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Sales Representative Manager

Wichita, KS
October 30, 2020

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**** * ********* **. 316-***-****

Wichita, Kansas 67206


Accomplished Sales Leader and Specialty Representative with proven growth record and sales achievements, new product and medical device introductions and increases in market share in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Outstanding abilities for both direct sales and sales leadership in highly competitive and demanding markets. Consistent producer of sales results.


AMEDISYS HEALTHCARE Baton Rouge, LA(Based in Wichita KS)

Account Executive-Business Development 12/2019 to 9/2020

Call on hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and a variety of health care professionals including case managers, medical directors, nurses and physicians (both primary care and specialists) to help secure home health services for their patients after being discharged from facilities using a team of highly trained nurses and therapists. Services include therapies for speech, physical, mental, pharmaceutical .


Territory Business Manager 03/2019 to 10/2019

Sales representative based in Wichita Kansas in charge of 4 state region KS, OK MO, and NE as a manufacturer representative calling on re-sellers of our products as well as customers. Products are specialized furniture for I.T. equipment for educational institutions including K12 and higher Education as well as Government and businesses.

Sold over 1 million in furniture for first 8 months of year

Led in project registrations for 2nd and 3rd quarter


Area Business Leader 06/2017 to 09/2018

Lead a sales team of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Sales Specialists across half of Kansas including Kansas City. They were responsible for primary care and specialists including endocrinologist and cardiologist along with hospital systems, clinics,IDN’s and specialty pharmacy. Duties included overseeing and pull through for a diabetes portfolio as well as an injectable medication. (Left based on a company wide lay-off)


Executive Neuroscience Specialist 12/2016 to 06/2017

Called on private psychiatry offices and state mental hospitals and teaching institutions in Kansas to educate and promote Fanapt an atypical anti-psychotic medication

Ranked #1 for growth in district 1st quarter. Finished 7th in Nation out of 114.(Was heavily recruited by Sanofi to be a district leader based on my background with Novo Nordisk)


District Business Manager 03/2013 to 10/2016

Lead a primary care sales team of 12 Diabetes Sales Consultants based out of Wichita KS who called on primary care along with select cardiologist and endocrinologist.

Job duties include coaching, motivating and leading team members within their selling skills.

Quota attainment and forecasting, budget forecasting and various other business acumen Oversaw programs and activities with primary care offices, IDN's, teaching hospitals and clinics.

Maintaining continued growth of injectable market and strong launch growth with new products.

Worked with internal Novo team leaders liaising programs, contracting with IDN's, hospital GPO’s

Prepared team and conducted 2 successful product and new device launches including leading Nation on one. Highlights

Won West Area district sales award for DBM 2013, 2014

Won National Circle of Excellence for 2015

Won Levemir Ace award for Nation 2013

Ranked top 5 District out of293 (Overall composite) for first half of 2014, 2015

Ranked top 10% in Nation into fall (3rd quarter) of 2016(Departed during a company-wide layoff)

CSL BEHRING Philadelphia, PA (Based in Wichita, KS) 11/2012 to 03/2013

Regional Hospital Sales Representative

Responsible for selling to 40 targeted hospitals across KS, OK and MO.

Calls points were pharmacy, lab and E.R., specialty pharmacy and administration

Worked with heads of departments with biologic injectables to obtain formulary access, reimbursement Worked with cross-functional CSL team to address IDN needs in and out of hospital.

Products were for immune disorders and included Carimune, Privigen and Hizentra

Was responsible for education of injection device used for project portfolio. Also responsible for Warfarin reversal product Beriplex used in E.R

SUNOVION (formerly Sepracor) Marlborough, MA (Based in Wichita, KS) 06/2005 to 01/2012

Regional Business Manager

Led teams of sales representatives in both specialty, primary care and hospital divisions.

Oversaw representatives in the states of KS, MO, NE, IA, OK, AR and CO

I was part of conducting over 100 interviews across 4 divisions within company and was responsible for hiring over 60 tenured representatives; I hired 3 of my 4 selling teams each of which remained ranked no less than 2nd out 8 in the area and top 10 within Nation every year.

Was hired as the Latuda Regional Business manager and was responsible for hiring over 80 CNS representatives across 14 states which comprised over 5 different districts in the West. These specialists were both primary and hospitals focused.


Top Region in Area for QI 2011 going into Q2

Ranked #2 out of28 RBM's in Nation for second halfof2011

Finished with and EE rating (Top), PCE Rank 2ndfor 2010 and 2011

Finished 2'ld overall for National ranking and 1st in Region for year ending 2008 Finished with and EE rating 2008, 2007

Launched Xopenex MFA, Brovana, Lunesta and Omnaris

Finished 2nd overall for National rankings both years 2006, 2007

Latuda team finished 2nd in Nation

Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist, SUNOVION 03/2004 to 06/2005

Worked with primary care physicians as well as clinics to launch Lunesta and promoted Xopenex. Highlights:

Launched Lunesta and finished top in district 2004

Due to success in sales and skills obtained was promoted to District Manager position.

BRISTOL- MYERS SQUIBB New based) 09/2002 to 03/2004

Senior Institutional Sales Representative

Interfaced with private psychiatry and state mental hospitals and teaching institutions to launch and market the newest atypical anti-psychotic medication Abilify. Was also responsible for building strong relationships with local KOL's and choosing speakers to help promote. Conducted over 20 speaker programs during first year of launch. Geography was entire state of Kansas excluding Kansas City.


Was responsible for securing a 60% market share with the state's largest mental hospital Lamed State Hospital during the first year of launch.

Won the Pinnacle sales award for the first half year of launching.

Maintained an average of 250% to IC target throughout tenure.

Lead district team in IC attainment for Serzone promotion.

ELI LILLY & COMPANY., Indianapolis, (Wichita, KS based) 05/2000 to 09/2002

Senior Hospital Institutional Sales Specialist

Called on state mental hospitals, Government hospitals, teaching hospitals, including resident's programs In order to market one of the leading atypical anti-psychotic agents at the time Zyprexa. Was responsible for KOL relationships as well as choosing speakers. Geography included all of Nebraska and Kansas. Highlights:

Was awarded top 5% of territories in area for Prozac sales 2001 during its last year on market.

Finished 12th out of 275 territories in Nation for year 2001 for Zyprexa sales.

Moved market share of Zyprexa to 70% at Kansas's largest mental facility Larned state hospital.

Maintained 60% market share of Zyprexa at Nebraska's largest mental facility Hasting state hospital.

Secured top KOL (in state) and National author Sheldon Preskorn (KU medical) as speaker.

NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS., East Hanover, NJ 01/1997 to 05/2000

Sales Consultant

Called on physicians (MD/DO-IM, FP) and exclusive cardiology to market anti-hypertensive and cardiovascular medications. Base was Kansas

Geography included 3/4 of state of KS Highlights:

Finished top 5% in area for 1999. Finished 5th in Nation for sales representatives for 2000

GOLDSMITHS., Wichita, KS 02/1994 to 01/1997

Health Care Division Sales Manager

Lead a team of designers, architects, and contract construction crews to help rebuild and construct areas of local hospitals in the Wichita area including the transition of Via Christi to its new look. From the blueprint stage till finish helped supply the new Newton hospital with all medical equipment and standing furniture and modular medical areas including ER.,Surgery, Pharmacy and waiting areas.

SEDGWICK COUNTY EMS., Wichita, KS 02/1990 to 1/1994




Bachelor of General Studies

-Emphasis in Biology Pre-Medicine. Was involved in athletics and was a member of

Delta Upsilon Fraternity

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