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Agriculture Manager

Coaldale, AB, Canada
December 29, 2020

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To Whom It May Concern,

If you study my resume you will find that I am a “well-rounded” and knowledgeable person established through academics and experience. This does not mean that I always know the best solution at first, but I have the background and the confidence to pursue a solution and address it.

Regarding academics, I have an agricultural/engineering college diploma (I’m a Certified Engineering Technologist), 2 municipal management university certifications, leadership training, two Management Essential courses, an Alberta Pesticide Applicator Certificate, ICS 100 and 200 training, Alberta Class-1 driver license, plus many other accolades to my name.

I have been in various government roles and have dealt with many issues on an array of projects. As I gained more experience, my approach to project management has become much more refined. I used digital tools to track and communicate project progress (coordination and organization), but it is also very important to include the human element (interpersonal skills). In other words, work in teams, build connections, and establish trusting relationships. So much more can be accomplished when we focus together on a combined goal.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about how we could mutually benefit each other.

Thank you.

Troy Ormann C.E.T.


Contact Information

Address: 2015-15 Street Coaldale, Alberta T1M 1A2 Phone Numbers: (cell/text) 403-***-****



25 years of experience in project management

Ability to direct complex projects from concept to full operational status

Disciplined to follow corporate directives

Strong leadership capabilities

Organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver

Proven ability to work in unison with management staff, operational staff, various interest groups and board of directors

Understand and execute authorized policies and statutory laws

Formal Education

2013 University of Lethbridge

The Evolution of Agriculture

2001-2004 Dalhousie University

National Advance Certificate in Local Authority Administration

1997-2001 University of Alberta

Local Government Certificate

1995-2007 The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta

Certified Engineering Technologist

1993-2016 Lakeland College

Pesticide Applicator Certificate and Farmer Pesticide Certification Course. In 2016 I added Aquatic Vegetation classification. Winter Feeding and Grazing Management Certification.

1988-1993 Lethbridge College

Irrigation Technology Diploma plus extra courses: Animal Science, Animal Nutrition, Beef Production and Intermediate DOS

1988 Foremost High School

High School Diploma


2020 Alberta Emergency Management Agency

I-100 and 200 Incident Command System

2020 Alberta Government

Respect in the Workplace

2019 Red Cross

Standard First Aid with CPR/AED Level C

2008-2018 St. John Ambulance

Standard First Aid with CPR

2014-2016 Gateway Safety

Towing and Recovery and Skid Steer Operator

2014 Alberta Motor Association

Fleet Winter Driving

2013 Government of Alberta

Leadership Program: Leadership from File-Room to Boardroom

2012 Government of Alberta

Management Essentials: Managing within the GoA

Training Continued

2011 Government of Alberta

OH&S Leadership

2011 Government of Alberta

Management Essentials: Roles of the APS Manager

2010 Government of Alberta

Policy Matters

2010Alberta Safety Council

All-Terrain Vehicle Rider Course

2009 Carr Leiren and Associates Ltd.

Policy Works Learning Our way

2009 PM Institute

Project Management 201

2008-2020 PD Solutions

Various pesticide courses to retain the provincial license

2006 Alberta Municipal Affairs and Housing

Assessment Review Board Training

2006 Cancel

Pathfinder Office and Terra Sync

2006 City of Lethbridge

Advanced Power-point and Project Management 101

1997-2017 ESRI Canada Limited

Editing in ArcGIS: Tips and Tricks I, II, and III

Introduction to ArcView

1996 Carlson Learning Company

Proactive People Skills

1993-1996 Alberta Agriculture

Alberta Soils, WHIMS Training, Statistics Part 1, Statistics Part 2, and Plain Language

1994-1996 Anderson Aquatics-National Association of Underwater Instructors

Scuba Open Water One and Scuba Advanced

Relevant Experience & Accomplishments

Program Coordination

Supervise projects throughout all levels (start-up, full-integration, and completion/shut-down)

Project reporting to all corporate entities and relative partners

Fulfill all levels of budget management (establishment, coordination, and reporting)

Complete all levels of grant applications

Ability to review and understand departmental policies and agreements

Establish and maintain every level of partnership deemed appropriate (individual and organizational)

Forecast future direction(s) of programs

Cooperate on team efforts toward management plans (Master, Budget, and Business)

A member of organizational committees (Ag Expo, Agri-Trade and Alberta Union of Provincial Employees)

Co-authorship on a number of research and news publications

Volunteer time and effort to supporting the corporate culture (Social Committee and Employee Recognition Team)

Lead discussion and development of departmental business (BMP Lead for Nutrient Beneficial Management Practices Evaluation Project)

Take direction from senior staff and/or boards

Maintain level of competency through ongoing training


Recruit relative staff based on their skills and education

Train, supervised, evaluated, and coach staff


1989 Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development - Bow Island, Alberta: Assistant District Agriculturalist and a Survey’s Rod Person.

This summer position duties including assisting the local District Agriculturalist with diagnosis of crop issues such as weeds, insects, and diseases. Various research tasks such as soil sampling, texture analysis, and crop sampling were completed on local research. Local producer contact was an assigned task as well. Assisting Senior Technologist with surveying duties was also completed.

1990 Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development - Lethbridge, Alberta: Irrigation Management Technologist.

This summer position duties including taking soil samples, completing texture analysis of soil, and the setting up, surveying, operation, and upkeep of an irrigation application project. One of the main responsibilities was assisting in a systems evaluation of irrigation equipment. Office filing and computer work were other related tasks I completed.

1991-1994 Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development - Lethbridge, Alberta: Level Two Research Technologist.

Data collecting, data processing, and the set-up, operation and maintenance of four research plots (one assigned particularly to me) were some of my responsibilities. Other duties included taking and processing soil and crop samples, reading water table wells, surveying, and taking moisture readings with a neutron probe. Most of the work was unsupervised.

1994-1995 Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development - Lethbridge, Alberta: Senior Special Crops Technologist.

My responsibilities in this position included spraying different pesticides and fungicides on special crops, crop disease and insect diagnostics, plant and nodule counts, participating with various committees, report writing and editing, newsletter publishing, maintenance of research plots, balancing financial books (Treasurer for Alberta Safflower Growers) and supervising summer students.

1995-2006County of Lethbridge - Lethbridge, Alberta: AESA Coordinator and GIS Coordinator.

Duties include managing, maintaining and developing agricultural environmentally sustainable projects. Duties also include administering funding and report writing. Other related duties include presenting pertinent information regarding various projects. In this position, I was directly responsible to senior staff, County Council and Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (AESA) Council for my actions. Starting in 1998, in addition to managing the AESA program, I also managed a geographical information system (GIS) for the County of Lethbridge. Multiple digital aspects had to be addressed to ensure the GIS remains a useful tool for the County.

2006 -2007 City of Lethbridge – Lethbridge, Alberta: Parks Support Technician

A main responsibility involved being a key administrator/manager regarding the development and implementation of an asset inventory project for all existing features in the parkland areas of Lethbridge. In doing so, I developed a partnership with the University of Lethbridge and the City’s IT Department. Unit costs were associated with all features to estimate the full value of inventoried areas. Success of this project lead to a similar project for the Transit Department regarding a bus stops inventory.

I was also responsible for the updating and completion of the Construction and Design Standards for the Parkland Department. I met with management staff, operational staff and others to fulfil my obligations. I also addressed agreement maintenance, unit costing tie-in, and other management activities.

2007-2008 Town of Vauxhall – Vauxhall, Alberta: Chief Administrative Officer

Over one year had passed as an employee with the City of Lethbridge and I seized an opportunity to be the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town Vauxhall. I was responsible for the overall administrative governance of the Town. Adhering to such provincial legislation such as the Municipal Government Act, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, Elections Act, etc. were some of my major responsibilities. Strong project management and budgetary duties were completed. Other duties include staffing, report writing, computer technology transfer, public liaison, media relations, and strategic planning. In this position, I was directly responsible to Town Council and the general population of the Town of Vauxhall for my actions.

2008-2010Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development – Lethbridge, Alberta: Soil and Water Technologist

In returning to Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, I was employed as a Soil and Water Technologist. In this position, I report to the Soil and Water Scientist. I was responsible for highly complex coordination, supervision, management, and technology transfer of innovated applied research projects and related initiatives under the Irrigation Management Section. Furthermore, my position includes the creation, collection, interpretation, and maintenance of spatial data for research and policy purposes. Contact and liaison with individual producers and producer organizations, industry and commodity groups were required under this position.

Employment Continued

2010-2020 Alberta Agriculture and Forestry - Lethbridge, Alberta: Watershed Field Specialist

Based on past experiences, the department asked me to fill a vacated position with the Water Quality Section. As such, I accepted and continue in the role as a Watershed Field Specialist. In this position I work with a team of professionals establishing agricultural beneficial management practices (BMP) and researching the effects of beneficial management practices (BMP’s) on water quality. Duties can include, but are not limited to producer engagement, extension, BMP establishment and evaluation, GIS/GPS mapping, fulfilling the commitments of an Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Technician, working with the Oldman Watershed Council (Rural Team), acting as a mentor for the Lethbridge College AgEnt program, and overall project management. I have also worked with committees to fulfil obligations related to Ag Expo (lead), plans on staff engagement, and strategic planning (AF and section).

Community Involvement and Work Related Committees

2019-2020 DM Engagement Connect Committee – Alberta Public Service

2019 – 2020 Employee Engagement Team - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Volunteer

2017-2018 Agriculture and Food Sector Strategy Team - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Volunteer

2008-2020 Alberta Union of Provincial Employees – Lethbridge, Alberta. Various positions (Human Rights, Local 12 Secretary, Chair of Lethbridge Area Council.)

2008 -2020 Employee Recognition Team – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Volunteer

2009 – 2018 Lethbridge Research Station Social Committee - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Volunteer

2010 -2018 Canadian Diabetes Association – Coaldale, Alberta. Volunteer

2010 -2018 Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada – Coaldale, Alberta. Volunteer

2012-2013 Kate Andrews High School – Coaldale, Alberta. Volunteer (basketball team)

2010-2013 R.I. Baker Middle School – Coaldale, Alberta. Volunteer (band chaperon)

2010 Lethbridge Navy League – Lethbridge, Alberta. Volunteer

2006 Scouts Canada – Coaldale, Alberta. Beaver Leader

2005-2007 Town of Coaldale – Coaldale, Alberta. Assessment Review Board Citizen Committee Member

2004-2006 Town of Coaldale – Coaldale, Alberta. Community Services Board Citizen Committee Member

2000-2002 Town of Coaldale - Coaldale, Alberta. Disaster Service Committee Citizen Committee Member

Honors & Awards

Michael Luchkovich Scholarship for Career Development

Ernest Newman Memorial Bursary

The Farm Corporation Entrance Scholarship

Certificate of Appreciation – The Association of Science and Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET)

Certificate of Appreciation – The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

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