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Recruitment Administrator, Customer consultant, Sales Consultant

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
November 30, 2020

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Name and Surname: Julia Phokela Diale

Nationality: South African

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Black

Home Language: Sepedi

Other Languages: Sepedi, English, Zulu, Xhosa

ID Number: 920**********

Residential area: 433 Maunde Street Atteridgeville 0008 Drivers licence: Yes

Availability: Immediate


Computer Literacy

• MS Word

• Excel

• Power Point

Qualifications Institution Year

Grade 12 Hofmeyr high school 2009

Diploma: Business Administration-specializing

in Human Resources Management

PC Training and Business College 2014

Certificate: Office Administration Pc Training and Business College 2012 EMPLOYMENT SUMMARY

Company Position Employment Dates

Reasons for leaving

Excelsior Financial


Sales Consultant /

Customer Service


June 2018 – September


Contract Ended

Customer assistant Woolworths August 2014 – March


Salary Cut

Department of

Correctional services

Human Resource

clerk Learnership

February 2014 – March


Contract ended

Jet Centre Admin Clerk January 2010 –

December 2011

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Name of Company Excelsior Financial Services

Employment Dates June 2018 – September 2018

Position Held Sales Consultant / Customer Service Advisor Duties and Responsibilities:

• Engage with clients to determine loan needs

• Prepare loan proposals

• Process loan applications and documentation such as DHA and DIA

• Complete loan contracts

• Advise clients on loan policies and restrictions

• Coordinate with team to meet scheduled closing dates

• Submit loan applications and documentations to underwriting in a timely manner

• Interview loan applicants

• Advise borrowers on financial status and payment methods

• Perform any and all other duties as needed

Reason for Leaving Contract Ended

Name of Company Customer assistant

Employment Dates August 2014 – March 2018

Position Held Woolworths

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Greet, smile and acknowledge customers

• displays a friendly and helpful attitude when serving customers

• Meets customers’ needs and expectations by asking, listening to and advising customers as to options/services/products available

• Offers alternatives to the customer if the product is not available

• Demonstrate product knowledge by highlighting features and benefits of the product in their department

• knows what new lines and promotions have come into their department

• Delivery focused and goal driven

• Flexible

• Thrives on and responds to performance feedback

• Provide customer and branch support for Credit Card and instore card transactions.

• Perform daily maintenance and verify daily reports

• Advice customers about instore card and credit card Reason for Leaving Salary Cut

Name of Company Department of Correctional services Employment Dates February 2014 – March 2014

Position Held Human Resource clerk Learnership

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Admin

• Data Capturing

• Answering calls

• Sending Reports

• Taking meeting minutes

• Communicate Personnel Policies.

• Compile Employee Reports.

• Process Verify and Maintain Personnel Documentation.

• Assist in Arranging Training Activities.

• Create Job Postings.

Reason for Leaving Contract ended

Name of Company Jet Centre

Employment Dates January 2010 – December 2011

Position Held Admin Clerk

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Identifies and manages all irregularity within the department, participates in monthly meetings and advises on irregularity hotspots

• Plans, co-ordinates and follow up on all activities that need to be delivered during my shift

• Scrutinize account accuracy report & corrective action taken on anomalies

• Completes all Admin processes and documentation accurately in accordance with Jet Centre Policy and procedures

• Operate telephone switchboard to answer

1. Load vacancies on placement partner and Facebook groups 2. Source candidates

3. Conduct telephonically interviews (** Spark Hire) 4. Send emails to shortlisted candidates for face to face interviews @ SydSen 5. Conduct face to face interviews

6. Complete successful candidates’ application on placement partner 7. Get documents from candidates (ID, license etc) 8. Send CVS to clients (Sarina/Julia)

9. Arrange interviews with clients (Sarina/Julia)

10. Arrange interviews with candidates and send them confirmation of client interview email 11. Coach Candidates telephonically

12. Follow up with candidates after interview with client 13. Follow up with client after interviews (Sarina/Julia) 14. Regret/ offer internship to candidates

15. Confirm start date

16. Send contract and induction pack

17. Get Payroll Docs

18. Complete take on sheets for all new Interns

19. Invoicing client /PRORATA (Sarina oversee)

20. All Interns salaries input

21. Check salaries input from maryke

22. Follow up with candidates monthly, make sure they complete Portfolio of Evidence 23. Follow up with clients monthly (Sarina/Julia)

24. Arrange interns training

• Get dates from client

• Invite interns

• Print and fetch training material

• Busy with training lessons from peter to conduct Intern training going forward

• Send training feedback forms

25. Follow up with debtors (Sarina/Julia)

26. Resignations (written notification from Client, need to specify a reason, written notification to candidate with a call, take them off Payroll)

Other duties

1. Reception

2. Marketing – Non-motor Industry

3. BMW INBOX? (To confirm)

4. Potential New Project: Coaching/Training candidates for a fee

• Messages and schedule appointments for store manager

• Assist management with faxing, emailing and courier of documents and parcels

• Provide required administrative support (typing memos, updating notice boards) Reason for Leaving Got another Job

Name of Company Sydsen Recruit

Employment Dates July 2019- Current

Position Held Recruitment Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities:

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