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Assistant Safety

Houston, TX, 77044
December 28, 2020

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Seeking for Research Assistant/ Diversion Investigator / Environmental Specialist / Environmental Toxicology / Industrial Hygiene / Occupation Safety & Health Specialist


Safety Coordinator

Environmental Safety & Health Staff/training policy development(OSHA)

Environmental sample collection, reservation, extraction, analysis

Environmental Remediation / Sustainability (EPA)

Environmental Risk Assessment (NEPA)


Safety Coordinator • Texas Southern University • Aug 2012 To Aug 2015

I worked to create and enforce a culture of safety within the institution or organization. I implement programs, policies, and assessments to ensure Texas Southern University is in compliance with all federal and state internal health and safety rules. I also review reports and findings to monitor performance and detect trends related to health and safety. I conduct job exposure analyses to ensure safe work environments according to environmental health and safety standards. Maintain other written plans (i.e.: Building Evacuation Plan, Chemical Hygiene Plan, Hazardous Materials Business Plan, etc.) as needed for each laboratories; I perform or coordinate annual workplace inspections to identify and correct hazards; Document inspections and ensure that inspection records are maintained. Coordinate with Human Resources to maintain policies and procedures. Develop, implement, and administer safety and health programs. Such as, training group of students before taking organic chemistry laboratory classes in The Texas Southern University every semester. To prevent their exposure to chemical we use in the laboratories for extraction and analyses of organic compounds and to stop pregnant students from taking organic laboratory classes because of their pregnancy to prevent exposure; How to clean up any split chemical; immediate treatments after hazardous exposure; How to report and prepare accident report sheets; How to handle, storage and label hazardous chemicals; How to wear preventive equipment to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazardous chemicals; Keeping safety data sheets; Toxicological information includes routes of exposure, related symptoms, acute and chronic effects, numerical measures of toxicity; etc. Assisting in setting up the general chemistry and organic

Research Assistant. Texas Southern University Nov 2012 To Aug 2015

Collecting samples, Extracting and Analyses of samples for pollutants and chemical analyses with GC/MS, ICP, HPLC, pH Meter, Auto-Titrator, Karl Fisher, FTIR, NIR, DMA, Viscometer, Colorimeter, etc.. Assignment of different parts of projects to various students working in the laboratory and oversee the assignments completed on time. Also monitor every individual activities to make sure the work orders were followed normally. I assisted in time of problems for solution and I reported progress of running the Laboratory to my adviser daily or weekly. Responsible for Labs supply needs and labs budgets.

Teaching Assistant. Texas Southern University Jan 2013 To Aug 2015

Teaching General Chemistry & Organic Chemistry laboratories for undergraduate students

Teaching Assistant 2008 Monwark Valley Community College, Utica NY 2006 To 2011

Stem program Mathematics & sciences teacher

Thomas Jefferson High School Brooklyn NY 2004 To 2006

Forensic Science Teacher for 9th to 12th grade students

Katy Independent School District Katy, Texas. 2001 – 2004

Substitute Teacher: Teaching high schools physic, chemistry, biology, mathematics and general study such as history, political science, etc

Mrs. Bread’s Bakery Houston, Texas. 1995 – 2001

Sale-man/supervisor: Sales and merchandised the company’s products. Makes orders for Route sale-men, open new accounts and answers costumers complains and provide solutions. .


STEM Program

Mentor for Stem Research program for High School Students, & Undergraduate Students for three years


Sunflower Plants Promote Phytoremediation of Soil Contaminated with Used Motor Oil (BTEX)

EPA Chromatograph method for Analysis of Ethylene Oxide (EO)


Member of American Chemical Society

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