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Engineer Engineering

Seattle, WA
December 29, 2020

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*** ******* *** *, *******, WA-****9



Stony Brook University (M.S. Computer Engineering ) August 2018 - December 2019 Coursework: Analysis of Algorithms, Principles in Parallel Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing, Pattern Recognition, Digital Image Processing, Hardware-Software Co-Design of Embedded Systems, Computer Networks, Computer Aided Design DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai (Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics) August 2014 - June 2018 Coursework: Structured Programming Approach(C), Object Oriented Programming (Java), Arti cial Intelligence, Embedded System Design, Microprocessors and Peripherals, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Communication Networks WORK EXPERIENCE Development Engineer(Full Stack- Java,Spring,Javascript,JSP,CSS) May 2020- October 2020 Added a block in the Page Architecture to facilitate multiple parallel calls to strategies (Machine Learning Models). Enabled the widgets to be rendered dynamically on the Storefront Page for Digital Books to ensure more Customer Friendly Content. Successfully implemented changes on all market places for Tablet, Mobile and Kindle devices. Stony Brook University - Research Assistant February 2020- May 2020 Developed Code in Matlab to increase accuracy of 2D Circular Coil for simulation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in MRI Lab by incorporating Elliptical Integral in the Source File SS Instruments - Junior Engineer July 2017- October 2017 Developed test programs in C language and used JTAG to evaluate functionality of IEEE devices on PCBs. XJTAG, XJLINK and Pinpoint Sigma were used for evaluation and developing a netlist and schematic for the boards Shaman Motors - Junior Technician January 2017- March 2017 Testing, debugging and programming the Engine Control Unit at Mercedes Benz using XENTRY. Testing mechanical parts for repair/replacement for quality assurance


Languages: C, C++, MPI, Embedded C, Java, Python, Assembly, VHDL Software & Tools: Matlab, IntelliJ, Android Studio, Git, Visual Studio, Atmel Studio, LabView, XJ TAG, TASM PROJECTS

Ride Share App

Developed Ride Share App for car pooling among University students. Authentication, database and processing was implemented on Google Firebase using Android Studio

Prediction using Multiple Linear Regression

Used Multiple Linear Regression in Matlab for implementing prediction on Boston Housing Data (13 features) at 82.2% accuracy and on Graduate Admissions Dataset (8 features) at 79% accuracy. The prediction model was developed incorporating feature reduction, chi square analysis and eleminating multi-collinearity Molecular Dynamics Simulations using MPI and C++

Design and implement an algorithm to reduce the energy and hence the Lenard-Jones potential of a system containing 500 particles with random co-ordinates in a 3D box of dimensions 10x10x10. Find the lowest energy state of system such that the energy does not change for at least 100 cycles of random particle movements. Implemented in parallel on a super computer with 28, 56 and 112 threads using MPI and C++

Parallel Matrix Multiplication using MPI and C++

Multiplication of two matrices of size 24*(16,64,256) in parallel usingRing method and BMR (Broadcast, Multiply, Roll) method on a super-computer using 24, 48 and 96 threads. The in uence of communication overhead on performance was calculated using speed up curves

Sixth Sense Technology

Developed a compact wearable device trained to recognize hand gestures using Raspberry pi and Python. The device identi es skin color then captures image as per prede ned gesture stored in it BEST: Roadmap To Urban Transport Modeling Semi Finalist (ADCOM 2016), Finalists (Transform Maharashtra) The project aims on maximizing e ciency of Government city bus service of Mumbai by providing a robust, highly connectable and reliable transport system. Self-learning algorithms were used to implement dynamic deployment of buses TECHNICAL COURSES

Embedded Java and IOT Application based on Raspberry Pi workshop conducted by Oracle Pre-requisite and Java developer learning, sensor overview and interfacing, Development Environment: Java Development Kit SE 8, Net Beans IDE and Raspberry Pi basics

Projects: Smart Highway tracking accident prevention system, Smart car park, Home automation

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