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Assistant Police

Edmonton, AB, Canada
December 28, 2020

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Alfred Enowbawa

Edmonton, Alberta T*W *Y*

Mobile: 587-***-****; Email:


Over 30 years of police work experience, ensuring the public peace and a good and positive work environment within the police force in various cities in Cameroon

Successful career in managing investigations, law and order, security, public service, law enforcement training and police force activities; profound knowledge in internal investigations, public safety programs, emergency response, policy and procedure development, budget planning and public relations

Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills; adept at conducting investigations and diffusing potentially volatile situations with tact and diplomacy; highly capable of meeting law enforcement objectives coupled with exceptional comprehension of gathering evidence and complying with legal requirements

Ability and willingness to understand, learn, improve, communicate and implement procedures that allow for a safe work environment

Highly organized, detail and time-oriented, with excellent problem-solving skills and overall focus on achieving and maintaining quality of life across the community

Ability to perform repetitive tasks in a safe and efficient manner

Fluency in English and French


Policeman, on gradually expanding roles and responsibilities Police Force (various cities), Cameroon, 1986 - 2017

Maintained public safety and protection of assets, buildings and equipment, including border security and people and goods screening; ensured the prevention of contraband and human trafficking

Coordinated security during public events such as National Day celebrations, Youth Day celebrations, political party marches and other public meetings, rallies and reunions; upheld the Law and Order in all circumstances, and documented and filed reports

Communicated and ensured the enforcement of public and administrative regulations/policies

Ensured the successful and objective resolution of disputes between members of the public as well as between the public and members of the police force

Summoned and presided over service meetings; represented the National Security Corps in administrative meetings as well as participated in local administrative coordination meetings

Ensured or performed personnel training

Performed administration, guidance and assessment of personnel EDUCATION AND TRAINING:

International Protection of Refugees Session

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Cameroon, 2008 Integrated Program in Management Workshop

Advanced Institute of Management, Cameroon, 2005

Superintendent of Police Diploma

National Police Academy Yaounde, Cameroon, 1999

Assistant Superintendent of Police Diploma

National Police Academy, Yaounde, Cameroon, 1982

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