debit order submissions and liaising with the client.

● Execute telemarketing in accordance with the telemarketing system and behaviors.

● Provide potential employer sales

● Accumulate, capture and follow up on referred client information for marketing purposes

● Participate in marketing/Promotional activities.

● Responsible for opening and maintaining client savings accounts

● Receive and review all relevant documentation from the clients.

● Check completeness and validity of documents.

● Capture documents and client information on the system.

● Print contracts and ensure they’re signed.

● Process client enquiry requests in a timeous manner.

● Responsible for card personalization and issuing of Debit Master Cards and Credit cards.

● Responsible for float balancing at the end of the day.

● Action all deposit taking transactions including but not limited to accepting of cash and cheques and ensuring cheques are valid.

● Responsible for coordinating the replenishment of ATM, Drop safe clearance and investigating of discrepancies.

● Print bank statements and point of sales receipts

● Responsible for credit management.

● Determine pay dates of companies and communicate with HR of companies. ARREAS

● Participate in take home pay, double check that the correct employer is entered into the system

● Prevent bad debt by taking ownership of the credit sales process by scrutinizing documents for fraud, applying credit policy with no errors and maintaining nearby employer awareness, EG retrenchments and fraud.


● Take full responsibilities for FICA confirmation in accordance with the policy.

● Ensure all client detailed are captured completely and accurately at all times.

● Responsible for maintaining a professional appearance in accordance with the company’s dress code.

● Take ownership.


● Knowledge and understanding of basic calculations

● Retail/Consumer service environment.

● Organizational policies.


● Energetic

● Sense of urgency

● Impact within a team environment, confidence, articulate and presence

● Conscientious.

● Ambitious and aspirational.

● Adaptable.

● Strong Listening and communication skills.

● Delivering results.

● Follow instructions and procedures.

● Relating and Networking.

● Persuasive and influential.

● Presenting and communicating information.

● Working with people.

● Learning and researching.

● Adapting and responding to change.

● Achieving personal work goals and Objectives.

● Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking.


● Completed Matric/N3 2007 @ Centurion College

● FAIS Credentials (2009)

● Banking Certificate NQF level4 @ Cornerstone, completed: 2018

● First Aid Course (2019) Attended, Pending certificate @ ST John, Braamfontien.

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